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A Special Discount Just for You

At a Safeway in Denver, a 24-pack of Refreshe bottled water costs $2.71 for Jennie Sanford, a project manager. For Emily Vanek, a blogger, the price is $3.69.

The difference? The vast shopping data Safeway maintains on both women through its loyalty card program. Ms. Sanford has a history of buying Refreshe brand products, but not its bottled water, while Ms. Vanek, a Smartwater partisan, said she was unlikely to try Refreshe.

How are you feeling about discounts that are tailor-made just for you based on your shopping habits and data gleaned from loyalty cards? It sort of scares me—just like it’s a tiny bit frightening that I’d walk into a Starbucks one day and have my name and photo pop up on a screen. I’d like a wee bit of anonymity, please, or someone is going to discover that I’m Batman soon.


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ElBlynx (#499)

This is why I use my parents’ Safeway account from three states away. I like to think it messes up their system. I although I really used to do it so they’d get airline miles and come and visit me, but they stopped that program:( Okay, I like the clerk calling me by my mom’s last name, too.

mof (#342)

Every year it gets a little bit harder for superheros.

bgprincipessa (#699)

I would completely believe that Mike Dang is Batman.

Megano! (#124)

@bgprincipessa That is exactly what I came down here to say!

e (#734)

Like the article about how Target targets pregnant women! That article was insane- the times when they know someone is pregnant before their family does, the way they send out flyers with lots of baby stuff cloaked in other products so people don’t feel spied on! We’re all being plotted on the graph of capitalism.

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