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The State of Things: 100 Martinis and Vermont

Mike: Let’s talk about our weekend spending. I’ve already started throwing down some cash today for lunch with a friend who’s in town. Tonight I’m going to a birthday party at a martini bar. Apparently they have more than 100 different martini drinks you can get.

Logan: Whhhhhaattttt? How will you choose!?!!?

Mike: Oh, how I always choose: Crowdsourcing! Which basically just means I’ll ask what the most popular drinks are, and then get the one that doesn’t sound gross. So I’m estimating $150 this weekend. You?

Logan: I’m going to Vermont. I already bought my bus ticket, which was $15. I have my host gift (coffee, $15). Ummmm. I’ll probably spend $100 I guess? I don’t know!

Mike: You always say $100, and I will tell you that you always spend more than $100.

Logan: Hahah, I know. I know.

Mike: What sort of things will you be doing in Vermont?

Logan: My friend FM just called me, and we’re on the phone right now and he said: We are going to a beer fest thing, and going to a river, and going blueberry picking, and the weather is going to be A plus.

I also feel like I should say—because if I wasn’t me, I read this and be like, motherfucker Logan, look at your dream life—It’s not really! I mean it is kind of.

But the reason I’m pulling the trigger on going to all of these places (farms, more farms, Vermont) is because I lived on the West Coast for most of my adult life, and if I went anywhere, it was Virginia to see my parents.

So by living here, I’ve been able to visit a lot of people I haven’t seen in years and years. And that’s become a priority for me. Not that I’ve budgeted for it in any way. Or have sacrificed anything. But I justify it by thinking, well, anywhere I go is cheaper than here! So, yes.

Mike: Hey, listen, you don’t need to justify spending $15 on a bus ticket, and staying with your friend for free. That sounds perfectly reasonable, and a great way to spend your weekend! You’d blow that amount of money if you stayed here in the city anyway.

Logan: I love it when you’re on Team Logan. It warms my heart.

Mike: I’m on TEAM DO WHAT MAKES SENSE. And this makes sense to me!

Logan: Haha LOVE U. Here’s a question. Will you feel compelled to buy anyone drinks tonight?

Mike: Yes. The birthday girl, surely. As many drinks as she wants, actually.

Logan: Can you explain how exactly you will do it. Give me the play by play.

Mike: Well, I will arrive at the bar, and give the birthday girl a big Mike Dang hug. And then I will say, “Happy birthday! Let me get you a drink!” And when the girl is running low, I will say, “You’re running low, want another drink?”

And depending on who else is there, I may buy some friends I haven’t seen a drink. I’m sure this information is all on a Facebook invite, which I never look at, because I’m never on Facebook.

Logan: Such a smart move. Will you open a tab, or will you pay cash as per usual?

Mike: Cash! There will be so much cash. I hope thieves aren’t reading this conversation right now and tracking my location, because my billfold will be full of cash.

Logan: EEP.

Mike: Haha. Well, maybe not a ton of cash. There will be $100 in cash. The best part is that if all that cash is spent, that will be my cue to go home. I never know when the appropriate time to leave parties is—but having no money left to spend seems like the best time.

Logan: What if you’re having the best time ever?

Mike: Will I run to the ATM? I don’t do that. And I get very sleepy anyway after two drinks. Or if it’s after midnight. Because I am an old.

Logan: A responsible!

Mike: On that note: Have a responsible weekend, Logan! See you on the other side.



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DON (#706)

Mike, if I was your friend I would drink up your $100 dollars worth of martinis so fast. Not because I’m a jerk, just because I’m thirsty! Also, don’t hold your breath for a reference (maybe I read it here?!), but I heard martinis used to be somewhere around 6 bucks (adjusted for inflation) back in the 60′s. Think about that while you’re handing over a $20 bill for each drink.

sally (#917)

The weekend that Logan spends in bed with food poisoning will be the weekend she stays within her $100 budget.

Mike Dang, you seriously sound like the best friend ever. And Logan, I am insanely jealous of your weekend of being on a farm and going to a beer fest and picking berries and swimming in a river. PERFECT LIFE!

maebyfunke (#292)

@Kate Amann@twitter Seconding all of this!

