Monday Check-In: Weekend Restraint

Good morning! This morning’s check-in is going to be very short and easy for me because I didn’t spend very much money this weekend, other than $15 at Five Guys Burgers, and $50.20 at the grocery store, for a whopping weekend spending total of $65.20. The austerity measures are on purpose, of course, because, yes, I have weddings coming up, but also because we’re coming upon the last days of summer, and although the majority of my spending occurs on the weekend, a lot of it will be occurring during the week for various last-days-of-summer events (yes, I will be the guy sneaking in a bottle of wine and cheese into the Central Park Film Festival).

How were your weekends?



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sockhopbop (#764)

Yay weekend check-in! I spent $0 on Friday (free play with free cocktail hour afterward). Saturday spending was a concert ($21). Sunday was spendiest, with $45 worth of gas; $12 on eggs, cheese, and pickling supplies; $9 on wine.

shesaboutamover (#1,649)

Tagging along to a college friend/roommate’s family reunion in rural Virginia + being too lazy to buy groceries after returning home = thriftiest weekend in a while.

$16.20: Salad (for Friday’s lunch) and sandwich/chips/drink (for Friday’s dinner) at Pret a Manger.
$4.30: Draught can of Boddington’s at Union Station liquor store for the train ride. (NB: Fare for the Amtrak was purchased a few weeks ago.)
$3: ATM fee for $20 withdrawal that was spent as…
$6: Fare for the 5A bus from Dulles to L’Enfant Plaza (didn’t realize that I could’ve used my SmartTrip – d’oh).
$13.86: Greek take-out.

Total: $43.36

aetataureate (#1,310)

I spent about $110 combined on groceries and toiletries, $50 on gas, and $15 on takeout sushi from the Japanese megamarket. Otherwise no restaurant food or drinks this weekend which is a huge deal for me.

Also, did not buy candy. WHOA, big deal for me also.

aetataureate (#1,310)

Also, Mike Dang, I channeled your generous spirit and bought a pitcher for my bowling team last week in honor of my friend’s birthday, even though I don’t drink.

Mike Dang (#2)

@aetataureate Oh, you know how much I love a good birthday celebration.

breakfast (#633)

This weekend was spendier, to balance out my thrift last weekend.
$40 at the Asian market ingredients to send my dad for his birthday, plus a couple things for me too.
$6 beers at some openings
$0 vet visit. I don’t know why it was free.
$40 farmers market+ market breakfast
$2 coffee shop rent while going over lesson plans
$30 benadryl and incidentals at the drugstore
$3 car snacks and fizzy water for a drive to dc
$7 post event milkshakes
$0 forgetting my wallet for most of the day, and then not finishing errands in time for the movie helped.

Total: $126. Not as bad as I thought.

eagerber (#1,958)

Hi! When are you going to do another “Let’s All Throw Some Money at Our Problems”? I really enjoyed reading those! :)

My weekend:
$0 went to my dad’s house for part of it, so, no money spent on food Fri & Sat night :)
$45.12 bought gas for the ride back Sat night
$0 tolls – EZPass bill paid by Mom
$0 boyfriend bought me beer Sat night
$7 beer and chips at Improv show
$14 checked out new Pho restaurant with boyfriend
$0 borrowing the Wire (Season 1) from a friend, so we decided to stay in instead of go out to a new movie

total: $66.12 really not bad for a weekend…

Mike Dang (#2)

@eagerber VERY SOON.

eagerber (#1,958)

@Mike Dang awesome!! I cant wait! :)

thenotestaken (#542)

Friday–nothing! Went and saw a lovely friend who had just gotten back from Spain, and she gave me a lovely bottle of gin! After that, some late night park hangouts–I feel like I spend way more money at bars in the winter when this stops being an option.
Saturday: $3 for a ginger lemonade at a cafe where I attempted to study for the GRE. $20, including tax and tip, for all-you-can-eat sushi for lunch. $4 for tonic to go with the aforementioned gin. $5 for a talk on urban agriculture. An unclear number of dollars on beer that night–less than $10 though. And $6 at a cafe on Sunday for more studying, and $7 on Greek salad ingredients that night.

Total: $55, which isn’t bad though a $20 lunch felt spendy.

