The State of Things: Farm Visits, and Check Memos

Logan: Mike! What is one thing that you are looking forward to this weekend?

Mike: The sun, the sky, the fact that life if full of choices, and one of those choices is which flavor of ice cream to get! How about you?

Logan: I’m visiting a friend who works on a farm, so I’m looking forward to going to the farm and picking a thing and eating that thing. Maybe a tomato.

Mike: Oh, that sounds so nice. And also very cost-effective.

Logan: Yeah! Tomatoes are expensive. Okay, so you’re going to eat some ice cream (who am I kidding, I’m going to eat some ice cream too), and I’m going to eat tomatoes. Do you have a guess for how much money you’re going to spend?

Mike: Well, I’m guessing it won’t be very much. My dad’s birthday was yesterday, and I sent him a check. That might be weird for some people (you gave your dad money for his birthday!?), but that’s just how it works in my family. Cash is king and always very much appreciated. 

Logan: That was nice of you. Did you write something funny in the memo line?

Mike: Just, “Happy Birthday!” But we talked on the phone for a little bit, and he was really happy about it. I’m guessing it would be totally weird if you gave your parents money for their birthdays.

Logan: It would make absolutely no sense. My dad would laugh and be like, HILARIOUS JOKE, BROKE DAUGHTER OF MINE, and then tear up the check.

Mike: Well, I mean, it would probably be weird even if you had lots of money, right? I mean, for me, I think it’s a cultural thing—money in red envelopes for the New Year and such.

Logan: I’m trying to imagine it, and I can’t, really.

Mike: Haha. Okay, so what are you planning on spending this weekend? You’re mostly just paying for the transportation to get to your friend’s farm, I take it?

Logan: Yeah, I’m guessing like a hundo total. I kind of have a feeling that I can’t afford to spend any money this weekend but I’m just going to deal with that on Monday, I’ve decided.

Which I know seems ridiculous, but I’m trying not to think about it?


Mike: Oh, you gotta save some money to spend on the 4th!

Logan: No, no, no, I’m not leaving my house that day. I don’t like fireworks. Or crowds of people.

Mike: Also, I just realized rent is due in a few days. IMPORTANT.

Logan: What do you put in the memo line of your rent check? I put a sad face.

Mike: Aw, well, I put the month and year for the rent just in case they try to pull any funny business. “This check is clearly for this specific time frame!”

Logan: You’re so smart.

Mike: Nah, I’m just scared of being scammed sometimes. You never know when your landlord will drink a potion and become a slumlord.

Logan: Ha, well mine already is, so no worries there.

Mike: On that note: Let’s go home! We’ll check in on our spending on Monday. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Logan: CIAO


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RachelG8489 (#1,297)

Okay- do the groceries I bought this afternoon count? Let’s say they do. That was $28 for food that can be eaten cold and a six-pack of hard cider.

I don’t plan on spending any money tomorrow, because it is insanely hot out and I basically want to not leave my room for forever. Sunday I might do brunch? Let’s call that $15, maybe 20. And I need to buy a new Metrocard on Sunday (it expires today, but I’m not going anywhere tomorrow) but that comes out of a pre-tax account and I’m not counting it in my total. Bus ticket to camp for a memorial is a present from my mom. So snacks, contributing to gas for the girl who is driving me back, dinner with all the camp people… another $40? I’m going to put myself at around $75 this weekend, then.

Dancercise (#94)

My mom and I are going shopping for clothes, shoes, and makeup for the weddings we have this summer (lots of relatives and family friends). I’m mostly going to be there for moral support and fashion advice, but I am physically unable to not buy something at Sephora, so. I’m guessing I’ll spend $75-100 this weekend.

acid burn (#113)

I didn’t spend anything since Sunday but then today I had to buy a bunch of presents for people:
$20 on books for my bf’s sister who turned 8 a month ago and is visiting tomorrow
$17 on presents for my brother who turns 7 next week (aren’t these things cool??)
$20 on wine and a nice card for our next door neighbors who are moving out right now. They are seriously the best neighbors I have ever shared a wall with and I will probably start crying if I think about what late-night-partying, electric-guitar-playing, loud-talking miscreants are probably going to move in after them. Anyway, the neighbors are very sweet and we’re very sad they’re leaving.

The weekend and next week is probably going to be a little expensive because we have two sets of visitors in a row but whatever, I am excited to eat a lot of delicious food and hang out with awesome people and show them the sights!

Megano! (#124)

My relatives all live on farms and I never spend any money there. Mostly because I have no car to go anywhere.

moreteawesley (#545)

I pulled out $20 this afternoon for the weekend… clearly I am being optimistic. I think we’re going to a movie and will probably get ice cream and some other food at some point, which is more than $20 right there. So let’s estimate $40. $50, tops. Or maybe I will just fill my tub with ice and stay in there all weekend and spend zero dollars, because it is eleven million degrees whyyyy I hate you summer.

ThatJenn (#916)

I’m guessing $20 for a trip to Mosswood Farm Store for baked goods (YUM), $10 for miscellaneous treats as we drive around, and then like $40 for new tail lights, $100 for a weed whacker, and $25 for whatever I come up with to hang this bird feeder my mom just sent me (it’s kind of awesome, and squirrel-proof, and I have a great place to put it). Then I’ll probably also pay my month’s bills on Sunday: $70 each phone and internet, $230 car, $550 mortgage, $150 extra towards the car if I’m feeling like I’ve got it. Ugh, that’s… a whole lot of money. But most of it is normal bills or regular car and home maintenance?

mishaps (#65)

That business about the month and the year is some seriously good advice, as my previous landlord would forget to cash checks, lose them, and then claim the rent for those months hadn’t been paid. The date on the check was evidence enough but if they had been both evil and stupid, every little extra bit would have helped.

selenana (#673)

Friday night: train fare into town to meet with some folks to plan a benefit, meeting at the venue and getting drinks. 35$ for train, drinks, snacks. Saturday: take foster dogs to vet for free treatment, 0$. Saturday night: meeting friends for dinner and firefly viewing, say another $35 for train and dinner. Sunday, transpo to a test taking site to take a test, just train fare and probably a snack or something, say $15. So about $85.

Well, I paid off my credit card this morning, which isn’t due for another couple weeks, but I’m going on a trip so I wanted to clear that up early, so that was $85. It’s scorching outside, and due to the storms last night, we don’t have power and thus, no food that need be heated or cooled, and our electric company says power won’t be back for several days, so I’m guessing between $40 and $50 eating out (ice cream!). So let’s call it $135, though that might be high.

Also, I ALWAYS write the month and the date, or any really specific necessary information on my checks. I had a landlord once that, after the fact, tried to make me repay my deposit, saying I hadn’t paid it in the first place. Luckily for me, I had an image of the check specifically marked “DEPOSIT.” So fabulous advice, always write a memo on your checks!

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