Monday Check-In: A Very Good Dinner

Let’s get to to it, shall we?

On Friday, the staff decided to go bowling ($3 for rental shoes—Choire paid for the lane), followed by a very, very good dinner full of cocktails and small plates of ceviche, short ribs, forbidden rice, pork belly, poached eggs, and bunch of other things ($60, including tip—which I was more than happy to pay for such a great meal).

On Saturday, I spent the morning doing some work, and then headed off to a Batman movie marathon party in anticipation of the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises this week. I brought a large growler of watermelon beer from Duane Reade ($15), a drug store in the city that now sells beer on tap(!), and peaches and plums from the farmer’s market ($10).

Sunday morning was spent in Central Park catching up with a friend and her dog while drinking an iced coffee ($3), followed by grocery shopping at the farmer’s market ($20), and a grocery store(26).

Total: $137

How did you do?


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Weasley (#1,419)

Watermelon beer? How was that? Was it terrible? I’m imagining watermelon jolly ranchers melted down and put into beer.

$21 on wine, brandy, and triple sec for sangria. I didn’t end up using the triple sec but I’m pretty sure the dude at the store charged me wrong.

~$70 on meat (steak, chicken, and boneless ribs) for grilling. Along with other things to grill like mushrooms, peaches, and onions. And all the other stuff.

$8 on coffe.

I had a friend visiting from NYC and I’ve been on an insane grilling kick so I spent more than usual this weekend.

Mike Dang (#2)

@Weasley This is the beer they had on tap. It was a refreshing beer for summer, but it did have a strong watermelon flavor, so I’d probably get more typical beer next time.

Kate (#1,408)

Oh geeze. On Friday I didn’t spend anything (went out for drinks but my boyfriend paid), Saturday we had a hangover breakfast that ran $40 for both of us and then on SUNDAY I somehow dropped $180 buying brunch for some people that I love. Which I could/can afford and don’t regret, except that I would have had world’s cheapest weekend without it.

sockhopbop (#764)

I ended up splitting my dad’s birthday dinner check with my mom ($40 each) and picked up a book as an additional present ($12). Then there were the books I bought Friday, so a total of $82.

Buuut a fun weekend fact was the revelation of my parents’ (massive) credit card debt. I’d known they had some, but I had no idea how much. So though weekend spending wasn’t bad at all, I now feel guilty about that (and about them paying for college, and those plane tickets home they buy me a couple times a year, and… ay yi yi).

ThatJenn (#916)

Watermelon beer? Sounds neat.

I spent $30 (estimated $25) on pizza for friends on Friday, spent an unanticipated $15 from my cash fund on a t-shirt at the event I went to on Saturday, then $11 on a smoothie for me and ice cream for my dude on Sunday, then $59 on gas. My total was only $5-10 higher than I expected, but only the pizza was part of my original budget. I didn’t go grocery shopping, but it was because I really didn’t need to – the stuff I bought at the farmers’ market last Wednesday will keep us until this Wednesday, and I think all I need to buy is milk.

Big things are on the horizon after this weekend’s discussions: my dude, who lives with me and pays rent to me, is going to quit his job and go back to school full time sometime in the next few months, which means I’m going to stop charging him rent (we agreed on this after doing math) and also take on more of the other household bills. This will ultimately really only cost me about $400-500 per month (including the loss of rent), which I can totally do if I finish paying down my debts on the schedule I plan this fall, eliminating a couple of bills. Plus I think I’m going to sign up for the actual commitment-required CSA, because then we have to cook at home and half our groceries are a sunk cost before he even quits (plus we will have a pig in the freezer, which will cover a lot more of our groceries).

Derbel McDillet (#1,241)

@ThatJenn Your dude is lucky to have you! I’m in his position, in grad school while my husband continues to work full time. My stipend is decent, but I probably wouldn’t be able to do this without him.

ThatJenn (#916)

@AconyBelle My dude is an undergrad, so no stipend, but he does have appreciable savings, thank goodness. He could do it without me, but it would probably be really, really hard and involve living with his mother. He does so much for me – I’m glad I can do this thing for him.

