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So Much Uneaten Food

“Forty percent of the food Americans have available to them goes uneaten, according to a report released this week by the Natural Resources Defense Council.”

That’s a lot of wasted food! Which is why after thinking about it for a few days, I have decided not to join a CSA for the time being. Honestly, your comments in that post scared me off! And the fact that I have found myself busier lately with minimal time to cook means that I know that there will be food waste, and I don’t want to be part of the problem. But feel free to give me all those scallions you don’t want to eat from your CSA box. I love scallions.


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pumpkinrun (#1,873)

Scallions are super easy to grow! Just throw the cut-off root ends in a pot of soil and they grow like weeds. I hear you can also just throw them in a cup of water (no soil) and put them by the window and it works just as well.

@pumpkinrun I always plant my scallion butts! I tried using just water but they turned to stinky mush :(

Spinach Party (#253)

@pumpkinrun Yes, I love this scallion secret! I’ve stick the root ends in a jar of water by the window and I get three times as many scallions and feel like I’m a gardener.

I tend to not cut past the forking green parts, but I’ve heard as long as you leave 1/4 inch of the white-root part it should still work. I only use enough water to cover the roots and just a bit of the white end. Just replace with fresh water every handful of days.

Magical re-sprouting green onions!!!!!!!!

What’s your scallion secret Mike? I always find the bunches they sell to be about 5x more than I would possibly need.

Also is there a difference between scallions, green onions, and spring onions? (Apparently in German they are called what translates to “vegetable onions”?)

Mike Dang (#2)

@stuffisthings No secret, really. I like scallion cream cheese, scallion pancakes, and scallion in soups. And mashed potatoes! At the farmer’s market, they’ll usually let me buy however much I need, which helps with the waste issue.

@stuffisthings It’s funny you should ask if there’s a difference between scallions, green onions, etc. I was reading a book last night that addressed this very question! Basically, maybe? Some people say yes, some no, various people do refer to different things, though, when discussing these. See Ina Lipkowitz’s book Words to Eat By.

The only thing that stops me from wasting food is–which perhaps sounds paradoxical at first–to go shopping every day. Then I only buy what I know I will be consuming in the very immediate future. Whenever I stock up (on perishables), I inevitably forget I have stuff and I end up throwing away a ton of stuff. I just cleaned out my fridge last night and tossed a bunch of hummus and tabouleh and other stuff that I bought to have around, and then completely forgot to eat.

I picked up this habit when I lived abroad, where it was admittedly a lot easier to do this, because there was a decent, if small, grocery store on basically every corner. Here in the U.S., in the land of big box grocery stores (which I love!) it’s a lot less convenient to shop more frequently.

Brunhilde (#78)

@angry little raincloud I used to do this too! I’m guilty of being a “I want what I want when I want it” type of person when it comes to food, so buying groceries ahead of time would always lead to them spoiling when I didn’t feel like eating them and would go get something else instead.

ThatJenn (#916)

@angry little raincloud I shop 2-3 times per week for this very reason (I can be trusted to eat my leftovers for a day or two). Also, this means I can hit two different stores to take advantage of sales in both places without having to store-hop.

P.J. Morse (#665)

And this is why I freeze the hell out of everything. Got a leftover? Freeze it. I feel like a survivalist with a bunker mentality, but I don’t throw out much.

All is well until the freezer goes boom. THAT will be a bad day.

Megano! (#124)

@P.J. Morse@twitter Not all of us have the freezer real estate to do this though

The times when I HAVE to throw out food, I feel horrible. Usually the food I throw out is something that someone bought me or gave me, usually with very good intentions! But then I am home and I know I will not eat it. So first, I’ll let it sit in my fridge/on my counter for a few days. Then I will throw it out in the middle of the night, so no one sees me. Not only that, but I will usually wrap said item in like paper towels or cover it with a paper towel so no one will notice. It’s very strange! I guess I feel like someone is going to yell at me and judge me for wasting perfectly good food.

This is why I only get salad from restaurants or grocery store salad bars anymore. I have yet to find lettuce sold in amounts I can eat all of before it goes bad in any store or farmer’s market. Anyone have a Single Person Lettuce Secret I’m missing out on?

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