Domestic Airlines, Ranked

1. Virgin America
2. JetBlue
3. Southwest





4. All the other ones


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ThatWench (#269)

Without a doubt agreed, except for VA’s terrible, non-existent legroom. I know that is true of virtually every airline ever, but when your inseam is 38″, you are VERY AWARE of the slight differences between airlines.

jacqueline (#653)

But Virgin makes you pay for movies! So unfair.

1. Any airline outside the United Sates (OECD countries)

2. Any airline outside the United States (developing countries)

3. All domestic airlines.

@stuffisthings Bah, my funny spacing-based joke got eaten. Imagine about a hundred lines between #2 and #3.

@stuffisthings Not sure about that. For all the bad service and discomfort of domestic airlines at least I can get on one with pretty high confidence that it won’t crash.

@Amanda@twitter OK OK I’ll (grudgingly) place “Any airline outside the United States that is not allowed by the FAA to operate in US airspace” in the #4 spot.

readyornot (#816)

She did say domestic airlines in the title. I feel like the breakdown is less across airlines (which operate on a herd mentality), and more from elite frequent-flyer status on any airline to non-elite status.

It is really unfortunate that the elite treatment is really what should just be the human treatment extended to all passengers, and the airlines have institutionalized their own class system.

@readyornot If you remove the words relating to airlines, this is a pretty good description of Modern America, too.

deepomega (#22)

@readyornot While I agree that first class is nice, I think it’s nicer that there are cheapo plane tickets that are affordable to the non-rich, which is a relatively recent development. Compare the cost of flying to pre-deregulated airlines.

readyornot (#816)

@deepomega Oh yeah, I’m not arguing for a return to pre-deregulation, and I only buy cheap plane tickets, using every trick in the book. But elites get plenty of privileges (free bag check, better seats with more legroom, free movies, vouchers for free food on board, priority check-in and seating, faster bag retrieval if checked, the list goes on) other than just the upgrade to first.

I happened to travel a lot internationally last year for work doing research, lucked into Delta Platinum, and man there’s a world of difference in the way they treat me.

OOPS virgin america america america. virgin atlantic is the one that goes to london. NOT DOMESTIC. FIXED.

Jim@twitter (#1,305)

I completely agree. If I can’t fly on Virgin, JetBlue, or Southwest, I’d rather not fly at all. Bonus points to Virgin for the neon lighting.

I just made the mistake of flying on Spirit last week. At check in, I was surprised to find out that is costs $40 for any carry on bag over the size of a book bag. You also have to pay for drinks ($3 for a can of soda) or snacks. After being spoiled by JetBlue’s benevolence over the years, Spirit was a pretty rude awakening.

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