Monday Check-In: My Spending Rises

It’s time to check in! I spent $34 to take out a friend for lunch on Friday, and ended up spending $45 at the martini bar on Friday evening. I figured I’d spend much more than that to buy the birthday girl drinks, but I forgot to take into account that most people who attend a party want to get the birthday girl a drink. I stayed until the very end, and paid for a cab to get the birthday girl home ($15). I spent most of Saturday running errands—a haircut, $62 with tip, and $55 for groceries—before running off to another birthday party with some friends, who kindly insisted on paying for drinks ($0). Did you see the The Dark Knight Rises this weekend? I traveled to Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon to watch the movie with Adam and Ester ($8 at a tiny theater), and then spent $6 on a coffee and biscuit to discuss and (mostly) laugh about the movie in the park.

Total: $225

All in all, a terrific weekend. I spent more than I anticipated because of the spontaneous decision to get a haircut, but I feel good about all dollars spent. How did you guys do?

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jfruh (#161)

From now on, every time I feel a little down on myself because of Mike’s frugal and eminently prudent spending habits, I can just say to myself, “Well, at least I never spend more than $25 on a haircut.”

I didn’t predict, as usual, but I knew I should be fairly frugal this weekend, and I was.

Friday I spent $12 on breakfast and lunch, then $35 on a little more than half a tank of gas and went down to my parents’ house for the night. Saturday I stopped and got a bucket of peaches for $8 from a roadside farmstand. Sunday I dropped $29 on fill dirt and hydrangeas at Lowe’s, and spent $9 on a fast food lunch for my parents, who had come to help me set up the guest room in my house. I also spent $5ish at the convenience store on the way to work.

Total spent: Just about $100. My cheapest weekend in a while!

Quinn A@twitter (#1,008)

Just $20 to take my girlfriend to lunch on Saturday. I’ll spend a lot more during the week, though, because I’m low on groceries and other household essentials.

dotcommie (#662)

i went on a weekend trip with my dude and stayed within my budget of $250, including a fancy meal. expensive, but i planned for it.

saw dark knight rises in a drive-in, which ALMOST made it palatable, but man. that movie had some of the worst dialogue i’d ever seen

Aunt_Pete (#693)

So I’ve been taking my weekly money out in cash every Friday and using that to budget (when the cash is gone the spending stops). The problem though is I feel like I need to break it up a bit more because I end up using it all on necessities and then having nothing left for fun which is obviously not ideal.

$52 at Safeway on Friday. I was out of pretty much every baking ingredient and I wanted to make cookies to bring to a baby shower. I got butter, eggs, flour, sugar, etc. Wine, a baguette, cheese and a cucumber made it in there as well. I should have just skipped the wine and cheese and gone out for a few drinks. Usually I like a night in, but I just felt sorry for myself on Friday.

Saturday was cheap! I went to lunch with my uncle who was visiting from out of town (he paid). The babyshower was a cookout (amazing amazing food), so other than my cookies, and a card which I paid $3, that was free. I owe the happy couple a gift, but I’m making something so it wasn’t quite ready for the shower.

Sunday was marginally sunny so I walked up to the farmer’s market. I found good deals on zucchini, mushrooms, chicken and eggs, but really splurged on fresh salmon. $29.

Total spending: $84. I tried to keep it reasonable because this coming week is going to be expensive.

@Aunt_Pete My strategy is to use cash not for all spending, but just for the categories where I over-spend (mainly eating out for lunch, and going to bars). Most of my other expenses are fairly fixed, so if I take out, say, $120 for the week I know whatever is left should be OK for discretionary spending on books, video games, clothes, etc. [But definitely not $60 haircuts.]

charmcity (#1,091)

This weekend was expensive! $100 at Target (for stuff I should already own, like measuring spoons; and also stuff that just always seems to have to be replaced at the same time, like mascara and underwear) and $65 at Trader Joe’s for groceries. And $1.75 for a Slurpee — those have gotten expensive since my last craving for one in 1995, I suppose. Sunday I spent $10ish on a bottle of wine to bring to book club, and $30 for dinner, which was way too expensive considering it was pizza and beer, but c’est la Dupont Circle, I suppose.


