Monday Check-In: How Much Did You Spend This Weekend?

It’s Monday again, and time to check in on our weekend spending. On Friday, I estimated that I’d spend around $100 this week. Here’s what I actually spent:

• I hadn’t planned on going out on Friday evening, but I ended up having a last-minute meet-up with a friend at a bar where I spent $15.99 for a drink and a plate of wings.

• I needed some new socks that don’t show when wearing low tops or boat shoes (because it’s summer and: tan lines), and I ended up spending $48 on four pairs of socks and two t-shirts.

• An old roommate recently moved to Brooklyn, and was having a housewarming party on Saturday evening, and I picked up the reliable gift of booze as a housewarming gift: $37.01 for a bottle of Jameson.

• Despite a late night out, I got up early and got a coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf near my apartment ($3) and got some reading done. Later, I went to the grocery store and spent $27.40, mostly on fruit.

Total: $131.40, which is more than I planned on spending, but still within reason.

We’ll see how Logan did when she checks in later today. How did you guys do?

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Quinn A@twitter (#1,008)

Almost nothing! My girlfriend and I spent the weekend swimming, watching Castle, cooking food I already had in the house, and…well, enjoying being consenting adults. A lot.

I did spend $47.02 on gas, which is not as terrible as it sounds because a) I’m in Canada and gas is expensive here and b) I don’t drive much, so that will last me at least two weeks. Usually closer to three.

Spinach Party (#253)

@Quinn A@twitter Castle FTW!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t have an estimate, but I did pretty well.

Friday: $5 for parking and $5 for a ticket to see Alabama Shakes. $11.29 on the way home for a cheese steak and onion rings at the pizza place in my new neighborhood.

Saturday: $7.75 for some Taco Bell, which is a huge regret because it wasn’t even that good and that’s way too much for fast food. I was suckered in by the limeade and chips-and-salsa combo.

Sunday: $0, which doesn’t seem real. Plus we had a church lunch so I got sent home with a bunch of leftovers.

Total spent for the weekend: $29.04. Not bad. Not too bad at all.

alpacasloth (#108)

@backstagebethy So jealous that you saw the Alabama Shakes for $5!

@backstagebethy I wish the taco bell limeade and those spritzer mixers they have were better! I live right across the street from one, and they always look refreshing and tempting, but end up being too sugary-syrupy and not worth it.

Spinach Party (#253)

Fri Night: $16 for 3 Happy Hour beers for me and my coworkers (and tip)

Sat: $6 for cherry tomatoes and avocados to complete my black bean, corn, avocado and tomato salad for a BBQ I was going to.

$22 for beer for BBQ and a bottle of Brut as a gift my my newly engaged friends.

$25 of gas to top off my tank- it was $3.55 a gallon!!!!!!!! I LOVE going “upstate”. The last time I filled up near my apartment was $3.83 a gallon.

So about $70 bucks for the weekend. I still have almost my entire salad left, a couple of beers, plus a full tank of gas- most of which should last several days.

Spinach Party (#253)

@Spinach Party I should also mention that I spent Sunday in a hammock at my parent’s house reading Anne of Green Gables… I’m regressing to my 8 year old self. I was about to bust out my mad friendship-bracelet-making-skillz yesterday too. But instead I drank a beer.

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

I didn’t estimate ahead of time…

Friday night: $20 on Thai food, delivered to my apartment, which was delicious. Also, about $45 on groceries and paper goods for the Shabbat lunch I was hosting the next day.

Saturday: Hosted lunch, serving all the food I bought and cooked the day before. Have plenty of leftovers for lunches this week! $5 on a new tube of my favorite tinted lip balm. And $23 on food and a MASSIVE margarita in the Village with friends Saturday night.

Sunday: $28 on my friend’s birthday brunch, covering my food and coffee, plus my share of the birthday girl. Plus a little more because I was tired of dealing with check math, so I chipped in more to end it. $11 on food and iced coffee during Pride. $0.50 on a chocolate orange roll at my favorite bakery in the evening, and $13 on trash bags and windex for the apartment.

Total: $145.50. Not awful, not awesome. But I have leftovers from lunch that will feed me through at least Wednesday, maybe even Thursday depending on the free food situation here at work (lots of events this week) and it was a birthday weekend, Pride, and out of town friends visiting.

sockhopbop (#764)

Friday, I went to a work picnic and spent no money. (Yay!)