Aunt_Pete (#693)

$34 on combination lunch/happy hour with a coworker on Friday. Summer hours are the best, I get out at 2:00 every Friday through the end of August!

$40 for a bottle of bourbon (Leopold Bros Small Batch). I was planning on buying something inexpensive and flasking it up for my concert, but the SA totally sold me on the nicer bottle. I’m considering it an investment.

$15 for a ticket to Murder by Death at The Black Cat.

$9 for cook out supplies at Safeway. The total was actually $28, but I had a $10 off coupon that I got for spending $75 on a previous trip. My sister and I split the balance. We bought a case of Bud Light (cans only around the pool), a bag of tortilla chips, ketchup, a red onion, and a package of Hebrew Nationals.

$7 at CVS. Again the total was higher but between coupons and splitting costs with the sis I kept it under 10. Yes! I got cascade, paper towels, tortilla chips, salsa, and face wipes.

$105 which isn’t bad. The problem is that I didn’t get groceries yet and if I keep to my budget I only have $25 to last me until Friday. Oops. Maybe should have gotten the cheaper bourbon after all…

Tuna Surprise (#118)

I was out of town this weekend (so I spent much more money than typical) but the one charge that killed me was returning the rental car with a half tank of gas. I pulled into the airport at 9:25 and my flight was scheduled to leave at 9:55. The good news is I made the flight; bad news is I’ll pay for it with the rental car company.

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

$15 on Friday for ingredients for the peach raspberry crumble I brought to Shabbas dinner. It turned out DELICIOUS and there was a little leftover for me to take home, so I have dessert at home for the next couple of days.

$10 at the grocery store on snacks on Saturday.

$15.50 at the farmer’s market on Sunday morning, mostly for groceries for me, and a pint of blueberries to bring to my aunt and uncle who I visited in Brooklyn.

$9 for a bottle of Drano for our shower.

$32 on dinner for myself in Park Slope, with a Scout Mob discount of $20. I kind of love sitting in nice-ish restaurants by myself, and I had spent the late afternoon wandering around Park Slope by myself after I left my aunt and uncle’s.

$5 on a scoop of Mint Chocolate Chunk at Ben & Jerry’s at 11pm.

Total for the weekend, $86.50. Not bad at all.

Derbel McDillet (#1,241)

Fri. – $30 on beer and vodka for the weekend
Sat. – $0! Lounged around at home with Mr. Acony, drinking beer and vodka
Sun. – $20 breakfast out with Mr. Acony.
$37 for new coffee pot, a few books, and a couple of boxes of cereal from Ollie’s, which is kind of a scratch-and-dent/overstock store. Maybe a mid-atlantic thing?
$85 buying (hopefully) two weeks worth of groceries at Aldi. I essentially have the summer off, accept for two days of placement for my MSW program, so I’m doing the housewife thing. I made a menu with two weeks worth of dinners and wrote a shopping list from that menu. I’ve done this before and it always saves us money. It also satisfies my need to make lists.

Total – $172. Not great, but mostly groceries, so I think it’s acceptable. I’m going to try to abstain from alcohol next weekend, so that should cut down on the spending.

maebyfunke (#292)

Friday – $18.50 at a nail salon, $21 for a bottle of vodka. Saturday I only paid for a cab ($6). Yesterday was by far the biggest spending money (on nothing) day. $12 on brunch, $15 on groceries, $24 on dinner, $7 on a drink. That comes to $103. Definitely more than I wanted to spend, but oh well…

Quinn A@twitter (#1,008)

Friday: Just over $20 for a huge fruit tray and a key lime pie because I was having a friend over.

Saturday: $20 for a ticket to watch roller derby and a bottle of water.

Sunday: $32.40 for two towels, a chocolate chip cookie mix, a brownie mix, two avocados, and a loaf of rye bread. The avocados and rye bread were for grilled-cheese-and-guacamole sandwiches, which were awesome.

I went camping this weekend with about 25 francophones! It was great because there’s no way to spend money in the wilderness.

