Recession Tipping with Louis C.K.

 I don’t like when I’m prevented from doing things the way I think they should be done. I do something called “recession tipping.” I make more than some other people in the world, so if I’m in a restaurant, I tip over 20 percent—I tip more. Because I know that other people can’t. Tipping is a thing where you can actually steal money from a waiter; you can just not give them any. A lot of people, when they go out to eat during a recession, they just don’t tip, and I’m aware of that. It’s just my quiet thing that I do. I’ll tip over 20 percent because I can afford it. It’s just my own voluntary Buffett Rule. That’s all it is.

—This A.V. Club interview with Louis C.K. is a must, must, must read! The man is so transparent about his money. So refreshing. Also: “Recession tipping!” What a guy!


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I love Louie more than most humans I actually know in real life and totally agree with his principle here… but… it’s not exactly a “quiet thing” that you do if you talk about it in interviews (or at all, really).

melis (#42)

“When I get big I’m going to be a humble little country doctor. I’ll live in the city, see, and every morning I’ll get up, climb into my sports car and zoom into the country! Then I’ll start healing people. I’ll heal everybody for miles around! I’ll be a world-famous humble little country doctor.”

Linus was always such a little asshole. And don’t get me started on Louie and his Infiniti addiction. To be fair, though, he admits to how dumb it is that he must drive an Infiniti.

I often tip more when the service is really bad, because I figure the server must be having a bad day or their kitchen staff are idiots or something. So I guess “recession tipping” is like the macro version of that?

cmcm (#267)

@stuffisthings I hear ya… having worked in restaurants myself it’s so obvious to me when it’s the fault of a bad server or a bad kitchen. If it’s a bad kitchen (and even if it’s a bad server, if they apologise enough and try to make things better) they deserve a good tip because their day has probably been rough.

nutmeg (#1,383)

I make $8 an hour so whenever I go somewhere I tip and often a lot because dude, I know what it’s like. Rather than go out more often and not tip I’d rather tip a lot and go out less; if only I could learn moderation in any other aspect of my life.

Silantro (#1,512)

Recession tipping! What a concept. I spent one summer in college waitressing at a not-so-fun restaurant with a not-so-fun boss, and tips were all we got. The less a customer tipped us, the less we got paid. One night, an incredibly chatty and very generous woman tipped me 40% (“to give you a head start on student loans,” she told me). Three years later, I can still remember her face. Needless to say, I always tip at least 20% when I go out for drinks or food, and insist (often to the point of annoyance) that others tip a fair amount. Even when I feel strapped for cash, it’s a sobering thought to remember what it’s like to be completely dependent on the tips of others.

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