Morning Check-In: Closing Ceremonies

Good morning! Let’s get into it.

On Friday, we tried to take some good advice and leave the office a little earlier than usual. A friend and I met Logan at the American Natural History Museum less than two hours before closing, and a young woman walked up to us and gave us free admission ($0). We looked at dinosaurs and a squid and a whale before deciding to stop by a bar for pickles, biscuits and beer ($27).

I met some friends for brunch on Saturday ($17), and then we decided to get frozen yogurt at 16 Handles ($3.13). Before heading home for a catnap, I picked up some peaches at the farmer’s market ($6.50), and later had a late night dinner in the neighborhood ($18).

I spent Sunday morning catching up on correspondence, followed by one load of laundry ($4.75), a trip to the grocery store ($63.47), and then running off to celebrate the closing ceremonies with friends ($0).

Total: $139.85 — On par with how much I normally spend on weekends.

It’s your turn to share. How were your weekends?


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shesaboutamover (#1,649)

I’m going to CA next month and – for reasons I now don’t remember -didn’t book round-trip, which I realized yesterday thus necessitating the purchase of a return ticket. (And I didn’t have enough frequent flyer points to cover the cost.) Other than the airfare, this weekend was a lot better than the last two.

$7.16: Gelato and toilet paper at Safeway.

$18: Lunch at Mark’s Kitchen.

$32.35: Groceries, including dinner from the hot food bar, from Whole Foods.

$24.70: Late lunch/early dinner and two beers at the local wine bar.

$215.60: JetBlue

Total: $297.81

Friday: $15 for a venezuelan dinner; $16.50 including tip for a pitcher of beer to share with a friend.

Saturday: $3.00 for an iced coffee on my walk back from a workout; exchanged a pair of shoes I bought last week for a better-fitting size ($0); $5.75 at RONA for a travel spoon & fork set; 12.00 at the bulk food store for dark chocolate w almond, dried apple rounds and medjool dates; $15 at the grocery store for pita, cheese, hummus

Sunday: $10 for two loads of laundry; $6.00 for iced coffee for me and my roommate; $17 on groceries

Total: $100.25 — wow! great.

ETA: Whoops, I forgot about my internet purchases. $70 on a train ticket from Montreal to NYC, and $110 including tax (!!) for a flight from NY (ok, Newark, shhh) to Montreal to visit a *friend* in September :) New Total: $280.25

Poppy (#1,438)

I think I know what bar you ended up at on Friday night – one of my favorite places on the UWS!

I had a lovely, quiet weekend, making the most of the good weather. So didn’t spend too much at all.

Quinn A@twitter (#1,008)

Friday: Grocery-store sushi and chocolate croissants – about $12.

Saturday: Treated my girlfriend and a friend to lunch – just over $30, including tip. Put down a deposit for a tattoo appointment in November – $20. Sold a box of books to a used bookstore – +$12.

Sunday: Went to a buffet with my girlfriend. About $64, including tip, for the two of us.

Total: roughly $114. Probably the most expensive weekend I’ve had in awhile, actually, especially since I didn’t buy groceries for the week or fill up my car.

sockhopbop (#764)

Friday I drove across NY state ($60 gas + $17 on tolls). I also picked up a carton of cherry tomatoes at one of the farm stands all the rest stops have now every Friday ($3) and a coffee ($1.50).

Saturday I went grocery shopping with my mom and bought a big bottle of olive oil ($7) while she paid for the rest of the groceries, for reasons I no longer remember.

Sunday, no dollars! I went for two long walks with the family pup, made dinner, wrote, and did other free-type things.

Total: $88.50.

nerdy_giraffe (#1,406)

It was tax free weekend in MA and so I went out and bought a lot of stuff that I had been putting off buying.

I spent lots.

orangezest (#317)

Friday: $0! I haven’t had a $0 day in a long time, so that felt good. (Wait, no, I bought an ice cream bar to reward myself for making dinner at home and not going out. $2.50.)