I went with two friends – we spent $70 per person on food from Friday dinner –> Sunday lunch and a boatload of alcohol… case of st ambroise, case of PBR for when that ran out, and a bottle of wine each.
$10 on dinner on our way back into town.

Total: $80 for an unforgettable weekend!

kellyography (#250)

I think I really only spent $14:
$3.95 for a scoop of pound cake ice cream from the best shop in JC on Saturday
$10 for pierogi and funnel cake from the church fair behind my house on Sunday

I got a bunch of new books last week, though, so I spent most of the rest of my time reading (and frantically putting out feelers for a new roommate).

cryptolect (#1,135)

@kellyography Best ice cream shop in JC… Torico’s? Also, did you see there’s a bookstore opening up on Newark Ave? I have a feeling my book budget is about to go up.

kellyography (#250)

@cryptolect Of course! Torico is my favorite thing about summer. And yeah, those ladies have been selling books at all the local farmer’s markets under that name for a while. I am definitely curious to see what they’ve set up.

Roxy (#1,469)

@Mike: Where did y’awl go bowling?

For me it was kind of a lame weekend as I mostly stayed in doing freelance research stuff, plus we had a lot of leftovers to eat. But that also meant it was a relatively cheap weekend!

$5: bagel + chocolate milk for lunch because why not.

$4.50 coffee and scone at Barnes & Noble Starbucks,
$30 brunch for me + friend visiting from out of town. Bastille Day drink specials!

$1.50 bodega ice coffee
$4.50 cookies to bring to D&D
$10 4 hours of D&D at The Brooklyn Strategist

Total: $55.50

orangezest (#317)

Friday: $11 because I suddenly had a huge hankering for a rice dish at a Vietnamese restaurant that I love. Would have evened out to $5.50 for 2 meals, but roommates accidentally threw away the leftovers.

Saturday: $33 for brunch. More than I’d intended to spend, but stayed for several hours (plural) catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, so per hour it worked out fairly cheaply. Plus, food + mimosas knocked me out that night, so I didn’t spend the rest of the day.

Sunday: $25.50 at the farmers’ market for iced coffee, summer squash, green beans, peaches. $75 at Target for cleaning supplies and some beauty stuff to replace things lost on vacation (?! oh, Target). $45 at Whole Foods on wine, cheese, bread, potatoes and other yuppy stuffs I couldn’t buy at the farmers’ market.

Total: about $175, yikes.

Friday: $20 on alcohol (one housewarming bottle of wine, three drinks for myself, and one drink for the birthday girl. Thought we were going to go to a bar and was prepared to buy birthday shots which did not materialize. So a much cheaper night than expected.)

Saturday: $120 at the mall. May still return the dress which I think I paid too much for (I bought two shirts as well in that 120)? But then I’m having this debate like if a dress is such that it can be worn to work AND socially, and it’s good quality material, then maybe I need to start being willing to pay a bit more for things? It’s a really cute dress. So anyway, indecision!
Saturday night: watched Donnie Darko at an emotional cost of probably a solid week’s worth of quality sleep.

Sunday: $16 nachos and coke for lunch, $30 chicken wings for dinner (what a healthy day)

=$66 entertainment spending; $120 consumerism spree. I went in with a $100 shopping allocation sooo I guess I did alright, all things considered.

Quinn A@twitter (#1,008)

@redheaded&crazy Keep the dress! If it’s good quality and you can wear it anywhere, the cost per wear won’t actually be that high.

@redheaded&crazy I know how you feel about the clothes–I just bought a few things that were more than I’d usually spend, but they’re better quality (ie not from Ross) so they will last ages. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

Megano! (#124)

I couldn’t remember if I spent money on Friday, but I did! I spent like $45 on food, 12 of which were brownies, but I was like dying of cramps and my hormones made all the decisions. I did actually feel better after eating them guys.
On Saturday I spent like $100, $30 on lots of cute undies, $30 on Dead Island Game of the Year (Last one!), and then I spent like $12 on Brave in 3D, which is a good movie but kind of pointless in 3D.
Oh right and I spent like $28 last night ordering a pizza and breadsticks (which I am confused about the math, because the breadsticks were 4.50 and the pizza like $16, but they only gave me the CC receipt). I couldn’t cook because I had to clear out all of my kitchen cupboards and pull out the oven for decockroaching today.

wearitcounts (#772)

$50 liquor store, $33 groceries – hosted dinner twice this weekend, came up with the Perfect Cheap And Impressive Dinner Party Menu.

