Money Spent This Weekend

It’s Monday—welcome back.

• I withdrew $40 in cash to head to a bar in the West Village to meet some friends. I prefer using cash at bars, instead of using my card and opening a tab because I can control my spending better that way. When you open a tab, you’re more likely to just order a bunch of drinks and appetizers without thinking about how much you’re actually spending, and before you know it, you’re closing your tab and signing on the dotted line for $100 or more. So: Cash is king.

• I also spent $38.64 at Bed Bath and Beyond for toothpaste, contact lens solution, and new pillow cases. I buy most of my toiletries from BB&B in the city, because it’s much cheaper than shopping at the drugstore two blocks from my apartment. The question is whether the savings is worth the inconvenience of having to go to BB&B.

$14.14 was spent at Best Buy, which is just a few blocks from the BB&B in my neighborhood. I bought a 16 GB flash drive to back up files on my computer, because I am the sort of person who backs up important files.

$2 for a Thai ice tea at a street fair on Sunday.

$53.92 for groceries for the week. I’m mostly excited about the peaches.

Total: $148.70 — Not too bad!

How was your weekend, and how was your spending?

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nerd alert (#436)

I donated 10 dollars to a rent party, bought a one way ticket from New Orleans to New York for 135 dollars, and bought a box of cookies for 3 dollars.

@nerd alert What’s a rent party? Does everyone cosplay as a starving artist from Alphabet City? Is there a performance-art-off?

Jellybish (#560)

About $260 — groceries, gas, dry cleaning, restocking at the wine store, and one lunch out. Pretty average weekend.

I spent $20 on a ticket to an all afternoon/night conference/party, which was a lot of fun and entirely worth it.

$11 on Kati rolls for the dinner break.

$20 for the cab ride home, which I actually tried to avoid–but the subway in midtown at half past three AM is not the most reassuring nor pleasant environment, and I was exhausted. Then it started raining! And I adore cab rides in the rain. Got home around 4. Fell asleep happily.

$6.10 for breakfast Sunday.

$20 for another cab ride–but this was long overdue. I picked up my microwave and a suitcase and some stuff I left at a friend’s house three years ago. I rediscovered a dress and a pair of shoes that I can still wear! And now I have a microwave/another suitcase/lots of things to donate.

$80ish-not so bad!

However on Friday I also spent $87 on dry cleaning (all my winter coats and leather gloves and alterations on a pair of pants that turned out too small). The $7 was a stupid mistake on my part for paying with a credit card…I forgot there was a fee! And felt too awkward to stop it mid transaction to run to the bank.

peacheater (#733)

My spending for the weekend was a grand total of 0 since my parents are visiting for a few weeks from India and insist on paying for everything.

It was a good weekend — we went to the farmer’s market on Saturday and bought yummy things to eat, vegetables, herb plants for me to grow and a beautiful bouquet of flowers with peonies.

On Sunday my mom and I went to a tango class. I’ve been taking tango classes for a while and my mom wanted to join in for a class or two. She does salsa regularly so she picked things up really quickly!

I traveled this weekend, visiting college friends in Boston for the first time since I moved to NYC in February.

Friday afternoon/evening:
$10 on my Charlie Card to get around town.
$5 at JP Licks for a milkshake snack.
$14 on a bottle of wine for Shabbas dinner.

$6 on breakfast (egg sandwich, iced coffee)
$10 on lunch
$25 on cider/cheese/crackers for me and friends
$23 for dinner

$27 for brunch (SO GOOD)
$3.75 for a cupcake for the bus trip back.
$20 on groceries back home.

So about $145 for the weekend, which isn’t so bad since I was out of town and eating out so much.

Aunt_Pete (#693)

$124.91 at the grocery store, which hurt, BUT that included wine for drinking on a friend’s patio on Friday, cat supplies, guacamole ingredients for a Saturday bbq, and a case of beer for a pool party on Sunday.

$15 two beers plus tip Saturday night.

$13.46 misc lady items at CVS and a Coke and beef jerkey for the homeless man who told me my hair was pretty.

TOTAL: $153.37. I wanted to spend less, but I can live with that since I’m stocked up on cat food and litter now!

sockhopbop (#764)

After a very spend-y workweek throwing money at various poison ivy treatments (Benadryl + Calamine emerged as champs!) I kept the spending low this weekend:

$14 on drinks + $5 cover charge to see a band play at a local pub
$9 on bottle of wine for dinner at a friend’s house
$10 on fiddlehead ferns, tiny adorable grape tomatoes, and 2 onions at the farmer’s market

Total – $39… though I’ll still have to keep spending low this week to make up for the money wasted on Technu and such.

