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I just got an email from LinkedIn today saying that 16% of my friends had changed jobs in the first half of the year. Does that seem high? Or normal, considering most of my friends are in their mid-late twenties or early thirties? Did everybody on LinkedIn get this email today? I’d be interested to see what others’ numbers are like. — Jon C.

I’ve turned off my LinkedIn notifications, but I’ve thought about how many of my friends have changed jobs this year, and it’s a good number! My friends are also in their late 20s and early 30s, and have either left their current jobs for better positions elsewhere, or have now decided to change careers. What have you guys been seeing among people you know?

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ThatJenn (#916)

Seems pretty reasonable to me, actually, since I suspect that will also include people who tweaked how their job title was listed, got promoted, or switched which part of their career to list first on LinkedIn (I used to have my day job listed first, but now I have the company I own first, which will look like a job change).

I don’t know, maybe I just want it to be normal because I’ve changed jobs about once every six months since leaving school in 2010.

Seems reasonable – I can think of 4 friends off the top of my head who’ve been promoted or transitioned to new workplaces over the past 6 months.

probs (#296)

Literally every person I can think of whom I care about enough to know about their job has the same job now as they did at the beginning of the year. I like my work pretty well, and also I had such a hard time finding working after graduating college in ’09 that the idea of not liking it can (irrationally) feel like I’m saying “THIS unicorn isn’t good enough! I WANT A NEW ONE!!” That and not knowing what else I would want to do. People I know who feel their jobs are good maybe have similar thoughts, and I know the ones who have jobs they don’t think are good have given up on job hunting. Does seem odd that no one I know is changing jobs.

mayonegg (#1,245)

My friend forwarded me the email notification she got because my picture was the largest (cool!) and it said 21 of her 93 connections (roughly 23%) had changed jobs! I was bumped up from intern to full-time hire, though, so that can also be the case for some of these people. Either way, we’re all in our early-to-mid-twenties, so it feels logical.

It’s an interesting time of year too, because everyone is leaving at my job (sadly, it’s many of the people I had grown closest too). Mostly for grad school, but a couple also for different cool jobs. I like my job and plan to stick around for a while, but I can’t help feeling a tiny bit jealous!

It includes promotion and job-title changes, too, so I think that sounds about right. My email said 17% of my coworkers changed jobs. I would have expected it to be higher, though.

la_di_da (#1,425)

I think that sounds high but now that I think about it…that’s about right. Lots of transitioning happening this year what with people getting promoted or getting a better job now that we’ve got more than entry level experience.

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