$16 new music, $5 drive-thru burger

total – $104. not bad, and still have LOTS of leftovers (both food and booze).

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

Fairly cheap weekend overall.

Friday: date night with all my lady friends to see Magic Mike ($11.50) and eat/drink at fancy dining establishment ($45 in total).

Saturday: $9 at Dunks (treated a friend that was driving me to the beach) and pulled $80 out of the ATM (plus a $.175 fee because it wasn’t my bank’s ATM but I realized last minute I only had $5 in my wallet, which would not cover parking for said beach). Spent $15 of that on parking. Spent an additional $4 on Doritos and $10 on beer for a friend’s party.

Sunday: didn’t spend a dime. Had a lazy day on my couch and then went to dinner with my parents (they paid).

So only spent a total of $95 or so. I’m hoping the $55 I have remaining in my wallet covers this week as well.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

@ATF@twitter So I kind of love these Monday morning “this is what I spent” check-ins. I vote for a Friday afternoon “this is what I spent during the workweek” one.

@ATF@twitter I’d love to do a Friday one too, because I tend to shop during lunch/all day at my computer.

Dancercise (#94)

This was a spendy weekend. I bought three wedding gifts for three different weddings at about $50 dollars each, I took my car in for a oil change/tire rotation ($160), and I did my grocery/household shopping at Target ($55). Good thing Friday was pay day!

helloimgreen (#998)

$7.85 at Subway for lunch

$14 at the farmers market for portobellas, squash, corn, and a hot dog
$9 for a margarita that was pretty much all tequila (originally $7, ended up covering $2 for a friend who only had $5 on her)
$16 bbq pulled pork nachos; somehow got stuck paying the aforementioned friend’s share of the tip
$3 iced coffee
$5 frozen yogurt

$19.10 for sushi that made me feel sick :(

Total: $73.95. not bad!

lemons! (#384)

I love the idea of the awl family bowling.

Friday I paid $43 for me and a friend’s dinner and beer. She bought the appetizers and first round. I went home and had some mead with friends who were already at my apartment hanging with my bf. The home made mead had ginger and tea in it. It was dry and probably better than watermelon beer. We did the calculations the other day and honey is not cheap but it equals about the same as a good 6pck.

Saturday I went running (sweat is free) and went to a party and contributed some homemade saurkraut. ($0)

Sunday I ordered organic flours because I’m baking bread now ($38) and I went to the farmers market ($20ish)

$101 pretty good I think.

Derbel McDillet (#1,241)

@Dont Move to Finland I’ve made mead twice now, and it actually turned out super-drinkable! The first batch had grapefruit and turned out like a dry white wine with a bite, and the second had berries and hops and also turned out dry, but with a nice fruity aftertaste and a little bitterness from the hops. I would love to see your ginger-tea mead recipe!

Friday: $93 on 3 pairs of shoes from Barefoot Tess. I have yeti feet and can only really buy shoes in person at Payless, and they fall apart. I’m hoping that shelling out a bit more will pay off. $19 at Amazon for season 3 of Justified, which someone posted to dropbox today and I could have gotten for free (aka stolen). Raylan Givens is worth it though.

Saturday: $125 at Target for a microwave, tabletop charcoal grill & these burny disc things, citronella candles, and junk food. Was not having a party, but you’d never be able to tell. Oops. Also $7 at the second run movie theater for Snow White and the Huntsman ($2 for the movie and $5 for the drink including tip). And returned a pair of pants so got $20 back.

Sunday: $2.99 at Amazon for the Kindle version of Matched, which has been on my reading list for ages but I was too cheap to buy. Glad I held out, though I don’t know what I’ll do about the next two volumes in the trilogy.

