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Apocalypse Soon, Apocalypse Shopping Now

Karl Baker reports on Marketplace that sales of emergency preparedness products rose 80% at Costco in 2011! And they’re going to keep going up, because: Mayans. We’re all gonna diiiiiieeee. (I have contributed zero dollars to those emergency preparedness product sales, as I play both sides on this apocalypse game. I use its likelihood to justify not planning for the future, and its unliklihood to justify not having any survival skills, at all. Also: I’d like more information on what qualifies as an emergency preparedness product at Costco. Gallon tub of Crisco? Flats of bottled water? Pallets of beef jerky?)


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DickensianCat (#971)

Irene scared me last summer into buying a few dinky flashlights and extra batteries along with gallons of water (which actually lasted quite awhile, but now we’re out), but yeah, aside from a few other random pantry items, that’s it. I would love to keep a ton of bottled water and canned goods on hand, but in our tiny 1-bedroom? Nuh-uh. I envy those crazy coupon clippers who have houses with entire rooms full shelves of non-perishables.

@DickensianCat Yeah Irene flooded my parents basement which ironically, is where they kept the survival supplies (ie, the pantry). So with the emergency loans/grants they got they refinished the basement and got a whole-house generator installed. Come the apocalypse, that’s where I’m headed.

OhMarie (#299)

I have pretty regular freakouts abut apocalypse type scenarios, either because of actual events (the DC earthquake last year terrified me) or some book I read (World War Z). All that’s ever come of this is buying a bunch of water and getting one of those emergency crank radios from my mom for Christmas.

ThatJenn (#916)

Suggestion: at least make sure you keep a couple of gallon jugs of water in your house, whether you buy them as gallons of water or just clean a milk jug and fill it from the tap. It’s the easiest part of emergency supplies!

I live in a place where there are regularly hurricanes that can wipe out power for a few weeks, and am currently going through a community emergency response course, so it’s on my mind a lot, but it’s also very different where you live. But wouldn’t it just suck to have no power or water and not have anything on hand to get through a day or two before it’s fixed?

MuffyStJohn (#280)

I do not understand how any of these people believe that a bunch of batteries and canned beans are going to save them from the apocalypse. You do not survive the end of the world, folks! That’s what makes it the end.

Derbel McDillet (#1,241)

I grew up in an area that regularly got threatened by hurricanes, and I live in a rural area now, so this is kind of a way of life for me. If my power goes out, I don’t have running water, so I store lots of drinking water and we have rain barrels that we use to flush the toilets. And there’s always potential for us to get snowed/flooded in. So I guess in my case it’s not so much apocalypse shopping and “living out in East Jesus” shopping.
This is actually kind of my obnoxious hobby, now that I think of it.

mishaps (#65)

I lived through a five-day blackout in my apartment (local electricity went out, not the rest of the town) during my last year of grad school, and it’s made me very blase about the coming apocalypse. As has living on top of a hill in a major city. If I were out in the suburbs or the country, I would buy my own generator and store up jerky, no question.

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