Article About Woman Business Owner Really Caught Up on the ‘Woman’ Part’

Diana Kapp’s San Francisco Magazine profile of PandoDaily founder Sarah Lacy is  a PRETTY INTERESTING READ. I mean: Kapp’s written a long profile of a female enteprenuer, so that’s great. But it’s also a kind of takedown piece that gives a lot of space to Lacy’s detractors, mentions her lady-ness at every turn without ever explicitly having a discussion on how that affects her in the business, and describes her as “curvy,” which: Oh, how I wish you wouldn’t.
Mentioned: Zumba, babies, baby weight, “she leads with her breasts”
Not mentioned: “Having it all.”


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ElBlynx (#499)

I eagerly await the day an article is written about a male CEO who is trying to lose weight while also a new parent and has a wife that is away for half the month.

On the other hand, why on earth would a blog need 2.5 million in venture capital? How on earth will they investors ever recoup their money?

OhMarie (#299)

@ElBlynx It’s not CEOs, but I saw a list of the 50 richest members of Congress this week and a bunch of them, including the top 2, are rich because of their wives (who, admittedly, are usually rich because of someone else, like John Kerry’s wife’s ketchup fortune). It was interesting!

Megano! (#124)

Ewwww “leads with her breasts”? Not cool.

KatNotCat (#766)

“she leads with her breasts”

How the hell else does a woman with medium or larger breasts walk? Walking backwards? Moonwalking at all times? Attaching a dangling apparatus to her head? God. Argh.

Megano! (#124)

@KatNotCat How ’bout with her feet, like every other human being?

KatNotCat (#766)

@Megano! Many women have breasts that extend past their feet. Unless I goosestep or hunch, mine tend to enter the room first.
I’m kind of curious what you think “leading with her breast” means, because I kind of doubt this women runs around with an exaggerated C-curve in her spine and her elbows thrust 6-inches back at all times.


wearitcounts (#772)

@KatNotCat i think what it’s supposed to mean is that she presents herself in a way that intentionally makes you very aware of her breasts. which is a questionable assertion to make in this particular context.

Limaceous (#30)

@wearitcounts A very questionable assertion. Lacy herself has an interesting response to the article here.

@Limaceous So in her response, she calls the piece fair on her, less fair on Pando. And she mentions in her post that “Being a woman hasn’t created significant challenges in getting funding, being taken seriously, hiring both smart up and comers and A-list talent like Adam Penenberg. Even our pet trolls pretty much just hate me for me, not because I’m a woman.”

Which … EHH. I think a lot of powerful women reject the idea that sexism has impacted them. (Maybe a lot of women in general, actually!) An instinct that I understand because no one wants to come off as — or believe themselves to be — whiny or held down or some how not in charge of their own destiny. So I get it. But I still think that even though this piece was written by a woman and that the woman she wrote about found it fair, that this piece included so many body details and the opposite of reverence that the same piece type would have had about a man.


Limaceous (#30)

@Logan Sachon I agree with you! As women, we internalize So Much Stuff that we don’t even realize.

I did find her reaction to be super interesting (because it’s good to hear women react in their own words). Especially as she’s working in a very male-dominated field where the default action for women is to say “sexism has never affected me” (see also: Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg).

Megano! (#124)

@KatNotCat I do have really, really big feet.

theotherginger (#1,304)

@Limaceous so true lady! I used to think this, and then I became a vocal feminist who uses the word patriarchy in real life, sometimes. I don’t think this anymore.

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