Total spent: $227 (including returned item). Blech. I really ought to think about this post every weekend when I go shopping.

Friday: $17 on two bottles of cheap champagne to take with me to a friend’s lake house (I volunteered to bring mimosa supplies for Saturday brunch). $18 at Trader Joe’s on two half gallons of OJ, pizza dough and sauce (also volunteered to bring that to the lake house) plus a few things I needed grocery-wise for myself. $35 total.

Saturday: Came back from lake house, friends pitched in a collective $15 for gas. I used a little over half a tank of gas, so my out of pocket expense was only $5-10. We’ll round up. $5 for dirty chai + tip to keep me awake for the rest of the night. Volunteered at the event I went to, so got in free. Cheap Mexican food with friends + 1/3 of a pitcher of margaritas + tip = $15. Didn’t go out to the bar because I was tired = free! $35 total.

Sunday: $15 for beers and veggie burger after roller derby practice with teammates. Coffee & ice cream with my best friend in the late afternoon was around $8 total. Quick stop at Trader Joe’s for $9 worth of goat cheese, tomatoes and broccoli to go in my lunches for this week. Another stop at Whole Foods for beer and milk for my roommate was about $12. Went home and made a big batch of quinoa salad and another big batch of kale salad so I don’t have to eat lunch out this week. Last-minute trip to the bar with a friend for 2-for-1’s was $11 including tip, and I’ll get a $5 credit back on my AmEx statement so really only $6. $50 total.

$120 total and it has become clear to me that I spend roughly the same amount of money every day, most of it is on food/drink and that the week-long beer ban I placed myself on after last night was a very good idea.

Derbel McDillet (#1,241)

@down the rabbit hole I’m abstaining this week and next weekend, because the following weekend is an annual camp-out party, which of course includes day-long drinking. Occasional self-imposed bans make me feel like a tough-ass and make the forbidden item that much more enjoyable when the ban is lifted.

@AconyBelle I’m considering an every-other-week ban. I’d save sooooooo much money.

fifteen15 (#1,589)

I’ve never actually sat down and listed out my total spending for a weekend. I’m scared.
Let’s see…
$14 ticket to an a show on Friday night. Nothing else, because I ate dinner at home before the show and skipped out on the after-drinks.
$24 on two movie tickets + $15 on dinner on Sat night, went out with a few friends
$65 on grocery shopping on Sunday, plus $9 on the cab home with my groceries because I lost my bus pass
$25 on dinner with friends at a new Thai place on Sunday night.

Total = $152

wallrock (#1,003)

My sister graduated from her Masters program this past Friday so drove up with my father. After the commencement ceremony we went out for celebratory drinks and dinner, with my father picking up the tab all night long. I took advantage of his largesse by ordering a $12 Belgian beer at the first bar and also tacking on an order of bacon-wrapped shrimp later at dinner. The next morning I bought him breakfast ($16) and drove home for an afternoon wedding. I picked up bulk coffee for the week ($32 including a bag for my mother) and hit up the wedding. We stopped for a drink after the ceremony as we had an hour to kill before the reception and I bought the first round ($15). Later that night at the reception I had two beers from the hosted keg (free with $2 tip) then switched to $6 J&B and waters for the remainder of the night ($24 + $4 tip). All in all I got out of the weekend relatively light.

charmcity (#1,091)

This weekend was so expensive! $22 for pre-road trip snacks so I wouldn’t stop so much on Thursday night, $120 for gas on Friday and Sunday, $7 for coffee and lunch over two stops on Friday, $40 for flowers and booze for a hostess gift on Friday, $80 for my share of going out on Saturday for bachelorette activities, and $7 for breakfast and coffee on the road back Monday. At one point, traffic was so bad, I pulled off the highway and ended up at a drugstore, where I spent $12 on diet coke and razors (?) which I needed anyway, but were unrelated to the road trip. Total: $288 + 30 hours in a car including 3 hours sleeping at a truckstop, but worth it to be part of a friend’s special weekend!

Mal*Pal (#1,597)

I can’t even remember what I spent last weekend. I am seeing the overall purpose of this post… heh…

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