Saturday I spent $50 at the pharmacy, mostly because I gave into the lure of Olay’s Advanced Cleansing System. My dad took me to see King Lear, his treat. (Yay! But also, lots of crying.)

Sunday I went to see Yo-Yo Ma with friends ($20).

Total – $70, about $10 more than I’d predicted.

I thought I was going to be social and pick up comics and all sorts of things, but I ended up hibernating and reading library books instead. So my estimate was $60.

Friday – $14 for Brave in 3D (plus fees), then $5 for a frappucino at Starbucks
Saturday – zero dollars
Sunday – $4.50 on laundry

Total: a whopping $23.50. NOT BAD, SELF. Of course, this week I’m going to a showing of Frankenstein and then Hairpin Book Club and a friend is visiting this weekend. So it all balances out.

probs (#296)

@anachronistique I vote always pick up comics. But how was Brave?

@probs But that would have required putting on a bra! And leaving the house!

I really enjoyed it. And I cried.

moreteawesley (#545)

@anachronistique: I liked it a lot as well. And also cried. But I always cry at Pixar movies.

Friday 7.99 12 pack of Tecate
Saturday: 5.00 admission to the Sculpture Center, 4.50 Subway fare.

Sunday: 15.00 on vegetables.
Total: 32.49, everywhere I went this weekend was BYO. I almost left the house for work this morning with a can of beer in my purse.

CubeRootOfPi (#1,098)

It was ok at first ($12 for takeout, $4.50 for primer), but then I bought various power tools which cost roughly $100 total (spent about $40 more than expected).

ThatJenn (#916)

I spent $75-80: I took my mom and boyfriend out to breakfast ($40ish) and spent $35 on a two-month supply of vitamins.

I like this check-in. It’s useful for me to look at and realize that on one level, spending $75 over a weekend seems low to me (I felt like I’d been living cheaply), and on another, man, $75 is a lot of a paycheck.

Jellybish (#560)

I estimated $400 and I ended up at $450. The extra came from a takeout meal I hadn’t planned on, dry cleaning, and the Netflix subscription, which I didn’t realize was set to renew this weekend. The big splurge was $170 on a nice dinner out (plus babysitter) with my husband, which was the first evening out we’ve had since March. SINCE MARCH.

Megano! (#124)

Well, I went out with a friend on Friday and wound up spending about $60 on movie ticket, dinner ($33 for two people, love Toronto restaurants), and two $6 books. Oh and I got an italian soda at one point because I was dying of thirst.
Saturday I spent like, $12 on a few grocery items, and $7 on a drink and toilet paper.
Yesterday I spent $80, about $40 at Shoppers on makeup and deodorant, $40 on a fan (it was on sale and I have no fans or air conditioning).
Soooo kind of an expensive weekend. And the next few days are going to be expensive because I’m going out of town.
Sooo about $160.

We ended up spending about $200, which I think is usual. $115 of that was weekly groceries, $20 to go see Moonrise Kingdom (1st show of the day = cheapest! worth it!), $15 for takeout on Friday, and $40 for drinks and dinner Saturday (we probably should’ve made our own food one of those days, but oh well). This is all for 2 people, so maybe it’s not that bad?

HarperK (#1,388)

Friday – Nada. Went home and relaxed and watched The Descendants from Netflix, which was a big reality check in the fields of a.) how long my husband can cry, and b.) needing to get wills made, stat! (We contacted a lawyer friend of ours right after I put the DVD back in the envelope.)
Saturday – Ordered 2 new cloth diapers for my 8-month-old. Total around $32.
Sunday – Went to library and found out I did not owe any fines. Hurrah! Got 6 books and 3 audiobooks in celebration. I love the library. After that, husband, kiddo, and I went out for an early dinner, and I spent $28.
After 7 years of marriage, my husband and I still have separate accounts. It works well for us. I know generally what he’s spending without keeping track of every penny. I can estimate he spent about $90 – $100 this weekend (beer, lunch at work, some tools to install a stereo, and breakfast-for-dinner out on Saturday).

Marzipan (#1,194)

Went home – $75 in gas (at least), $10 fast food/coffee to keep me going
At home – $10 at the farmers market in goat cheese (it’s got this raspberry jalapeno drizzle thing on it, it’s goddamn amazing) and radishes, but acquired a free fan
Did a triathlon – $65 in registration and $25 in housing – does that count? I had already paid for it, but the actual event was this weekend? What’s the ruling here?
Around $50 for food – dinner, then lunch, trying out new Chinese restaurant and new pub in the town I went to college (the tri was there) and picked blueberries, of which I ate an impressive amount on the drive home.
$15 bought bagels for work because there is a birthday and I just didn’t have the time to do/make anything but felt guilty not doing anything.
$25 cable, $55 other bills.