Dancercise (#94)

My plans this weekend are doing laundry ($6.25), finishing reading Gone with the Wind, and going to a friend’s house for a hair consultation because I have no idea what to do with my hair for my brother’s wedding.
So I predict that I will spend $6.25 this weekend.

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

I’m hosting a Shabbas dinner, so I’ve already spent like $65 on groceries. But then I won’t spend anything else tonight or tomorrow, because I’ll be with friends who don’t spend money on Shabbas! Convenient! We might go see Dark Knight tomorrow night, there goes $20 once I’ve bought popcorn. And then I might go out to breakfast on Sunday, and will probably visit the farmer’s market, but my dad gets in for a visit at 1:30pm and I won’t spend a penny for the rest of the day. So I think I can totally pull off the $100-or-so weekend!

$100 for martinis and tips for yourself and some friends in a CITY sounds unthinkable to me…but I guess it can be done!

Your bus ticket was only $15?!?! Is there low-cost bus service to Vermont now?

@Doree Shafrir@facebook megabus to Burlington!

Megano! (#124)


the state of things:

i only managed to bring breakfast once or twice this week. i ran out of bread and kept not going to the grocery store! but I am so going to the grocery store this weekend, just watch me.

this weekend i hopefully won’t spend too much. Going out for sushi lunch tomorrow but other than that, should be pretty manageable. not planning on drinking too much or anything expensive! hahaha let’s just see how that works out for me.

Megano! (#124)

I do not plan on spending much money this weekend, because I am going to Ottawa on Monday and need my money for then.

LizF (#1,399)

I had my appendix taken out on Tuesday so I don’t anticipate spending any money this weekend. However my roommates and I are having a yard sale so hopefully I’ll make some money!!

selenana (#673)

Meant to go to a movie on Friday, but having a cold means instead going to bed early. So only $5 for top-off dinner groceries on Friday. Saturday I’m holding a puppy adoption event, which will be free for me, but lunch and beverages and snacks should be like $15. And Sunday I’m driving to another prefecture to take a puppy to her new (trial) home, but my expenses again will only be food/snacks. Say $20. So maybe $40 this weekend. (3-4000 yen.)

sockhop (#546)

Well, I became funemployed as of yesterday, thanks to my Americorps contract running up and my job leads being slow on decision-making. So I’m making the best of the situation by going to a birthday party tonight at someone’s house. I find that most people I know here in Atlanta have house parties for birthday parties instead of going out for the group dinner and zipping all around to bars, which is good for my wallet, and more fun, in my opinion. So I’ll probably spend about $10 for a bottle of wine to bring to the party.

Then, I’m headed to the Florida beaches to see my mom, so that’ll be about a $26 bus trip. I plan on eating most of her food and drinking most of her wine (…thanks, mom), obviously to avoid too many expenditures. And hopefully, by the time I come back I’ll have a job and won’t have to worry so much about money or stretching out the “fun” in funemployment :(

Harriet Welch (#127)

Man I am glad I live in a super-duper cheap town. Like to the tune of $1.25 wells during happy hour and they jump up to a whopping $2 the rest of the time.
But…my husband’s work screwed up inputting his vacation time so we had to go out of town to Philly (EXPENSIVE!!!) for a week on 1/2 of a paycheck. So we have $30 to last us a week.
Breakdown: $20 on groceries, $10 on Sunday Funday (aforementioned happy hour)
Normally wouldn’t feel responsible about spending our last dollar on booze, but we have some friends in town we want to hang out with and all of our bills are paid up and our car is full of gas and we have a bunch of grocery staples in the house so our grocery budget is reasonable.

TARDIStime (#1,633)

Petrol money for mum + money so mum can buy christening gift = $60
more petrol money for mum = $20
pitch in for groceries for partner’s mum = $100
Gold Class tickets for my partner’s birthday x2 = $78
Dinner for my partner’s birthday = $80
Present for my partner’s birthday = $35
Cards and wrapping paper for partner’s birthday = $16
Present for my partner’s brother’s birthday = $50
Train ticket to get to my partner’s parents house = $4.80
We haven’t bought groceries for my house yet.
Also this week was “bills week”.

Mrs. Beeton (#320)

Two drinks makes EVERYONE sleepy, that’s why you have to grab a third to segue into tipsy. Not that I’m trying to turn you into a binge drinker or anything.

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