RocketSurgeon (#747)

$50 on 2 bottles of wine at annoyingly expensive wine store prior to BYOB dinner out. Boyfriend and friend covered my share of the bill since I bought the wine.

$30 on early diner dinner for two after Germany vs. Portugal. Boyfriend bought the beers during the game.

$30 on groceries for a few days, including supplies to make delicious Thai fish tacos.

Total: $110. Not too bad.

madrassoup (#929)

$77.03: Lunch for me and a friend on Friday (I treated in part because she drove into the city, but mostly because 3/4 of that was my wine).

$30: Dinner on Friday

$28: Movie tickets for Moonrise Kingdom on Saturday

$38.33: Dinner at a surprisingly cool restaurant in our lame neighborhood.

$97.94: Clothes shopping on Sunday

$47.14: Groceries

$318.44 in total: More than usual (I never go clothes shopping and that friend rarely comes into the city), but not stressfully so.

Friday: $75 on dinner (ouch – $35 for me and $40 for my friend’s birthday)
$12 for Snow White and the Huntsman

Saturday: $12 on beer

Sunday: $7 ferry trip to the toronto island
$10 on icecream for me and my date (criminal price for ice cream i know)

Total: $116. Dinner obviously being the major expense. No shopping! Good girl.

$26 Groceries
$5 a beer.

$14 bottle of Polish vodka
$5 borscht and a plate of sauerkraut
$20 Korean BBQ
$4.50 subway fare.

$27 fruit at the fruit store. So much fruit!
$32 men’s oxford shirt on sale at Jcrew
$2.50 iced coffee
$6 Gin and soda

Total: $142 which is not too shabby, right?

Marzipan (#1,194)

I cannot remember what I did on Friday. Oh, I went swimming. Oh, and tried to get my car mirror fixed. Unsuccessful, but I also didn’t have to pay for it (yet. a bit of a hollow victory, really).

Saturday I went to Philly, so, say $20 bucks on gas, and $20 bucks for a tennis tournament including food + beer. Managed to not buy anything at the bar crawl afterword (had to drive home that night), even successfully avoided a cheesesteak at Pat’s, but couldn’t stop myself from some fast food to keep me going ($8).

Sunday I paid 33.50 to do a bike tour, profits go to the family of a local bicyclist who got hit by a car and died. It’s a heartbreaking story:,0 . I did also receive in exchange three bananas, three donuts, 6 other various breakfast-bar type things I stashed for later, and a free massage, score. Evening/afternoon I wanted to drink outside, so got some fancy drinks, sangria, mojitos ($69, for two of us). We got dinner, he paid.

Oh, went to target for some soap, also got organic granola bars of some sort, and sunscreen. $20 dollars.

Dollars:$170.5. It was a busier-than-average weekend, so that works out okay.
Worth it: tennis tournament wins it, value-wise.
Regret it: The Sunday drinks – fun, but I would drink less and order differently in retrospect.

mishaps (#65)

Very quiet weekend.

Friday, I tagged along as a friend shopped for shoes after work. No spending.

Saturday’s spending was $9 on a Kindle book, and $15 for Indian food + tip.

Sunday, a friend bought me brunch (yay!). I spent $14 at the grocery store stocking up on paper towels and breakfast items, and $16 at the wash-and-fold letting someone else fold all my sheets.

Total expenses for the weekend: $54.

Oof. Friday: $143 on prescription dog food and a six-month supply of not-Interceptor-cos-it’s-on-backorder; $198 on housewares at Target, including $54 for a slipcover and $50 on curtains; $20 on half a tank of gas; $14 at Amazon on a Kindle Fire accessory kit; $84 at Office Max on a Kindle Fire (after $125 in MaxPerks rewards); $10 for a screening of Blue Like Jazz next week via

Saturday: $38 at Five Guys for my family after they helped me move.

Sunday: $21 on another half tank of gas. $33 at Lowe’s on curtain rods, sink mats, and a silverware tray.

Weekend total: $561. Ouch. Probably could have waited on the Kindle; don’t regret the movie ticket because it’s a one-shot deal; the other stuff was fairly essential unless I want to have sheets tacked up in every window instead of curtains (which I am doing in a couple rooms). Meh. I won’t have to buy these things again for YEARS till I redecorate.

dotcommie (#662)

Blarg, where does my money go?

