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Navigating Student Loan System Quick, Easy (Or, The Opposite of That)

Jenni Dye is liveblogging a little issue she’s having with her student loans on Twitter (bascially: a new company is now in charge of servicing the loans, and she has to prove her income again or else pay the regular amount, just talking about this is exhausting). It’s interesting because everything has been handled in a totally reasonable and logical way. Ha! Just kidding. It’s a cluster. And, as she points out, she has the skills and time to deal with this, but many people don’t. 

UPDATE! Sarah Jaffe has Storified the whole debacle at Alternet (genius).



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cmcm (#267)

Oh my god seeing this gives me flashbacks of That Time It Took Twelve Full Months To Consolidate My Loans.

This is fun to watch!

wallrock (#1,003)

This has been a real comedy of errors. I’ve been following Jenni’s travails this morning as well. She’s the new Dane County Supervisor for my friends’ district in Fitchburg and was also part of a local fantasy football league I was in two years ago. Even though I’m pretty sure she beat me head-to-head back then no one deserves this kind of hassle, especially the instrumental woodwind hold music.

CubeRootOfPi (#1,098)

That is such [redacted] bull[redacted] that she’s (and a lot of other people are) dealing with.

Megano! (#124)

It took my friend like, most of the last school year to get her OSAP, because of some paperwork snafu.

nutmeg (#1,383)

UGH STUDENT LOANS. I’m going back to school this fall (after being out a year and going on medical leave two semesters in a row) and filling out my FAFSA is a bitch. I’m technically married, but I file my taxes as single because he’s an illegal immigrant (I meant to stick around but had some serious emotional things unrelated to him come up in the second month of our marriage and had to leave for my own mental health), and also we’re technically separated, but not legally, and I am 22 and filed my taxes as an independent single person (which is an option if you are married to someone here illegally) but for some reason if I say I am single and 22 then the FAFSA wants my parents’ income information and says I am their dependent.

I filled it out as married because they said I would get more money that way (IF they count the fact I file my taxes independently and am NOT my parents’ dependent which seems unlikely). But also my school refuses to consider me a legal resident and charges me out-of-state tuition fees even though I’ve lived and worked in this state for three-and-a-half years (two years not in school fulltime) so that is a different kind of bullshit.

mouthalmighty (#165)

Ugh, Granite just bought my fed loans, too. Pain in the ass, to the max, already. I might cry if they eff with my IBR.

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