Someone Will Look At Your Resume for $5

You know how sometimes you send in your resume for a job you really want, and then you don’t hear back, so you wonder if the company or person you sent your resume to even looked at it? Would you pay $5 to make sure someone read your resume? That’s basically the service a startup in Chicago is willing to provide job-seekers on their site, which works with companies like Aflac and DraftFCB. The theory is that companies will know you’re serious about applying for a job if you put some money down, and if a company doesn’t read your resume, you get your $5 back, so at least you know what actually happened with your application.

Personally, I wouldn’t pay to apply for a job because that sounds a little scammy. Also, it seems unfair to people who literally don’t have $5 to apply for a job. And if you apply to 10 jobs, and don’t get any of them, losing $50 is just more salt in your wound.


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ThatJenn (#916)

Agreed, that feels super-scammy. But it would be nice to know people were looking at the application at all, sigh.

How is this even necessary? I realize lots of jobs get hundreds of applications and so not every cover letter and resume can be read with careful attention to detail, but don’t they all deserve at least cursory glances?

Leila@twitter (#1,607)

Yes this is kind of terrible, but two points:
1. It would reduce the number of applications sent out for the sake of simply finding a job, any job, anywhere.
2. Would you try harder than if you weren’t paying for that? If I was going to pay $5 for my dream company to read my resumé, I would pull out all the bells and whistles, I would imagine.

1. If everyone is paying this premium, then the people who can’t/won’t pay end up losing out, because company X is only going to read the ones from the “serious” (paying) candidates. Would you pay that $5 to be considered “serious” about your candidacy?

Jellybish (#560)

I just read over 60 applications for a search committee I’m on. I would feel a lot more enthusiasm for the task if I got a $300 bonus for my trouble.

selenana (#673)

Paying to apply for a job… also means the company gets money for advertising a job for hiring? This seems terrible.

cmcm (#267)

Maybe just write a better resume? 90% of the time they don’t look at it because you did something stupid, like use a crappy font, or misspell something or have super boring formatting.

I will read you resume for $5 and make it not crappy. I worked for a career center for a year and am REALLY GOOD at resumes.

MuffyStJohn (#280)

@cmcm Yep. I’ve started rewriting my friends’ resumes. They all get jobs within a month. I need to get a business going.

cmcm (#267)

Also, personally I would intentionally not hire the guy who paid the $5 to force me to look at him… am I just a jerk?

MuffyStJohn (#280)

Since one of the companies participating is Aflac, who are like the scammiest of scammers (post your resume on Monster and see how many times they call to tell you you’re management material!), I would consider this a scam to the nth degree.

You’d be better off dropping some money on professional resume writing.

workerbee (#638)

When I was job hunting 5 yrs ago Aflac wouldn’t stop calling me! AVOID.

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