My Danish Bread Secret

“My bread secret is actually my Danish partner’s bread secret. He just knows more about good bread than I do.

He likes to tell a story about a middle school teacher who inspired him to think about bread in a different way.  One of his life philosophies was that every person should be allowed one small luxury, and no one should be allowed to question it. His luxury was to only eat fresh bread. He went to the baker every morning. 

During the three years we lived in Denmark, we spent what was probably a rather high relative percentage of our meager income on good bread and baked goods from Lagkagehuset and La Baguette. (In San Francisco, we go to Andersen Bakery, which is fine but not at all the same.) On average, we paid $6 for a hearty wheat or light sourdough loaf that would last several days. I’d pay somewhere between a dollar or two for cibatta buns, one of which was more than enough for my breakfast. A block of Danish black rye might have been cheaper, but I never really got hooked on the stuff. The not very well kept secret was that the small luxury made us happy, and that in addition to all the pickled herring pate and New Nordic foam-topped bark that the kids rave about, the Danes know their bread. Great Danes, great bread.

We have no secret to keeping the cost down, though it’s worth pointing out that if a society prioritizes something and everyone consumes it, costs may be/stay low.”— Brittany Shoot


Any and all secrets about anything/everything—but maybe not bread, I think we’re nearly there with the world’s inventory of bread secrets—should be sent to: 


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Oh dang, yes. Those ciabatta rolls from Danish bakeries are so good. The bakery near our school had 10 kroner specials every day – giant kanelsnegle on Wednesday, focaccia pizzas on Fridays, etc. I, too, never got hooked on the Danish dark rye bread, but I did get obsessed with Wasa rye crackers.

But the dark rye is SO GOOD with paper-thin slices of salami. SO GOOOOD.

lora.bee (#1,904)

This is irrelevant to this post, I’m sorry, but KENNETH <3 <3 <3

Megano! (#124)

This is my luxury too! Luckily I can get pretty good fresh bagels for $6/adozen. Not Montreal style good, but still pretty good. I can’t even eat like processed bread anymore.

ThatJenn (#916)

Yes, I buy amazing local-bakery bread, and while it’s more expensive than Wonder Bread or whatever, it makes me so freakin’ happy.

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