@charmcity I was just in Dupont Circle this weekend at James Hoban’s. They have a pretty good deal on unlimited brunch mimosas ($9 flat from 10:30-3:00, as long as you also get an entree). Total was around $35 with tip, but I drank like a fish so it was well worth it. Also, their Shepard’s Pie was great!

Megano! (#124)

I wound up having to get dog food and me food and to do laundry, so I spent about $50. Plus I paid off my credit card bill so that was $500. This week I have to spend like $200 on a retainer/appliances CUZ MY BRACES ARE COMING OFF!!!

probs (#296)

@Megano! Hooray! The best sensation.

selenana (#673)

@Megano! Congratulations!

Megano! (#124)

@selenana Thank you, I plan to eat all of the nuts (yes I am aware of how that sounds)

EmmaG (#1,023)

This was a cheap, cheap, cheap weekend. Spent $35 on groceries on Friday, $4 on a load of laundry, treated my partner to brunch for $25, who returned the favour by paying for my ticket to The Dark Knight Rises (free for me!). I stopped in to check on a friend’s place while he’s travelling and he very kindly left me beer, so free drinks while prepping dinner!

I spent another $2 on a loaf of bread yesterday, bringing the grand total to $66. Not too shabby, I’d say, especially for a Bat-fiend like myself.

Didn’t do too badly this weekend. Picked up some groceries and a bottle of wine on the way home Friday, mostly bulk stuff from the Real Foods where I only go about once a month. That was about £25.

Saturday I paid £3 to get a small repair done on a dress I have. Normally I’d sew up a hole like that on my own, but A: It’s in a super-visible spot right on the shoulder, B: It’s like a run in some nice jersey-ish fabric in a crazy orange colour I don’t have thread in, and C: I don’t own a lot of dresses, so I just want it to look good. Sometimes you have to leave that stuff to the pros. Plus, only £3! I also went to get more normal groceries for £15.

Sunday I treated myself to a nice day out, but not too pricey! Went swimming at the gym and sat in the hot tub, which is all covered by my monthly membership. Bought a ticket for Moonrise Kingdom (so good!), which was £7.30, and went for lunch at the cafe in the movie theatre, about £7 for a coffee and a sandwich. (I had wanted to go to Nando’s but discovered they didn’t open til 12.30, which was too late for the movie I wanted to see, so I was bummed, but I guess at least I spent less than I would have.) Then I popped out to the grocery store before the movie started for a cheap-o mini bottle of wine and a chocolate bar, £3.65 total. The same would have cost at least double at the theatre, score! Then £1.40 for a bus home.

About £63 altogether. Not bad considering most of it was normal grocery-type stuff. And I got to see an awesome movie!

selenana (#673)

@Kate Amann@twitter Sounds like a nice weekend! And your movie snacks are an inspiration.

Crabtree (#774)

I spent $10 on diner on Friday since I was working the evening shift and didn’t make time to prepare dinner. Then I spent $70 taking my boyfriend and I out for dinner at after work on Saturday. Then we went to see a play in the park and I donated $25 for us both, since it was amazing. After that we went to a friend’s house and played card games (free!). Sunday was my day off so I lazed around, bought groceries ($47), made a really nice dinner for us both and watched the first Batman movie in preparation for seeing the new one sometime soon. $152 is a lot of money in my mind, but I just received $200 for editing my great-aunt’s novel so I don’t feel too bad.

thenotestaken (#542)

I withdrew $80 on Thursday and that lasted me until yesterday, where I had to withdraw again to go to a $14 dance party. But I haven’t been paid in a month so I’m down to $270 until my pay hopefully comes through NEXT thursday, ugh. I do have savings but I’d rather not draw on them for day-to-day spending, though I’ll definitely have to take rent out of them.

probs (#296)

Spendy weekend for me, sadly.