Saturday: Brunch at my favorite semi-affordable place. Kept it to just one mimosa. $15. Target run, mostly for groceries. $31.50. Second grocery run, $14 or so (paid cash, lost the receipt). Dinner with my BFF $28.

Sunday: Bottle of water and a snack, $5. Whole Foods run for groceries for the first few days of the week, $30.

Total: $120, more than I really wanted to spend, but a lot less than I usually do.

LizF (#1,399)

Friday- Thai food takeout(20$ paid by my boyfriend)
Saturday- Groceries for cook out on the Harbor Islands ($15 also paid by my boyfriend
Sunday- Etsy bill ($22 paid by me)
Ice cream at Shakespeare on the Common ($5 paid by me)
So $27 out of pocket or $82 total (my boyfriend and I are both saving up to move across the country so everything he spends feels to me like my spending as well)Pretty good for a very busy weekend.

cmcm (#267)

Friday: I went to one of the Olympic basketball semi-finals! My very kind friend paid for my ticket, so I bought lots and lots of drinks all night. £73 (given that the tickets were £100 each, not a bad deal!)
Saturday: £4 on laundry, £8 for a glass part of my cafetiere which I broke about 5 months ago.
Sunday: £8 for food and energy drink after a 13 mile run. Highlight of my life: little girl seeing me in running gear and asking her mom if I was in the Olympics.

Total: £93. A lot more than I usually spend on a weekend, but again I was buying drinks for me and my friend plus I GOT TO GO TO THE OLYMPICS so I am not complaining.

breakfast (#633)

Friday: $0 cooked a mash of all the rest of our food, then went to an art closing.

Saturday: $35 farmers market produce plus a market breakfast of coffee and pastries for my boyfriend and me.

Sunday: $5 coffee and bagel during a class-prep date with friends. $3 candy and fizzy water on a walk w the dog. $15 putting a little gas in the car so I could get my friend from the airport.

total: $68. not too bad.

maebyfunke (#292)

Friday – $6 at the fruit cart
Saturday – just hung out at my friend’s place all day, spent $0
Sunday – $7 on breakfast, $16 on groceries

Wow, so only $29! But overall, a very boring weekend.

Marzipan (#1,194)

Friday: went on a field trip for work, which was fun. $5 beer and then $10 mug for him on a first date (we were at musikfest, you buy a mug, everyone buys a mug, which you can then buy refills to. I already had one), he bought me a mahi taco and a beer. 48 oz of beer = me drunk

Saturday: was hungover, so took forever to get moving. Went for a run, had to go to work and desperately finish a poster, then went to a brisket cook-off hosted by friends ($0, because I didn’t bring anything, because of aforementioned desperation re:poster) but I very much benefitted from the generosity and cooking skills of others, it was so delicious.

Sunday: Triathlon! Got up at 3:30am, had a friend come with me who volunteered at it (got me half-off the cost! yay). It went really well, and after I took a shower, and got a friend to proofread/let me use his powerpoint, I finally sent my poster off to the printer, and then I just mooched around all day with him, from one to eleven, went to musikfest, bought a beer and gyro ($12), watched dodgeball (the movie), and fireworks. Saw a couple meteors, too! I just love meteors. The ultimate in unexpected, elusive beauty.

Total: $27 SCORE. A weird weekend – lots of fun stuff, but unfortunately, those were raisins in the proverbial bowl of oatmeal that was my anxiety over stupid work things. I spent all day Sunday chilling because I got to feeling like I deserved to and didn’t even realize that I had to pack for the work event I am going to this afternoon for 3 nights, you know, the one the poster is for.

Jellybish (#560)

Expensive weekend, but I was celebrating my birthday and spending some birthday cash. Friday festivities: $320 (massage, shopping, lunch with husband).

Saturday: $100 on the kid (haircut, stocking up on hair products, paying for her fall swimming classes). $70 at the wine store.

Sunday: $150 at the grocery store, $90 at Target (mostly new fall clothes for the kid). $48 for gas.

Grand total: $778.

Rooster A (#1,620)

Friday: $3 for red potatoes at the farmer’s market.

