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My Last Hundred Bucks: Rum, Sorbet, and Burlesque

$100! It is a lot of money, and yet, it is also not a lot of money at all. Where did your last hundred bucks go, Marion Johnson?

$27.49: A bottle of Kraken spiced rum, to make delicious dark & stormies/spike my chai with

$5: Transcript fee from college, so they’ll send my transcript to my grad school

$ 17.30: Wine, lemonade, ciabatta, frozen peas, mango sorbet, and fresh mozzarella from Whole Foods. Shockingly, the mango sorbet was the most expensive thing, at $4.99 

$12.18: Memphis barbecue sauce, apple cider vinegar, chicken broth, and arborio rice from Harris Teeter

$10.18: Finished out a long week with a salmon bento box from Teaism.

$10: One ticket to Whedonism!, a Joss Whedon-themed burlesque show at Red Palace

$5: Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold at Whedonism!

$15.09: Drunken noodles, edamame, and tip at a “welcome interns” lunch, at Banana Leaves. (Their website has a tiny dancing banana on it. The little guy is killin it.)


Marion Johnson works in D.C., talks about pop culture on Blogger, and lives on Tumblr


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Marzipan (#1,194)

“A Joss Whedon themed burlesque” I always love it when the world turns out to be just a little bit more magical, whimsical, and frankly all-around awesome than I expect. just the fact that this exists in our world makes me happy.

it’s happened: i am now officially One of Those People who is registering just to say: TEAISM! 9 times out of 10 there is no good reason not to go to teaism.
(also: what are dark and stormies? they sound delicious?)

@deutscheswortfür_chickpea Dark rum, ginger beer, & lime. I can confirm deliciousness.

Megano! (#124)

Telling everyone about Dark and Stormies

ellabella (#1,480)

Why hasn’t Logan told us about her weekend yet?!?!

My last 100 days at sea: rum, sodomy, and the lash.

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