-$3.18, Coast Guard Exchange: a Coke Zero each for a colleague and me
-$36.99, autopay to Comcast: really thought this bill was higher, must investigate…
-36.49, CVS: a pack of gum and $35 cash back for admission to a burlesque show and for cash-only drinks purposes at Phase One, though I didn’t use it all up.
-$32.00, Freddie’s Beach Bar: Drinks for myself and my girlfriend; sadly, the guy who does Patsy Cline songs and is the best singer I have ever heard in person was not there.
-$42.45, Steam: damn you Steam Summer Sale! Though I only got games I already wanted to get.
-$149.25, Dreamhost: This was the real kicker, renewing my hosting for my old websites ( Haven’t updated in years, but they have sentimental value.
-$23.50 (plus more of the CVS cash), farmer’s market: sweet corn, a ton of heirloom tomatoes, onion, and hot chow chow.
-$6.75, Batman: $10 matinee, minus some due to remainders of a movie giftcard from my girlfriend’s mom
-$3 for parking for Batman
-$90, American Family Fitness Half Marathon (in RVA): also included a $10 donation to some kids’ charity which I almost made a $1000 donation.

Total: $416.66 (excuse me while I have a heart attack. This is why I do these check-ins…)

HarperK (#1,388)

The husband and I went to a Neko Case show on Friday. Drinks and such were surprisingly reasonable! $2 for a bottle of water, $2 for popcorn, $5 for my husband’s beer, and $6 for a generous amount of wine in a plastic cup. Oh, drat, and $5 for parking. $20 total. The tickets had been a birthday present. Great show, as always.

On Saturday I bought some new music on Amazon. $7 total for two albums, but I had a gift card, so $0 cost to me.

On Sunday, I bought a round-trip plane ticket to New Orleans. About $230 total. I’m going to audition for Jeopardy! in mid-August. If going on the show wasn’t such a bucket list thing for me, then I’d feel silly about the amount of $$ I’m going to spend on this audition (plane fare, hotel, food, haircut and color, etc.). I’m going to space out the money over several weeks so that it’s less painful.

Total: $250.

Slutface (#53)

@HarperK Good luck at your audition!

sparrow303 (#1,641)

I registered just so I can play this game!

Friday: $6 on beer at a friend’s birthday
$0 rest of the drinks, snacks, and a boat ride on the river– all paid for by the birthday boy’s husband – a stand-up guy.

Saturday: $30 on fancy cat food that my cat won’t ralph up (but it’ll last us for months, so)
$3 on coffee and $6 on a clearance tank top on an afternoon jaunt across town
$8 worth of Walking Dead Season 2 episodes on Amazon streaming

Sunday: $36 groceries (at Whole Foods! I was cheap)
$6 more Walking Dead– only one episode left!
$15 bottle of wine to bring to dinner– which my friends graciously provided, so
$0 dinner/movie/board game= winning!

Total= $110– a cheap weekend for me! Trying to cut back after a very spendy week.

Slutface (#53)

Best weekend of the summer so far for me (spending wise). Saw the Dark Night on Saturday, but my boyfriend paid so I paid for lunch after which ended up only being $10. We split dinner later that night and my half was $28. Met a friend for breakfast Sunday morning, but it took forever AND they messed up my eggs so the manager comped our meal and my friend left a tip for our server. Last night I spent $17 for groceries at Walmart (so many deals there!). Total spending was $55.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

I had an unexpectedly cheap weekend. Spent $8 Friday night on ice cream cones for my boyfriend and myself.

Saturday I managed to not spend anything.

Spent $41 on a prescription Sunday (I can’t wait for my new job’s health insurance to kick in August first and bring that down to a …. $35 copay. Sigh). And I also spent $6 at Dunks on a coffee coolatta and bagel with cream cheese. Healthy breakfast FTW!

I took $70 out of the ATM at some point just to have some cash on me but I still have almost all that in my wallet. Just less the Dunks spending.

So $65 spent.

wearitcounts (#772)

this weekend i mapped out exactly how much money i could spend because the rest of it really, really, REALLY needed to go toward paying things down. and i stuck to it! which is great, because, you know, i’d be really screwed if i didn’t. goal was $100.
Friday – $38 at a bar to see a really good band/have drinks w/roommate. worth it.
Saturday – parents came to house to go to beach, brought food/booze, so FREE! (love parents), $7.50 for 1 lb. grass fed beef and tomato base to make a mexican dip with tomatoes from my CSA for tapas-and-margaritas at my friend’s house.
Sunday – $17.98 for two six-packs to bring on my friend’s boat, dinner was free courtesy of her talented boyfriend, $20 for gas. $10 at a convenience store for convenient things. $7.49 bottle of pinot grigio for “working” session w/friend in the evening.
= $100.97 so, i spent an extra $0.97. i get a little wild sometimes.

wallrock (#1,003)

Friday was not too bad because I was a bit too tired to go out. I ended up just going grocery shopping after work ($36) and picking up a couple of movies at Redbox ($2.50).

