Fiscal Considerations in Magic Mike

1. $13,000 doesn’t seem like that much money to have saved in five years for someone who has three jobs, one of which is being a magical male stripper.

2. Could the dance troupe really make that much more money in Miami to offset the cost-of-living (and cost-of-doing-business) increase?

3. What was the rent on Channing Tatum’s two-story beachfront house? Probably a lot, right? (Or maybe not.) 

4. Why didn’t Channing Tatum have a bank account? That’s crazy, right? First, bank account, then, small business loan. It’s the order of things.

5. Did he actually have a mobile car-detailing business, or just a truck that said he did?

6. Did anyone else think Olivia Munn was going to end up stealing all of his money? It’s basically all I thought about the whole movie.

7. “I’ll get you back man,” is a really weird way to thank someone for using their life savings to  pay off drug thugs who wanted to get you.

8. $15 seems a very reasonable price for a show of that caliber.


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Megano! (#124)

Well apparently he spent all his money on his beach house, so that probably is a lot of money, considering.

Megano! (#124)

@Megano! Also waxing. He probably spent all of his money on waxing.

A Dolly (#1,549)

@Megano! i was hoping he bought the beach house

Please do this all the time! I am always thinking about the money stuff in movies. . .it is kind of annoying but I can’t help it.

ElBlynx (#499)

@Koko Goldstein I agree! I thought “Bridesmaids” did a great job of showing how our personal finances impact and complicate our relationships with friends and family. Kristen Wiig’s character lives in an okay apartment with terrible roommates and then is forced to move back home due to lack of $$. Maya Rudolph doesn’t want to give up her small apartment because it represents HER hard work of being able to afford her own place that will become less visible when she marries her wealthy spouse.

People congratulated “Bridesmaids” for being a raunchy comedy featuring women, but I thought it really shone as being a zeitgeist-y movie about how major life events like weddings force us to deal with our perceived worth vs. society’s judgement of our value.

Eeeeeh…I think this post should have had more male stripper references? Is Magic Mike a more uplifting Bachelorette party movie than Bridesmaids? Is it a light-hearted movie that promotes female camaraderie or is it secretly very sad and makes you question your place in the universe?

Marissa (#467)

@ElBlynx I thought Kristin Wiig would move into Maya Rudolph’s apartment at the end of that movie. Problems solved!

@ElBlynx Agreed! And I always worry about people who are ostensibly “poor” in movies spending money. Like when Erin Brockovich comes back from her lost settlement trial-thing and is all “I have $27 in my checking account!” but takes her kids out to lunch because she has cockroaches? Ahh!

Pizzahut (#1,485)

I think our friend MM didn’t necessarily start saving money at the beginning of his career. I was under the impression that he was much more capricious in his younger days, much like his protege. That is why he also had such sh*tty credit?

pearl (#153)

I really didn’t like how The Kid insulted his furniture aspirations. He’s an entrepreneur! Even though the furniture looked pretty ugly

Strippers make money in SoFl, and strippers don’t save their money. #facts.

shannowhamo (#845)

@MitchellSunderland I went to a male stripping establishment recently (my bachelorette party) and there were supposedly alot of dudes visiting from Miami (this was in Dallas.) At one point my friend said “these Miami boys are gonna bankrupt me!” So, based on that one experience, I’m gonna say man stripping is big business in Miami!

So, uh, question: were we supposed to think that the furniture was ugly and be all “Oh, that Mike, he’s so cute thinking this is going to be a moneymaker for him. There, there, Mike, aren’t you adorable!” or were we supposed to actually think he really could make that furniture and sell it and it was just The Man and bad friend choices keeping him down? Maybe I was distracted (by what WHO COULD SAY?!) but I felt like I couldn’t figure that out.

@Mary-Lynn Bragg@twitter i thought the first piece they showed in the living room was kinda nice in a whatever he was going for way. I’m sure there are people out there who that decor works for.

The rest of them in that little binder I was like no. no thanks. and no please. awwwww i wouldn’t have called it crap to his face though! maybe in hurricane centric zones there’s an extra appeal to that kind of repurposing.

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