Ads Doing Great Job

Adriane Quinlan’s short pair of lists,“What the Targeted Ads on during Project Runway Think I Buy Weekly and What I Actually Buy” is pretty, pretty, prettyyyyyyyy great. One of the lists has three online dating service subscriptions on it. Can you guess which one?!?


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sockhopbop (#764)

My BFF likes to tell me what Google ads pop up in the long email updates I sometimes write to her (lots of self-help books, awesome).

Anne (#33)

The only thing I gained from the article is that Adriane lives in Minneapolis & is doing it right.

Kidding. It actually made me reflect on the content of the ads I’m getting from hulu since I now religiously utilize the “Is this ad relevant to you?” button. Still too many car commercials. Ug.

arrr starr (#69)

I am a 30 year old woman and watch a LOT of live sports… despite what advertisers would think, I do not need Cialis.

Megano! (#124)

Quel surprise, advertizers think all women do is date (or look for dates) and clean. And don’t eat.

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