Saturday I went out with friends to see a couple of local bands. I went over to my friend’s house early that afternoon to help him out with some yard work and brought over a couple sixers ($17). Later we went out to dinner and he picked up the tab. At the show I paid his and my cover ($14) and got the first round of drinks for all four of us ($16 + tip). Parking was $4.50 for the entire night.

Yesterday I spent the entire day down at my parents’ helping pressure wash the siding. As a reward I got dinner and a lot of leftovers to take home. I filled up my gas tank on the way home and got a car wash while I was at it ($32 + $7).

sockhopbop (#764)

Friday I just spent $5 on a jumbo Lindt bar (milk chocolate with hazelnuts) to bring to a dinner party.

Saturday was $30 on gas, $9 ticket to see The Dark Knight Rises, and $11 on two PBRs plus tip. (Now as I am calculating this, I realize I over-tipped: the PBRs were $6 total. Oh well!)

Sunday I spent about $4 on chocolate milk and bubbly water (trying to stave off hunger pangs while waiting for a delayed lunch buddy) and $8 on a quesadilla ($6.50 plus tip).

Total: $67. Not terrible, but I do need to start carrying some snacks in my bag.

lalaland (#437)

Friday – $40 for my half of sushi dinner, $7.50 for post-sushi coffee

Saturday – $20 for my half of lunch at Langer’s, $25 for two tickets to The Dark Knight Rises

Sunday – $11 for lunch, $15 at grocery store for the week. $108.75 is slightly better than I thought actually, but definitely not great.

themegnapkin (#444)

Friday: $8 for lunch.
Saturday: $20 for parking at concert, $9 for wine, $12 for desert afterwards, and $4 to get out of New Jersey. Total: $45
Sunday: $50 for gas (I hardly drive, so this will last my ginormous SUV for about 2 weeks). Worked all day, then went to a friend’s house for dinner. So, $103.

OhMarie (#299)

I spent much less than planned this weekend–I had planned a day trip to the beach on Saturday but it rained ALLLL DAY so I just stayed inside like a hermit. Hermitage is really cheap.

helloimgreen (#998)

my parents came to town for my mom’s birthday, so i expected to spend lots and lots of money. which i did.

friday: $16 dinner at flat-top grill with my sister
$14.40 eyebrow threading, with tip. seriously, this guy was SO GOOD.
$103.25 atm withdrawal, with fees. ugh. lost at the casino. double ugh.

saturday: $39 to gas up my car before heading to the airport
$0 brunch – mom paid, yay!
$6.82 at starbucks for a coffee and fruit & nut box
$0 target – my parents couldn’t believe i didn’t own a toaster or an iron, and so these became “housewarming” gifts. all i wanted was handsoap and post-its
$0 dinner at a DELICIOUS brazilian churrascaria (meat, omg) – dad treated
$103.25 another trip to the casino. came home with $77, so at least i didn’t lose it all?

$50.40 brunch, split with my sister
$7.99 carwash
$67.50 tickets for the dark knight rises in IMAX
$46 dinner, split with my sister

oh, and i paid off my department store credit card balance! i couldn’t deal with the 24.99% APR anymore and the $119.89 payoff amount seemed worth it.

total = $497.50. i’m gonna go cry into my bowl of cereal that i’m gonna have to eat every day this week.

Dancercise (#94)

I spent a tiny bit more than I predicted, which was $6.25 on coin-op laundry. I did 3 loads instead of 4, so it was $4.75 on laundry. Then I decided to go to Starbucks on Sunday because it was hot ($4.25), and I went to dinner at my parents’ house and brought tomatoes and cherries ($5.24). Total: $14.24 I love cheap weekends.

