What Kind of Milk?!?!?!

Choire Sicha: There is no other kind of milk other than “WHOLE MILK.”

Pat Sachon (My Mom): Organic fat-free, usually the cheapest one. I used to buy fat-free half and half until I saw all the yucky stuff they put in it, so now I buy the real stuff. And soy milk when you’re home.

Adam Frucci: 1%, organic probably. [Do you want to expand on that, add a joke maybe?] What, just the basics of my milk-buying habits aren’t entertaining on their own?

Edith Zimmerman: I buy half and half for my coffee, something organic from Trader Joe’s.

Mallory Ortberg: I buy raw milk in glass jars from Claravale Farms. It tastes really good! And glass jars make me feel old-timey and wholesome.

Matt Powers: Sometimes Cream-o-land but when I feel guilty that I’m not doing enough for my health, I get Amish Farms, which is organic. It’s $4 for .5 gallon. I’m worth it.

Nozlee Samadzadeh: My BF’s allergic to dairy, so soymilk. I like Trader Joe’s store brand soymilk in cartons, because the only ingredients are soybeans and water! Although often I buy dried soybeans and make my own soymilk, because I am weird.

Mike Dang: This is a question that I think about a lot. I buy organic whole milk. Whole milk because the ones that aren’t whole are watered down, and have sugar added to them. And organic because it lasts longer, and I can’t finish a whole carton unless I’m given a month. And sometimes even that goes to waste, so I just buy a little carton of half and half for my coffee. (Organic milk comes from farms that don’t use antiobiotics on their cows to fight infections, and since this milk has to travel longer to grocery stores, they are processed at an ultra high temperature that kills all the bacteria in the milk, giving it a longer shelf life. Non-organic milk goes through a pasteurization process done at a lower temperature, so not all the bacteria is killed, so it goes bad faster.)

Eric Spiegelman: Trader Joe’s 2%. No pulp.


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bgprincipessa (#699)

That was quite the milk education. I think I may need to reconsider my purchasing habits.

OhMarie (#299)

@bgprincipessa Yeah, this “sugar is added to non-whole milk” thing is totally new to me.

sarrible (#1,545)

I had no idea that’s why some milks last much longer. The half-gallon of skim plus in my fridge expires, like, July 27, and I think I bought it last week? This amazes me. Thank you for teaching me so many things, Mike Dang.

shannowhamo (#845)

@sarrible Yeah! I actually have a knee jerk dislike for all things “organic” because I’ve yet to be convinved that there is proof that eating organic food improves one’s life in any way (and rather worsens it by taking more of your money.) BUT I can never use regular milk before it expires so I may actually consider organic now, thanks Mike!

nerd alert (#436)

milk in glass bottles is not good! light destroys vitamins d and riboflavin- so just three days of sitting in a lighted dairy case can destroy up to 70% of vitamin d and 20% of its riboflavin. so glass bottles seem nice and wholesome, but they actually make your milk not as nice and wholesome for you.

melis (#42)

@nerd alert Luckily I wrap all of my glass milk bottles in hand-woven lavender shawls, so FEAR NOT, riboflavin enthusiasts.

melis (#42)

Also the same problem would affect regular gallons of milk in clear plastic containers, so, you know, QUIT PICKING ON ME.

@melis If only raw milk was illegal in CA like it is in so many other states! Smuggling milk in the dark is GOOD FOR YOU.

melis (#42)


readyornot (#816)

@nerd alert The dairy that was the everywhere-brand of my childhood packages their milk in opaque yellow plastic and advertised the reason in local TV ads. Prevention of loss of nutrients and fresh flavor! Once I moved away, I was all smug about the inferiority of the milk I was forced to buy, but then I kind of forgot about it, until now.


p.s. isn’t the SALE of raw milk illegal in CA? I heard a piece on KCRW’s Good Food about clandestine raw milk rings just a couple of weeks ago.

nerd alert (#436)

@readyornot i ALSO drank mayfields!!!! east tennessee represent!

melis (#42)

@readyornot I dunno, man, but as long as Thom’s on Geary keeps taking my money for it, I’m not going to ask questions.

readyornot (#816)

@nerd alert !!!

readyornot (#816)

@nerd alert i would like to say more than just some exclamation points, but really, what can do justice to the thrill of running across one of my peeps on a website decidedly not east tennessean? perhaps a rousing rendition of rocky top…

nerd alert (#436)

@readyornot accompanied by pre-teen girls in shiny outfits CLOGGING.

Spinach Party (#253)

I’m an almond milk gal. I go back and forth between completely unsweetened and vanilla.

