How Didn’t I Know About Thai Lunch Specials

Ginger juice. Soup. Huge portion of pad Thai. Salad. $7.95.
Is this a thing in Thai restaurants everywhere? Have $15 dinner curries only existed because I was ordering at the wrong time?! Are there other ethnic food establishments that similarily give away their food during lunch hours?! I feel like I’ve been left out of a secret. Tell me all your other secrets and you’re forgiven.


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Comedian Todd Barry has been lauding the merits of the Thai lunch special for ages! I, for one, have never met a Thai lunch special I didn’t like.

my favourite sushi place:

Bento box with salad, miso soup, four pieces of tempura, teriyaki meat of your choice, rice, and 6 pieces of sushi: $11-$13


my usual order: spicy salmon (6 pc), black dragon (shrimp tempura with eel and avocado on top, 8-10 pc) maki usually comes to about $20. add on an appetizer i bought for the group $10. add in tip. $35.

…next time I will get the bento box.

KatNotCat (#766)

@redheaded&crazy The bento box is always so cheap and awesome and I always forget.


although, i wouldn’t have got the rolls i wanted? but I would still have gotten yummy rolls. So yeah, I’m thinking I should do that next time.

Megano! (#124)

@redheaded&crazy I always get the bento box BECAUSE SO MUCH FOOD SO CHEAP NOM NOM NOMS
Also I think most Asian restaurants and diners have crazy lunch specials.

Thai lunch specials are the best! The place in Astoria near where I used to live did soup, a salad, and the entree for either $5.95 or $7.95. The Thai places out in CA seem to do them too!

Bill Fostex (#573)

Indian buffets, obviously. I wear tighty whities and spoon extra saag paneer into my crotch to take on the road. My sister is a C cup, but she owns a couple DD bras for the same purpose.

Harriet Welch (#127)

Whoah!! People eat Thai/indian/sushi for dinner?? I didn’t even know that was a thing. My cheapskate family always refuses because it’s the same thing for double the cost.
Favorite Chinese place delivers an entree,rice,soup,egg roll and a drink for $5.00 (the minimum is $10, so you can’t do it alone, but it’s always easy to find someone to go in on it).

janiebee (#1,655)

Yes! I usually order two thai lunch specials – which generally gets me through lunch, dinner, and maybe another lunch. My friends call this the “Janie Special”.

Ed@twitter (#347)

yeah, all ethnic food is cheaper at lunchtime.

lunch rotation in Charlottesville: Chicken roll at Frank’s (RIP), Pad Thai/Panang Curry at Thai 99, Sandwich and bread ends at Take-it-away, Everything bagel with deli egg, sausage and cheddar at Bodo’s, and Chicken in black bean sauce from Yuan Ho.

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