Hmm. This is a good exercise.
Friday- 1 cider, 1 beer, and fried pickles with my upcoming roomate: $20
Saturday-Brunch, Boyfriend paid: $0, Dinner: $6 (bf paid rest-$23), ice cream: $3
Sunday-Brunch: $20, Wrapping for baby shower gift: $11
Weekend Total: $60. I needed to spend less, though, because I’m moving on Friday and that is EXPENSIVE! Money adds up so fast!

having a boyfriend made my weekend pretty cheap. He paid for a cab, dinner and breakfast. Saturday: movie (i get free tickets at work) , frappuchinos on me ($80 pesos or like 7 dollars) and homecooked dinner. I also bought a blouse on sale (Zara, 130 pesos/ 11-12 dollars), and a flower head band (60 pesos) and yesterday a book (House of Mirth, 50 pesos/ 4 dollars) and delicious shrimp for lunch at a local market (60 pesos). Besides that and no more than 15 pesos on subway rides, that was it :). Total: $380 pesos

selenana (#673)

@MaríaJosé E.H.@twitter Cool – is that the Mexican peso?

@MaríaJosé E.H.@twitter yep! living in Mexico city, which is way more expensive than my southern (mexican) hometown. But I love it :)

shesaboutamover (#1,649)

I too registered to start playing this game.

$6.71: Latte and muffin at Starbucks. (Trying and failing to break the Friday-morning-coffee-break-with-a-coworker habit.)
$8.64: Maxipads and chocolate at CVS. (I am a cliche.)
$8.09: Eggs, cheese, and yogurt at Whole Foods.
$1.91 (after using the last $1.08 on a gift card): This week’s episode of ‘Louie’ on iTunes.
$0: CSA box of friends who are out of town this weekend. (Woo hoo, free week’s worth of produce!)
$21.27: Meat and fruit at Whole Foods. (I almost never buy meat and now I remember why.)
$34.43: One Manhattan and two La Fin du Monde at Jackie’s. (What was gonna be a nightcap turned into a few rounds.)
$10.37: Chips, salsa, and fruit at Giant.
Total: $91.42

ThatJenn (#916)

My best friend’s wife went into labor on Friday morning and their amazing baby boy was born that afternoon! This called for a few semi-unexpected expenses:
-$15 for various caffeinated drinks throughout the day on Friday (I was called to go pick up their dog at 6:30 AM after having gotten home at 3:45 after the Dark Knight Rises premiere, and then had to work all day)
-$16 for baked goods at the farm store – this was planned
-$92 to buy my friends and all of their visitors dinner on Saturday when I visited folks in the hospital (everyone’s doing great!)


Oh yes! I love these.

Friday: $7.50 on carryout pizza. I usually spend another $2.50+tip to get it delivered because I’m too lazy to drive the 3 blocks to the store (I know! I know!), but obviously starting to amend that.

Saturday: $35 on mimosas and brunch with 2 friends.

Sunday: $21.79 on groceries and $6.50 on cat litter at PetSmart.

Grand total: $70.79. Not too shabby.

I love reading what everyone spent for some reason. It’s so interesting!

I spent more than intended, but not by much.

Friday – Ordered $40ish worth of misc things on Amazon and only spent $1.71 out of pocket. Credit card rewards ftw! Would not have made these purchases if I didn’t have the credit to blow. Went to a fun night market event at our local farmer’s market. $4.60ish cash on chips, queso and a giant cantalope agua fresca and $3 on a giant oatmeal cookie sandwich to share with my friend. $9.31 total!

Saturday – $14.61 at Kroger and $8.35 at Trader Joe’s for ingredients to make a double batch of ice cream to take to a friend’s gathering on Sunday. Took the ice cream in lieu of wine, so not that bad (plus I have some of the ingredients AND ice cream left over). $13.38 on brunch with a friend. $2.56 at Target for a 3-ring binder. $37 for a tank of gas. The unexpected spending kicked in Saturday afternoon when I ended up going to a bar with some friends. $13.19 for a beer, early dinner and a tip. Then another friend called and asked me to see a play with her. She had Groupon tickets so I chipped in 1/4 of what she paid for 4 tickets ($6) and had to buy a drink because it was a drinking play and I was being ridiculed for holding out ($5.75 with tip). We went out after the play because others were hungry, so even though I had eaten, it was later and I was slightly hungry so I ordered an appetizer. $8.63. $109.47 total.

