My Boozey Beverage Secret

I recently figured out the secret to going out and drinking but not drinking too much and not spending too much money: straight liquor, either neat or on the rocks.

I happen to drink really, really quickly (too quickly, my mother and other concerned parties might say). By the time I’ve downed three glasses of wine, the night is just getting started. And do I stop? I do not. Headaches and high bar tabs result. 

To avoid this problem without staying home: one high-quality whiskey neat. It is nearly impossible to drink quickly (even if you really like the taste), and by the time it’s gone, my friends are usually on their second or third round. Follow it up with a glass of water and I’ve already slowed down my pace (and my tab at the bar), significantly.


Veronica Sepe also knows a lunch secret.

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wearitcounts (#772)

hmmm. whiskey is my drink of choice, and i often find myself accidentally drinking it faster than anything else. which is bad because, drunk.

thecoffeestain (#1,483)

@wearitcounts: Have you tried a Scotch neat? That’s what I always order when I know I only want one or two drinks max. I can only enjoy the flavor for so long before I have to either switch or quit.

wearitcounts (#772)

@thecoffeestain yes, you are totally right. scotch is a two-drink maximum kind of thing.

thecoffeestain (#1,483)

@wearitcounts: I’ve done three only once. It was the only time I had 45 years worth of booze in my 28 year old frame. I was very drunk but it was awesome.

wearitcounts (#772)

@thecoffeestain “45 years worth of booze in my 28 year old frame” +1 FOREVER

It’s true! Whiskey rocks is so much more difficult to drink quickly than whiskey with a mixer of some sort.

ThatJenn (#916)

The carbonation in beer slows me down, too. I don’t drink wine in part because I think it would be WAY too easy for me to overindulge very quickly (in fact, I remember now that I did this once and my experience that time also explains my mild aversion).

probs (#296)

@ThatJenn ditto, beer is my go-to for taking it slow. Bonus points if it’s extra bubbly, heavy, low to mid ABV, etc.

probs (#296)

For me, straight liquor is not a good pick for taking it slow. I can drink whiskey neat like water, as my head is reminding me right now (though it was with friends at my apartment, so at least I paid retail). Bourbon, scotch, ie, oh man, rye especially, it’ll go down quick. Still not as killer as Jack and cokes.

wallrock (#1,003)

When I’m at a wedding and know I’ll be drinking all evening I always go with scotch for this exact reason.

jimz (#1,463)

Liquor over beer, more punch and less paunch.

Megano! (#124)

I think Lucille is doing this tip right now!

blair (#1,962)

@Megano! My own grandmother, God rest her soul, used to advocate drinking scotch because it “tastes so bad you can’t drink too much of it.” To which I say hahahaha, oh Grammie, YES YOU CAN

BananaPeel (#1,555)

@Megano! You know you have to drink all the vodka right away because it goes bad once it’s opened.

smack (#307)

yes! I started drinking vodka martinis b/c I just can’t keep this beer thing up, and it is amazing how it lessens my consumption/spending.

UGH WOW I CANNOT DO THIS. If I tried, it would be a sort of “sip and grimace wildly and repeat” sort of ordeal.

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