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I Don’t Feel Bad About My Air Conditioner Anymore

When it first started getting hot earlier this summer, I felt bad about using my air conditioner because I was worried what my electric bill was going to look like. Well folks, I don’t feel bad anymore. My utility bill jumped up by $25, and it was $25 well spent. I also used less energy than I did last summer when I had friends staying with me and the A/C was on all the time. What I really want to know is: Where was I last September?


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TheNunnery (#1,765)

Just be sure it’s not an “estimated” rather than “actual” reading (as mine was recently due to the lockout), subject to later adjustment.

For reference, the average American household consumes more than 30 kWh per day. I think you’re doing just fine!

janestreet (#1,123)

September is the ‘AH YES FALL’ windows open season.

My electricity use more than doubles in the winter. I mean, Portland has mild summers and all but still, I can’t stand to be cold.

Maybe your September was filled with bill-guilt-induced cut backs because of August?

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