Sunday – Ordered a wedding gift from a friend’s registry for around $40. I shuffle money every month into a Gifts fund so this was essentially free for me (as in, it doesn’t affect my daily budget at all). Took the ice cream I made to a party and had a free dinner + evening with friends!

$118.78 total, not including the gift. Should have been about $35 lower, but oh well! Not too bad now that I look at it.

a tuna sandwich (#1,562)

So my weekend did not start off super thrifty…

$70 on Dude, they were having a mega sale of 70% off and I couldn’t resist. I get brownie points for waiting a couple months for a sale right? Yay, new dresses!
$8 I had to work on Saturday and because I was feeling grumpy about it, I bought a chicken shwarma on my lunch break.
$50 on sushi dinner with boyfriend. I treated. I am an awesome girlfriend.
$3 Bought garlic and green onions and soy sauce for tomorrow morning’s fried rice :)
$28 Bought bike lights (very much needed for safety!) and fixed brake pads.
$15 Went to a bar and bought whiskey sours and a bloody mary with a friend. It turns out the bar is owned by an ex-coworker and he treated us to a round. Good things do happen for those who drink!

TOTAL: $174 I feel bad about my online shopping habits, but I refrained from spending too much on Sunday…and I didn’t use my credit card. I don’t get paid until the week after next, so I suspect that my spending habits will decrease by next weekend. *crossing fingers*

Friday: Planned on a night in with wine ($13) and the roommate, then got invited out unexpectedly so spent another $30 at the bar.

Saturday: Went to brunch with the roomie ($15), then picked up some items for a picnic ($25 for pineapple, cheese, grapes, dates, and some beer) and we headed to Shakespeare in the Park (we each donated $10). Another $6 for beer to go to a friend’s party after.

Sunday: Woke up laaaaaaate! Signed up at my local library having just moved this month (FREE), took out 6 books, went to a cafe to read for a few hours ($3.50), then came back home and got groceries ($35 for a several days worth) and made a delicious salad with kale, goat cheese, cranberries, balsamic reduction and sauteed portobello mushrooms). Then went for a midnight run after snacking on too many dates.

This is the first weekend out of 5 that I haven’t had moving or guest- related expenses. How’d I do?

Total: $137.50 – could be better, but not shockingly bad.

LizF (#1,399)

I spent 0$ this weekend because I was homebound and asleep for most of it recovering from surgery last week. However I did manage to make like 70 bucks on Saturday by having a yard sale with my roommates. I just plunked myself down on a chaise lounge lawn chair and sold some old books, movies and clothes.

Not the best possible summer weekend scenario but I feel like I did the best with what I was working with.

Marzipan (#1,194)

$0 Friday, went to a party directly from work, brought leftover booze from a party last weekend. Also used my Australian ginger beer (Bundaberg!) with the rum. Things Already Paid For.

Went to a USTA tennis tournament from 7-5 on Saturday, basically. Some of us ordered lunch, I spent $7 on a sandwich I greatly regretted and resented (I was thinking hot corned beef, it was just piles of cold deli corned beef, asked for mustard on the side, mustard was on the side of the bread). Then I spent $40 grocery shopping.

Sunday weekend tournament tennis match at 10, spent a dollar for a Gatorade, sat around talking to the director, watching people play, getting sunburned, until I had another match at 3. Went home, did my laundry, made dinner, watched season two episodes of Park and Rec, the Louie C.K. episodes, I can’t believe how invested I already am in his adorable weird awkwardness, as I’m not (Look, I KNOW) really a Louie C.K. fan.

$48 dollars, 8 of which could be counted as ‘weekend entertainment spending’, so that is awesome. Oh, also gas on Friday ($50) but again, not really entertainment/discretionary income spending. But of the $8 of spending, 87.5 percent of those dollars were a mistake. I did not need that sandwich, I did not eat it, and I didn’t really want it, even when I was ordering it. I should probably give up on resenting a $7 sandwich, huh?

So about $100, all told, $8 weekend spending. Too much tennis to spend money! Very chill weekend, which was nice/okay.

