My Last Hundred Bucks: Organic Produce, Rock Music, and a Homeless Handout

$100! It is a lot of money, and yet, it is also not a lot of money at all. Where did your last hundred bucks go, Brittany Shoot?

$62.30: Whole Foods produce run, which included: carton of apricots, bag of cherries, bundle of asparagus, two avocados, one purple onion, one lime, two vine tomatoes, two cartons of raspberries, one carton of blueberries, one carton of strawberries, two bell peppers (red, yellow), two heads of broccoli, four bananas, one sack of tiny red/purple/white potatoes, and one blueberry vegan donut. Opted for organic when possible, and almost everything was.

$18.97: Apple iTunes store, purchased new albums by Bobby Womack (The Bravest Man in the Universe, $9.99) and The Tallest Man On Earth (There’s No Leaving Now, $7.99), plus “The Break-Up Song” (re-recorded, what? $0.99) by Greg Kihn because I couldn’t get it out of my head.

$1.94: Subway. Bought iced tea for homeless (?) guy sitting out front as I passed. If you have a sign that says you are hungry, I will feed you—and especially if you sit in front of a cafe. Hey, let’s all buy and eat food in front of people who don’t have any! What? No. In this case, he just wanted a cold drink.

$30: Cab rides to/from Japandroids concert over in NOPA. $12.20 there, $11.75 back, and I believe in generous tips. Cab drivers know more about my city than I ever will, and they always drive faster than I do.

That’s actually $113.21. Wouldn’t have gone over paying for cabs if I’d forced my we-share-our-income sweetie to shell out, though I likely would have gone over on something else.


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I’m very amused at your last $100 going to a Wholewallet grocery run and some mp3s. (It’s cool, I did a similar thing yesterday.) In fact, I love how this feature showcases day-to-day urban spending and why we never have any money and call ourselves “poor” despite the fact that we–with our $4 lattes and organic produce–are very much not poor.

liznieve (#37)

@Scarlton Banks
I don’t think she ever said she was poor.

@liznieve Nope, she sure didn’t. I was speaking more towards the premise of this blog and the other contributors.

aeroaeroaero (#1,422)

I went to that same Japandroids show! It was great.

Megano! (#124)

I was away for a couple of days, and actually did not spend that much money! Though I did spend $20 on booze.

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