The Mountains We Climb

Logan and I climbed a mountain this weekend. This is not a metaphor for paying off a significant chunk of debt, or realizing that our site has now existed for two whole months (those are still mountains we are climbing). Nope—we climbed an actual mountain (this one). After we reached the summit, we raced back down and rewarded ourselves with $2.75 ice cream cones: I got a scoop of lavender, while Logan got a scoop with everything imaginable called “the kitchen sink.”

We climbed a mountain, took a took a train back into the city, and stared at a castle, and the stillness of the Hudson river.

Back at home, the mountains to climb were three weeks worth of laundry, grocery shopping, and catching up on freelance work. I turned down a dinner reservation with friends because, frankly, I couldn’t afford to spend the money or the time away from the work I had left to be done on a Sunday. I stayed home and cooked a big meal I could eat for the week, and did the work I had left for Sunday evening. I did these things so that I could face Monday, which is a little cold and gloomy this morning.

What were the mountains you climbed this weekend?


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MuffyStJohn (#280)

I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years. We live in different cities, and I didn’t want to be an ass and do it over the phone, so I bought a train ticket to go out, have the painful conversation, and then paid too much for a train ticket back.(FYI, the total cost of a partially planned, semi-amicable breakup between DC and Baltimore is $40, including the cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee you will cry into while you wait for your train). So now I’m climbing Distracting Nip/Tuck Marathon Mountain as well as Don’t Spend All Your Money On Expensive Desserts/Etsy Housewares/New Tattoos That Won’t Really Make You Feel Better Mountain.

DON (#706)

@MuffyStJohn ugh, me too. Just successfully climbed the fall asleep alone mountain and the get out of bed mountain and am currently climbing the try not to sniff the t-shirt that was returned still smelling like her mountain and the don’t read her blog and cry in your cubicle mountain. Since this is the billfold I guess I’ll add a rundown of the cost? $19ish on cigarettes, a lighter and buffalo wings. Many thanks to my sister for having a well stocked liquor cabinet, or the cost would be much higher.

MuffyStJohn (#280)


I’m fortunate(ish?) in that I knew I was going to do this so I could prepare. I moved all the pictures of him/us to a separate, hidden folder on my computer; got all of his stuff out of my apartment; wiped away as many visible memories of life with him as I could.

This guy was actually the one who helped me quit smoking, so having a cigarette would have been a really nice FUCK THIS RELATIONSHIP gesture, except I still can’t really afford to spend $10 just to make myself cough and vomit. Thankfully I don’t drink so that whole cost was avoided, but I did indulge in a $50 trip to CVS for nail polish and expensive hair care products.

We will get through this. Our bank accounts are another issue entirely.

I climbed a mountain of turning down an invitation for what would have been a really fun weekend tinged with emotional distress. I have a really hard time saying no to fun things because I hate missing out on fun! So that was good for me. And I had a great weekend nonetheless.

Found out I’m getting enough of a tax refund to pay for my montreal trip later this summer, including food/drink/EVERYTHING! :D

sox (#246)

I climbed a mountain with a really grand view that included helping my bestie and her husband pack up their house to move onto the organic farm they recently acquired! And it was just plain a lovely afternoon of laughter, music and getting shit done.
Then on Sunday I had to climb the cleaning mountain, which included cleaning up after some workers my landlord had hired to repaint the exterior of my duplex. They used my broom to sweep up who-knows-what and left it literally unusable inside the house. The real mountain for me was being assertive in a email to him – but then he knocked $100 off my rent for July so it paid off! Mountains!

I climbed a mountain of closing on a house, then wiping out the balance of my checking account buying materials to put up a fence. I had to run around from bank to bank this morning physically transferring funds because I couldn’t wait the 3 days it would take to electronically transfer. But I got to spend Saturday with my dad digging holes for fence posts, and the whole family’s coming to help me move this coming weekend.

I was more nervous than I probably should have been (like, I shouldn’t have bought the house if I was this nervous) about making my payments every month. It’s like 1.5 times the rent I’d been paying the last 4 years. But then my dad pointed out that I don’t have a car payment anymore so that roughly balances out.

I know it’ll mean fewer concerts & less fancy cheese & more PB&J dinners, but I think it’ll be worth it.

I climbed the mountain of finally bringing myself to watch Sleeping Beauty (the Australian movie from 2011). It had been sitting on my computer for maybe a year now. It’ll probably come back to haunt me later but for now it was just ok.

omgkitties (#206)

I climbed the mountain of starting to date again (after some self-imposed mememe time). We did drinks at my place ($90, but I bought three bottles of nice booze that should last many […three?] dates) then walked to the movies. The Avengers while tipsy: highly recommended.

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