Harriet Welch (#127)

Woohoo! I am so obsessively interested in how other people spend their money. I have been poor forever and felt weird about how strange I spent money and felt irresponsible.
Anyway, here goes:
We thought we had $30 to last us the week, but we got refunded for a GrouponNOW deal that the place was closed. So we had $42. Woo!
$6.86 Fast food on the way home from the airport (middle of the night, wanting to be home). Other stuff will be reimbursed by his company, so I don’t count that.
$0 Dark Knight Rises and lunch at pizza place with my family. They are awesomeness and nice and paid for us.
$0 Pool and drinks with a friend in from CA. She also paid.
$24.73 Groceries for the week. This is for two people to eat three meals a day and includes one night of having my family over.
TOTAL: $31.59
This leaves a whopping $10 for gas.

Disclaimer: I am not a jerk who never pays for everything! We are just broke this week due to a clerical mix-up. My friend and I are always flush at different times and we treat each other when we can or do free stuff if we’re both broke. My parents are also in from out of town and wanted to do those things and knew we couldn’t afford them. I feel like I made up for it by inviting them over for a home cooked breakfast today and for dinner later in the week.

@Harriet Welch you don’t have to defend yourself! I think it’s awesome that you can make life work on such a small budget while still going out and doing fun things. And whoa, that grocery budget. Amazing.

Harriet Welch (#127)

@down the rabbit hole
To be fair: I live in the best and most awesome town ever that is really cheap. Drinks are like $2-$5, lunch for my husband and I was $9.00 (we shared) and our movie tickets were $10. Usually our budget is slightly more luxurious (when we don’t get sent to a giant expensive city with half of a paycheck!).However, both my husband and I have survived on FAR less money, for far more time. This is why we are always the ones grabbing people’s drinks or paying for gas on trips or whatever. We’re used to being poor and knowing how bad it sucks.
The grocery budget is dependent upon having a few staples and careful menu planning (which I am really new to)

Speaking of which: I want a “What did you spend your grocery money on and how did you decide?”

Jellybish (#560)

Christ, I always spend so much compared to you guys. I hope it’s because I’m shopping for a family of 3. $236 for groceries (I cook most of our meals, so we don’t spend a lot dining out) and $150 at Target. Did you know that the only sunscreen that appears to not give my kid a rash is $20 a tube? That seems to only last a few weeks? It’s shit like that.

Harriet Welch (#127)

@Jellybish OUCH! That is some expensive sunscreen :( I get the feeling that most people seem to be doing all of their spending for one person.

selenana (#673)

My weekend spending was pretty much what I predicted: 500yen for dinner fixins on Friday, about 1500yen on lunch/snacks at the adoption event on Saturday, and about 2000yen on Sunday for snacks and food on the road trip to Ibaragi, including a mocha for the driver and 710 on tomatoes, basil, a huge yellow zucchini, and sweet corn from a farm stand we stopped at, which made enough food for dinner Sunday night, two more lunches and another dinner. Plus I paid off my credit card balance for this month, about $35.

rorow (#1,665)

i’ve been reading this site (and these check-ins) for weeks but have been too scared of reviewing my poor spending habits to check-in, but i think it’s time to brave it. aiya. this will be an approximation as i don’t keep track as much as i should (billfold homework #1?)

friday night – club with a girlfriend. she works in the industry, so no cover at either place we went to. bought red bull once ($8), other drinks given to us. 4 am food stop, she paid but i chipped in $5.

saturday – got rained out of a beach day, so went shopping instead. got a latte ($5.50) and bought a shirt ($18) but consigned 6 things, so maybe i’ll end up making money instead? (?) went for lunch, spent $12 on a salad. saturday night ran into an ex-boyfriend at a mutual gathering, subsequently went to sbx to drown sorrows in chai latte and caramel bar ($7.50)

sunday – brunch with friend, i paid. ($35) had to do work the rest of the day.

total = $91. not bad, but that is an exceptionally cheap weekend for me.

fifteen15 (#1,589)

Friday = dinner with boyfriends’ parents, who generously paid ($0)
Saturday= ordered a couple Etsy prints online ($21.80), then spent $20 on going out in the evening
Sunday= breakfast sandwich ($4) and grocery shopping ($62)

Total = $107.80
not bad.

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