Marzipan (#1,194)

Quiet weekend for me as well:
Friday: ran, did laundry, got $32 of groceries/toiletries. Read an entire book in the grocery store, though, so saved that $8. <3 you wegmans
Saturday: $6 tennis, went swimming, watched a redbox (friend payed for it, it was casa di mi padre. He fell asleep)
Sunday: $30 10k at the Zoo, hung out at the zoo, went to Dorney Park (free-ish, I have a season pass). ALSO I found some weed in the parking lot. Serious question: would you say it’s a BAD idea to smoke weed you find on the ground in a parking lot?

$68, a relatively wholesome but not entirely productive weekend

Megano! (#124)

@Marzipan Probably yes

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

Cheap weekend overall.

Friday – $0; went mini golfing and for chinese food, boyfriend paid for me.

Saturday – $17 on Zipcar; $21 on movie tickets; $5.75 on movie snacks (one thing of pretzel bites. eesh).

Sunday – $24. Went for a run with the boyfriend and then grabbed a bite a local restaurant, where we split the bill. Then saw an outdoor movie in a park that was free.

So $67.75 in total.

Megano! (#124)

I am over budget this month, so I only spent around $50 on groceries and toothpaste. I’m not enitrely sure where all my money went though.
I’m covering Fan Expo this week too, so that is gonna be murder on my budget, I think. I’m gonna try real hard not to buy anything. At LEAST wait til Sunday when everything is on sale.

Friday – about $50 on groceries at Whole Foods and the market near my house, and I think that was it?

Saturday – nothing, because I spent the entire day cleaning and then making delicious pasta with eggplant and tomatoes from the aforementioned groceries.

Sunday – $11 on a loaf of bread for open-faced tomato sandwiches, a slice of vanilla bean pound cake, and a fancypants hand-squeezed lemonade at the bakery around the corner. And $300 towards my credit card bill. Blurgh.

So $361 dollars, but most of that was responsible debt-crushing.

e (#734)

about $315. I’m impressed by everyone who spends less than 100 in a weekend- I think I’m going to make a goal of seeing if I can do that more often.

About half the money was for art supplies- frames, gouache kit, paper. Those are all allowed expenses on items I will be using.
Pretty much all the rest is food spending. I went out to lunch and a happy hour, and bought a nice bottle of wine.

e (#734)

@e and bought groceries to cook on sunday and saturday night! That was at least 60- lots of veggies, some wine, etc.

kellyography (#250)

I haven’t been home the past few weekends, so I took this one as an opportunity to go stoop-saling in my neighborhood. This resulted in my purchasing:

Vintage yellow medicine cabinet – $7
Amazing framed cat cross-stitch portrait – $3
Vintage chalkboard with frame and ledge – $5

Plus snacks and super glue from Duane Reade – $7
and my weekly ice cream fix from Torico – $4

So about $25 total? Unless you count the boots I bought online Friday during the day, that’s another $130. I was really too busy napping and cleaning and watching Netflix the rest of the time to go places and spend money.

wallrock (#1,003)

I did alright this weekend, mainly because I left the city and spent half of the weekend at my friend’s cabin fishing. Friday I went out to dinner with a friend ($45 for the two of us) and he brought over a few leftover beers from a party that I used the next day. Then we went back to at my place and watched The Raid: Redemption ($1.25 from Redbox).

Saturday morning I met up with my father to look at a house in my neighborhood and I bought breakfast at the local diner ($24). Afterwards I drove out to my buddy’s cabin, stopping to gas up ($30) and buy ice ($2) for the beer. After fishing all day we went out to a local bowling alley where we got in a few games. I’d neglected to hit up an ATM before leaving and found myself a bit cash poor, and of course the bowling alley didn’t take credit cards. I ended up buying one round ($10 + tip for a beer & two vodka-sodas, crazy cheap) and let my friends pay for everything else.

Sunday I drove down to my folks’ place to help with a bit of yard work, stopping to pick up ingredients for lunch ($11), the Sunday Trib ($3), and bulk coffee ($34, one bag for me and one for my mother).

nutmeg (#1,383)

I paid for everything this weekend in cash that I took out on Monday, so I “technically” spent nothing (in actuality, about $70- $10 on my Charlie card and $10 on a cab ride- my bike got a flat Wednesday that I just fixed today- the rest on snacks/drinks/meals). I did take myself out alone for drinks last night but ended up seeing a barfriend there and we talked for several hours at the end of which he offered to pay my tab. I don’t have shame so I accepted gratefully, he’s a really nice guy and we spent the whole night making fun of a bunch of handwritten poems someone had left at the bar (cleverly titled Soem Poems, GET IT)

navigateher (#555)

Ok, I’m actually going to do this even though it hurts a bit.

