Living in Tiny Spaces Part II

“To me 300 square feet seems like a palace,” Genevieve Shuler said. The 33-year-old administrative assistant has been living in an apartment even smaller than the micro-apartments envisioned by the mayor. “I dream of, oh my Gosh, what could I do with 300 square feet?”

She has been renting a 105 square feet studio in the West Village for seven years. Shuler says she makes the best use of space: she has a loft bed which utilizes the height of the apartment, and a couch and a small table for TV the space underneath.

WNYC has a story about people who live in smaller spaces than the 300 square feet “micro studios” Mayor Bloomberg is proposing to build in Kips Bay, including a woman who lives in a 105 square-foot studio in the West Village. I personally would find the space too claustrophobic, but, hey, she’s living in the West Village for $800 a month, and if she’s been happy enough with the space to stay there for seven years, more power to her. Oh, and let’s not forget this woman:


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missmatched (#1,494)

These make the 520sqft studio I am about to move into seem like a palace! Not in Manhattan, but it is a good deal and I was worried about the size, but sheesh! I don’t think I could live with such clutter, no matter the location or price.

Mrs. Beeton (#320)

So I guess she has sex on the floor?

This just sadly reminds me of how small the Brooklyn apartment I will be moving into is. Sigh, I’ll miss your spacious and affordable apartments, Chicago.

kellyography (#250)

I’ve seen this video before and still don’t understand why she says she lives in the West Village but then goes on to say that Central Park is a block away, and Lincoln Center is nearby, etc. Where is this apartment?!

Also, I could never give up all of my books. One reason I am seriously considering moving out of NYC is because I cannot find a new place (or roommate situation) in my price range that has space to fit all my books and records. Plus, I could never live without a kitchen. I need to be able to bake!

Mike Dang (#2)

@kellyography Oh, they’re two separate ladies/apartments. One lives in a 105 square foot apartment in the Village, the other lives in a 90 square foot apartment on the Upper West Side next to Central Park.

kellyography (#250)

@Mike Dang: I clearly got some brain-wires crossed (yes), because I could have sworn that the video started out with a shot looking north on 6th Ave. at the Jefferson Market Library. But no, it is just another building that has a similar silhouette.

Related question: How many square feet is your studio, Mike Dang? And do you entertain there? That is my main worry about moving to a studio apartment – that I won’t have space for a “living” area as well as a sleeping area, and my base of all operations will be relegated to my bed, as it has been while living with roommates for six years.

Mike Dang (#2)

@kellyography It’s probably a little more than 400 square feet. Perhaps I’ll take photos and post them! And I hosted a dinner party for 12 once—I just had to move some things around before the guests arrived.

Nick (#1,548)

@kellyography You are a hoarder. Just get a Kindle for your books. You can live and go anywhere and still have your entire library with you all the time.

Kate, M.D. (#658)

Yeah, this lady is single. Has to be. There is no sex happening in that space.

thecoffeestain (#1,483)

@Kate, M.D. And what is the point of an apartment all your own if you’re not getting regular tail?

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