Saturday: $1 for a bag of chips (to go along with the sandwich I made and was sneaking into the horse races); $1 for the racing program; $16 on bets on horses that should have won but didn’t; $14 for the dumbest bet I’ve ever made in my life at the track. (I did win $10 on one of the races, so the day wasn’t a complete bust.)

Sunday: $11 pre-performance lunch at the Black Dog Cafe and Wine Bar; $2 post-performance blue slushie from Dairy Queen; $37 on groceries.

Total: $85 – a bit high for what I was expecting to spend this weekend. I blame the horses.

Did you see Jesse Eisenberg being emo?

mormo (#1,729)

Friday I saw Beasts of the Southern Wild (great) and then had drinks with friends, all courtesy of my boyfriend.

Food total:$122
I more than made up for his generosity by spending $75 at Whole Foods for weekend french toast and fish tacos (and a few groceries). The prepared foods really did me in – buying things I can make myself – cut up fruit, salsa, and guacamole is something I try to avoid, but it was a lazy Sunday.

On Saturday, I spent $47 at Trader Joe’s for cookie supplies, pizza and salad for dinner with my sister, and some toiletries. Their new shaving cream is amazing, BTW. I made a double batch of these cookies: and gave some to my roommates, my parents, and my friend. Despite the cost of supplies, I imagine I’m getting some good karmic returns on these.

Booze total: $62
$8 on a round of drinks and our local watering hole, $32 for white wine and Ketel One at Rite Aid and $22 for a six pack of Sierra Nevada and more white wine at Bin 207.

Gardening total: $48
Finally, $48 at Home Depot for some flowers, potting soil, a trowel, and a cactus.

Total: $232 + two half empty bottles of Sauvignon Blanc. More spendy than usual, but totally worth it. Will be eating my veggies and watering my new plants for the next 5 days to make up for this weekend’s excesses.

Was invited out twice on Saturday but couldn’t get it together to do either. At least being at home is free.

Sunday I finally listed a couple items for sale on eBay (wanna buy a cute pink coat or cute piratical wedges? you can! from me! eBay acct beatricksbond) and re-upped ($15) my listing to sell my hair, which I cut off in January and of which there is a lot. This may have been a mistake. Stay tuned.

wallrock (#1,003)

The Great Taste of the Midwest was this weekend and I’d budgeted a good amount ahead of time ($200) but I went a bit beyond it, though I should make up for it when a few people pay me back. Friday night I tagged along with a few friends to hit up various pre-parties and after receiving the benefit of others’ largess I got a bit self-conscious and picked up the dinner tab ($43 + tip). I had a couple more special releases later ($10 + tip) and called it a night.

Saturday was the Great Taste, a big regional beer tasting event in Madison. I’d purchased tickets back in May ($50) and had paid for a couple other people but forgot to collect in my hazy state on Saturday. We started off at a local brewery which had a shuttle going, buying lunch and a round of hefeweizens to start off the morning ($32 total). At the Great Taste I sampled about 30 different beers and purchased a couple falafel pitas ($14) to soak it all up. Afterwards we took the shuttle back to the brewery where we had another beer while waiting for our ride ($10). Back at my friend’s place I ordered pizza ($34 + tip) and we watched crappy movies.

Sunday was a recovery day. I filled up my car ($39) and went grocery shopping ($62), probably not the best idea as I was somehow very hungry at the time despite a diet of falafel, pizza, and beer the day before.

selenana (#673)

Friday, was feeling busted and ordered in a pizza after work. 1300 yen for a medium with olives, garlic, and pineapple.
Saturday, hung out at home all day and picked up a few snacks and cool drinks, 600 yen.
Sunday, went to pick up an espresso machine (home type) from a friend who is moving to Auckland and giving away the contents of her apartment. Also scored some books. 500 yen in train fare to get to her place, plus 150 yen for a can of tuna for a stray cat who beseeched me on the way to her digs. Probably some more cool frosty beverages, 300 yen.
Weekend total, 2850 yen.

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