Fun with Fire Safety

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to share a very important thing we just learned from Lou, our building’s fire warden.”Stop, drop, and roll” is OVER. The new phrase for surviving fires is “STAY LOW AND GO.” Apparently lots of kids were stop, dropping, and rolling, but not actually making an attempt to escape the fire (yiiiiikkkeees). So: Stay low, and go. If you need a jingle to help you remember, that exists. (Also do you have renters insurance yet? Get on that. Because if you live in an apartment, even if you stay low and go, if your stuff gets burnt, that’s on you.)


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darklingplain (#938)

I thought “stop, drop, and roll” was just for when you were actually on fire anyway. Not when your house was on fire.

City_Dater (#565)


You are correct. It’s alarming to think that children were somehow getting the message that the logical thing to do when their clothing is burning is also the thing to do when standing in a burning building. And that now they won’t know what to do when their clothes are on fire.
(Fire warden in my office — Represent!)

NoReally (#45)

My child is very clear on these distinctions. When you smell smoke you Get down low and go, go, go. If you catch on fire you Stop, drop, and roll.

You can say to him, “You’re on fire!” or, “I smell smoke!” and away he goes, demonstrating. Like a border collie.

It’s hard to see which way you’re going when you’re mid-roll! Do you roll this-a-way? That-a-way? What happens when you roll up to a doorway that’s narrower than your height? Do you roll through it somersault-style?

Megano! (#124)

Oh man, that does not make me feel confident about our future.

MuffyStJohn (#280)

@Megano! It’s time to train the monkeys to administer our medications and change our adult diapers. I’ll be surprised if these ones ever learn to tie their own shoes.

@MuffyStJohn Who has time to tie their own shoes when they’re shuttling between classical guitar lessons and toddler SAT prep?

What happened to “AAAAAGH!!! FUCKING RUN!!!”?

EDIT: There is even a PSA for it!

This concerns me on a couple of levels. 1)That kids don’t understand that “Stop, Drop, and Roll” is for if you are ON FIRE. And, 2)that Logan also didn’t understand the aforementioned information.

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