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My Last Hundred Bucks: Things to Drink, Things to Eat, And Things to Wear on My Feet

What happened to your last hundo, Lauren Kelley? 

$21: Three Six Point IPAs plus tip at Abilene in Carroll Gardens. I announced to my friends that I had never gone to Abilene without running into someone I know. I did not run into anyone I know.

$3: Egg, cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a poppy seed bagel from the good bodega by my apartment. Everyone in New York has a good bodega and a bad bodega right? Like, there’s the one with the good sandwiches where the guy behind the counter cracks jokes and gives kids candy, and then the one that smells like mustard and you’re pretty sure is a mafia front?

$10.88: Bottle of white wine. Because wine. 

$11.50: An onion, a head of garlic, two zucchini, two ears of corn, a giant heirloom tomato (a striped something-something?), two peaches, and a bunch of parsley at the downtown Brooklyn greenmarket. Partial ingredients for an evening picnic at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

$40.48: Epic Goodwill trip: a pair of Frye boots (FRYE BOOTS), a jacket, a sundress, a black top, and two scarves.

$14.39: This stupid expensive dental floss that I have to buy because I have a permanent retainer and some vitamins at Duane Reade.

TOTAL: $101.25


Lauren Kelley is an editor at AlterNet and a freelance journalist. She’s taller than you.


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Whoa, what Goodwill do you shop at?

laurenkelley (#1,931)

@totallyunoriginal Oh god, do I give away my secret?? Ok yes. I will. The downtown Brooklyn Goodwill on Livingston = The Shit. (Now everyone in Brooklyn better not go clean the place out!)

heysandi (#2,154)

@laurenkelley I totally love that Goodwill too! I haven’t been there in ages but I’ve had amazing luck there. I once bought a vintage Coach bag for $5. A year later the strap broke and I went back and somehow magically found the exact same one for $5 again…

laurenkelley (#1,931)

@heysandi Whoa, that’s amazing luck! I was just there yesterday (I swing by most weekends) and found two pairs of new jeans, one with the tags still on (the holy grail of thrifting) and a goooorgeous BCBG silk blouse. THEN I got to the counter, and the woman checking me out gave me a student discount, even though I am very much not a student and told her as such. Total: $18 and some change. A pretty good haul, but it doesn’t beat the Great Frye Boot Find of 2012.

BananaPeel (#1,555)

I have to get the same kind of floss, with the stiff plastic end. I ask all the time but the dentist says my permanent retainer can probably never come out. If that ever happens, I will probably cry with joy. Fortunately, when I go for my cleanings and they give me the free toothbrush and travel toothpaste I ask if they have any of the special floss and they usually give me some for free. My Special Dental Floss Secret?

lornaloo (#1,232)

@BananaPeel I had a permanent retainer at one point, but it caused me so many problems, I had it removed by the very same orthodontist who put it in! I now have slightly crooked bottom teeth, but I’ll be damned if my mouth doesn’t feel healthier for it.

Kate (#1,408)

I also get a few packages of the crazy expensive dental floss for free at my cleanings (permanent retainers REPRESENT) but I still need to buy it between appointments. I love having straight teeth but holy shit I could do without wedging a piece of five-dollar dental floss between each and every tooth every night.

Megano! (#124)

OMG I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA HOW TO USE THAT FLOSS. I always just wound up getting it stuck on braces, and it hurt to take it off. I got one of those picks like what the dentist has for $5 instead, and use it on my front teeth with the wires.

kellyography (#250)

@Megano! I use this, too. For the rest of my teeth, I use the dollar floss from Target and I have always been in great oral health. There is no way I would pay seven bucks for one small thing of floss. Ain’t happening. And I don’t ever plan to get my permanent retainer removed.

shoot (#1,281)

Yay Lauren! I have that floss threader thing too. Does anyone else think their permanent retainer is kind of awesome but also sort of creepy? Like will it ever random detach?

BananaPeel (#1,555)

@shoot Wait, how common are permanent retainers?? I thought not that many people had them, but I guess I was just assuming that because you can’t really see anyone’s unless they are trying to show you.
Also, to answer your question, occasionally I feel a little bionic.

DickensianCat (#971)

@shoot It’s almost comical how afraid my dentist (and also an endodontist)are to take the damn thing out, despite the fact that those teeth are a huge pain to floss and maintain. “If we take it out, your teeth will shift,” they say. Well okay. But how much can they really shift? Are we talking like half a centimeter or full on continental drift? Will they leave my mouth and try to strike out on their own? Do they really hate my mouth that much? I am intrigued.

BananaPeel (#1,555)

@DickensianCat Whereas when my upper retainer broke after several years of wearing it, I told my dentist and asked if I needed to/could get another one made, because I felt like wearing it at night was really keeping my teeth in line (pun!) and her response was basically “…nah.” My upper teeth did shift a tiny bit, so there was a space next to just one of my incisors. The bottom teeth, though? I imagine they wouldn’t go left or right, so maybe forwards/out or backwards/in?

DickensianCat (#971)

@BananaPeel The tops of our heads? in our armpits? Maybe the sky is the limit. I was one of those infuriating ortho patients who wore my top retainer for maybe a month after my braces came off and then forgot about it. I still have it and can put it in–it’s very tight, I talk like Butthead when it’s in, but it still fits. So I have a lot of trouble believing the bottom teeth would get that crazy, but who knows.

laurenkelley (#1,931)

@shoot Sisters in suffering! Actually I don’t really mind/notice my retainer, so I frankly wouldn’t care if I had it forever. The flossing situation is less than ideal, though I actually think that Pro-Glide whatever stuff makes it vastly easier than the old threaders they would tell you to use (and which I never used).

@laurenkelley I have a permanent retainer across the backs of my front teeth (not my molars) and I basically find it impossible to floss. Depending on the hygiene assistant I have been given more or less leeway on just throwing my hands up and saying fuck it. (usually on the understanding that I come in every 6 months for cleanings, which would have been june … whoops)

Also my upper retainer did break off at one place and the tooth did shift back up but I can live with it.

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