€175 new boots (but amazing & good quality, so totally worth it)
€162.85 random pile of cheap clothes
€7.10 art supplies for the kid’s photo album project

€43.40 groceries

€4.20 candy

Total: €392.55. I thought it would be worse, so I’m happy!

What a weekend! I was at the family cottage, miiiiiles and miles from civilization, so spending was low, but still, not nothing.

Friday: $36.50 for two books at my local independent bookstore. Book-buying is never a waste of money. They also gave me two advanced reader’s copies (shhh!) really I got 4 books for that.
$3 on a double americano at my favourite cafe

Saturday: $0 – groceries were paid for by dad & spent all day on the beach.

Sunday: $0 for another beach day, including an ice cream on the drive home that dad also bought (love you, thanks).

Total: $39.50. WOO!!!! Cheapest weekend ever! Unfortunately I’ve got a good $300 of friend-wedding-related expenses coming up in the next 2 weeks, so I’m still pretty screwed.

lornaloo (#1,232)

Upon examination of my bank account, I spent way less than I thought I did this weekend!

$85 for new party pants from Club Monaco, which I wore every. single. day. this weekend
$15 for a cab ride to a friend’s bbq
$60 for a night out inclusive of a Grapefruit Radler, awesome Pilipino Food, and a beer at a new Chicago Brewery
$0 for drinking red wine on my stoop with an old friend
$19 for drinks and tip at J.Parker (by myself!) to get an unparalleled view of the Air and Water show
$10 for beers and tip at Local Option, wherein I made new friends in the beer industry.

Total: $189 + priceless memories and new professional connections. I’d say that’s not bad!

Still in extreme moneypinching mode in anticipation of a cross-county move. I don’t think I spent any money on Friday (having few local friends pays). Dropped $25 on Saturday for a delightfully cheap haircut, $5 of which was a tip because the hairdresser (my mom’s friend) had told me to bring my mom along and gave her free highlights as a present. Sunday I finally sold my pink coat on eBay (shoes still going asking, hey Billfolders hey) and made a sweet $50 + $13 for shipping, although the actual price ended up being four dollars extra.

I also obsessively calculated my estimated net worth for the next several weeks, so that’s… something.

selenana (#673)

This weekend was the tail end of summer vacation week, so I was down in Okinawa finishing up my holiday. Thus spending was a bit higher than usual.
Friday: Spent the day at the beach. About 1500 yen on food and drink (mostly ice cream and frosty drinks). Hotel provides free breakfast. 1980 yen on reef shoes in anticipation of tomorrow.
Saturday: snorkeling in a blue cave on a coral reef, and kayaking. My first time for both, but my friend supplied all the gear, so free. I paid for our snacks (800 yen) and our lunch (2060 yen). Later on, we went to a festival and got drinks and cotton candy (600 yen). Dinner at a little bistro near the hotel, 1300 yen for kabocha gnocchi and a raspberry-pineapple soda.
Sunday: lunch at an amazing vegan cafe (1500 yen), topping off the gas in the rental car (1000 yen), souvenirs for folks back home (4000 yen) and train fare back home from the airport (600 yen). Getting home late means too tired to cook so ordered a pizza (700 yen for my half of the bill).
Total 12040 yen.

ThatJenn (#916)

$40: nice work shoes I will probably return when they arrive because I never like anything I buy online but there was free shipping both ways (but… buying these also got me $33 in Amazon gift cards so really I think this works fine even if I keep them).
$30: two seasons of a TV show I won’t admit to watching
$30: pizza for all my friends at our RPG Saturday night
$3: a copy of Ryan North’s ebook version of his review of the Back to the Future novelization (worth a lot more than this).

$103 total. I thought I’d done a little better than that, but I’m really OK with it, ultimately. I’ve been really frugal this month with food, which is my big problem usually, and it’s allowed me to pay down my credit card debt a lot more.

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