At the office I always pour way to much (free, office) half n half into my coffee and get a stomach ache most mornings.

melis (#42)

@Spinach Party Yes! So many milks are so good. Almond milk, cashew milk, raw cow milk, hemp milk, coconut milk. All milks for everyone!

@melis Hemp milk is so tasty. It’s like rice milk’s fuller, more satisfying cousin.

@melis I’m on a milk of magnesia cleanse right now.

MuffyStJohn (#280)

@Spinach Party Yep. Vanilla almond milk. With coffee ice cubes. You will never be happier.

bgprincipessa (#699)

@MuffyStJohn That…. sounds great. I need to work on that.

navigateher (#555)

I’m with Choire. Full milk. Organic, if the store has it (which they often don’t). I only use it for coffee though, but the kid drinks a lot of milk.

mishaps (#65)

The Trader Joe’s vanilla soymilk is both delicious and cheap.

I go back and forth between (preferably organic) 1% and soy, though I will sometimes buy whole milk for making other dishes – ice pops, most recently.

UHT pasteurized milk, like the kind Mike describes above, is no good for making cheese, by the way, which is a bummer, since organic milk tastes so much better.

Nonfat milk (often TJ’s) for occasional drinking, tea on weekends, and mixing with my overnight oats. 1% for making yogurt, because the nonfat is just too thin. And, even though I know it’s awful and I usually shy away from such things, nonfat half and half for my coffee at work. I only have like a tablespoon a day, so it’s not that bad. Right? …right?

jfruh (#161)

I only have milk in cereal and I only have cereal at times when nobody wants to leave the house to get more milk (i.e., mornings, late at night) and so repeatedly suffered the heartbreak of pouring out a big bowl of cereal and then opening the milk and realizing it had gone bad. FINALLY I learned about the organic-milk-lasts-for-fucking-ever thing! It costs like twice as much but with non-organic I was usually throwing half the bottle away so it’s not actually more expensive.

ThatJenn (#916)

Lactose-free milk is expensive but lasts a LOT longer than regular milk. It’s not the Lactaid of the past, guys, and I think even Organic Valley has a lactose-free version now (I think that’s the brand, anyway – it’s my favorite). If you’re lactose-intolerant like me, and thus also don’t use milk in so many things by default even when you have milk in the house and are willing to risk it, so you need more time before it expires… this stuff is awesome.

I find that organic milk tastes so much better that 2% is as good as whole, for me.

I pretty much only use milk for coffee (and lattes made with a little electric frother) and occasionally in sauces, but my housemate is a cereal-scarfing stoner so when it’s getting close to expiring I just tell him to go for it.

ThatJenn (#916)

Oh, and if you’re lactose intolerant but miss milk, another good option is raw milk, if you can find a farmer to sell it to you and are willing to drink something unpasteurized. Try the farmers’ market, and just be aware that it won’t officially be graded for human consumption. It’s amazing… kind of like drinking cream.

pain (#661)

I go with whole local organic non-homogenized. I don’t like ultrapasteurized milk because I think it changes the flavor. I like non-homogenized milk because i like to eat the cream off the top and it’s yummy. In related news: TWICE this week, I have gone grocery shopping and forgotten to put away my dairy when I got home. I’ve ruined a bag of shredded cheese, two yogurts, and a half gallon of said local organic non-homogenized milk. Ugh.

KatNotCat (#766)

Milk? Milk is so easy. Organic whole or 2%, preferably in a glass bottle.

Buying a toothbrush though? That’s a nightmare. Toothbrushes are hands down the most stressful grocery store pick up.

@Mallory Ortberg do you wanna expand on that? add a joke maybe?

I buy 1% but I rarely drink any milk other than chocolate. Chocolate milk forever.

melis (#42)

@redheaded&crazy I have no jokes to give today. I am not a joke machine! I am a human being!

Whole if I’m cooking, 1% or skim if I’m not.

elysian fields (#1,396)

Um … you guys. You do realize that you can buy regular Parmalat (keep extra boxes in your kitchen cupboard! Never run out of milk again!) instead of spending twice as much on organic milk? Come on.

And for those who claim organic milk “tastes better,” what you’re tasting is the caramelized sugars caused by ultra-pasteurization, not the organic-ness of the milk itself. What you really mean is that you like milk that tastes sweeter.

KatNotCat (#766)

@elysian fields So..it does “taste better” then?

shannowhamo (#845)

@elysian fields That’s interesting and satisfying to my kneejerk anti-organic mentality! Not that sweeter milk is bad or anything but I get satisfaction that people thinkit’s oh-so-tasty because the milk was treated so kindly by it’s organic overlords.

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