$36 on sushi
$7 to see “The Dictator” (wow, not worth it–but seeing my newly-revamped neighborhood vintage movie theater was)
$6 on movie beer
$43 on bathroom scale at Sears (I KNOW, it was the cheapest they had)

$20 on booze/food to take to friend’s BBQ

$5 on iced tea + donut
$5 on food to take to friend’s brunch
$22 on tacos for BF and me (he got me ice cream and a cab after)

$141–not bad i guess, but I overspent my budget and haven’t gone grocery shopping yet…at least there are some scraps in the house.

Dancercise (#94)

I went with my brother and his fiancee to a potential reception venue for a food tasting on Saturday. Cost: Free!

Sunday, I took a drive up the California coast from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay to enjoy the weather. Cost: about $20 in gas and $4 for a loaf of lemon poppy seed bread from a bakery in Half Moon Bay.

phenylalanine (#717)

$8 – beer for sitting out by the pool all day Saturday
$35 – gas
$3 – father’s day card. still thinking about a gift.
$13 – pizza. will also be several lunches for this coming week.
$9 – pay-what-you-can for charity computer game bundle. I got Limbo, Braid, Amnesia, and like 5 other new computer games I haven’t played!

So $68 total. Not bad, especially since the gas should last me until I travel for the 4th of July.

frushka (#1,207)

but mike! you could have just backed up your files on google docs or dropbox and used that 14.14 for MOAR PEACHES (or whatever else you want)!

helloimgreen (#998)

$0; I worked all day and didn’t get a chance to go anywhere to spend money, yay me!

$31 at Walgreens for razors and contact lens solution. I’m not sure why it was so expensive for just those 2 things.
$10 on an early dinner of nuggets and chocolate milk for me and the 4 year old I was babysitting.
$22 for much-needed drinks after babysitting.
$7 post-drinks Jimmy Johns sub.

$30 on brunch… overpriced, but the company and mimosas were worth it!

I guess this is where my last $100 went. But I did make $40 off babysitting, so the damages don’t seem so bad!

steponitvelma (#914)

$70 on gas. BOO! I just bought a car a month ago and I’m already sick of buying gas. But this should hopefully last me a month or so since I don’t drive that often.
$7.50 on strawberries at a u-pick farm.
$5 on bee pollen at that same farm because someone told me it’s a good addition to juice, which I’m obsessed with.
$4 on a beer at a beer truck at the same farm.

$99.50, not bad!

pain (#661)

Friday: hung out with my neighbors and they gave me ice cream. FREE!
Saturday: went to the gym, made myself a smoothie, played softball, volunteered with my old roller derby team (free burritos!), and went to celebrate my friend’s birthday and another friend bought me a beer. ALL FREE!
Sunday: walked around the neighborhood yard and sidewalk sale with my parents (bought a 50 cent lemonade being sold by the neighborhood children), went to lunch with my parents (they paid), walked back through the neighborhood yard and sidewalk sale ($5 picnic cooler bag, $30 dress +tax, $26 baby outfit for baby shower), went to baby shower. about $66 total

I was feeling a little guilty about the dress, but when I add up the whole weekend, I was pretty well behaved.

acid burn (#113)

Let’s see.
Saturday: $10ish on a card and gift for my current favorite faculty who is moving away. The total was $35 but some other people in the class gave me money and I forgot to keep track of it so my contribution is approximate.
Sunday: $17 on brunch (mimosa + crab cake benedict, half of which I saved and ate for breakfast this morning and it was still so delicious. Also it’s occurring to me just now that our server must have given us a discount, because he’s friends with the friend I was there with.)
$10 on a nice ceramic pot to plant some basil in, once I get some more dirt.

@ihatesomuch (#177)

I went on a 4-day vacation for about 175 bucks. Pats self on back.

cherrispryte (#19)

Friday: $15 at CVS – toilet paper and a coke. Leftovers for dinner and no fun stuff.
Saturday: $68 at Safeway, $33 at liquor store – Pride Parade Party supplies!
Later Saturday: $20 (cash) on dinner at Haydee’s, $13 from 7-11 for 2 Gatorades and cab fare home
Also, I have, I believe about $50 worth of beer in my fridge (where there was no beer before), as well as half a bottle of Maker’s that someone left behind, so there was a bit of a return on investment for the party supplies!

I had a super full weekend and spent basically nothing on it since my sister was visiting and she has A Real Job and insisted on not only paying for all our meals out, but even bought me a new dress when we went shopping. We saw bands for free since they were playing a record in-store, went to the beach (free, of course) and then went shopping so for the whole weekend all I spent was $35 on a new jacket and about $18 on various coffees and snacks. OH AND we also had a garage sale where I made $15! (My bf made $100 but I was still stoked on the $15)

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