AND my mom called me cheap this weekend! First of all, rude, second of all: clearly not true! I just prefer to spend money on experiences rather than, say, a fan so I can sleep at night.

@Marzipan My mom told me to spend whatever I was going to pay for her birthday present on an air conditioner. I appreciate the sentiment but not getting her a present would make me feel AWFUL. (Said present would probably be a paperback book anyway, though.)

dotcommie (#662)

I guesstimated $85 in frivolities and $60 on groceries, which I planned to enforce with taking out cash and only spending that. It (mostly) worked.

Friday: $20 for dinner, $15 for beer and a bourgie soda to take to BBQ. Thought I’d get a cab home from this but I took transit.
Saturday: $20 for dinner + margarita, $12 for wine I thought I could drink at that dinner but the restaurant hilariously got its liquor license (BAH), $2 for beer.
Sunday: $20 for brunch, treating boyfriend for driving me to the burbs for a work thing. $50 on groceries, including paper towels + toilet paper.
Total: $89 on stupid crap, $50 on groceries, so I was $6 under my estimate. Hoping not to spend any more money until I get paid Saturday.

ImASadGiraffe (#982)

$3.67 – Naked protein shake post-workout.
$8.16 – healthy snacks at Jewel (veggies and hummus). My friend bought the Redbox movie (J. Edgar) and some more snacks.
$8.25 – cab home from friend’s place.
$20 – $5 for festival entry and $15 on beer.
$7 – Metra rail weekend pass to go see my dad in the suburbs.

Total: $47.08 – not bad!

I should start tracking this more often.
Friday: $20 for brunch (summer day yay!) and $4 for Vitamin Waters. Scammed free pizza dinner and forced myself to take the CTA home.
Saturday: $35 worth of stuff at Trader Joes and Walgreens, some of which was needed for a party the next day.
Sunday: $15 for cab to said party. $21 at Walgreens again for a fan (I need the white noise for sleeping) and pretzel crisps, because they were on sale and are delicious.
Total: $95? Not bad? I guess?

moreteawesley (#545)

$26.22 for groceries
$10.00 to see Brave
$2.50 for parking
$10.46 for more groceries at a different store
$50 to my best friend for her old AC
$10 for lunch and tip
$127.55 for a new desk chair (a long overdue purchase as mine has been broken for over a year and really messes up my shoulders/back)

Total: $236.76. Would’ve been $109 and change without the chair, so not too far from my original estimate.

Dancercise (#94)

$56.10 for a new swimsuit (On crazy sale! Originally would have been $120!)*
$4.99 for a 5 lb bag of flour. I know it’s a lot for flour, but it’s King Arthur Flour, aka THE BEST.
-$16.24 for returning a shirt I bought last week.

Total: $44.85

*Also, can we talk about how ridiculously overpriced swimsuits are?

I actually got to go grocery shopping this weekend! (The first time in probably 3-4 weeks, oy) Also, I dropped my iPod Touch facedown on the bathroom tile and shattered the glass, so:

>$20 – Farmer’s Market produce
$7 – post-FM mango green tea and crispy dumplings (justified by coming in under my $20 FM budget)
$27.50 – Trader Joe’s groceries
$4 – Daily Bus Pass to get to and from FM/Trader Joe’s
$88 – replacement screen complex & rush shipping for the iPod
$0 – gym, lots of cleaning, and TCM movies on Sunday

Total: ~$146. Would’ve been under $60 if not for my butterfingers, ugh.

oh boy. i knew this was going to be an expensive weekend so i didn’t even try to estimate (bad? bad)

friday – $5 on sangria, $11 to get into the ROM, $15 on food and drink at the ROM, $5 on coffee on the way home (off to a great start)

saturday – approximately $80 on alcohol and groceries for a party i was throwing

sunday – $15 on breakfast, $5 on pizza

= $136. I guess that’s not tooooooooo bad, but it does exceed my usual $80 weekend entertainment budget (which is, itself, excessive)

Heckyes (#1,162)

This weekend I decided that all of my clothes were ill-fitting and/or hole-y so I went shopping. But all of the stores were having huge sales so it’s ok?
$52 for 2 work shirts and a pretty bowl at Anthropologie
$44 for 2 t-shirts and hot pink shorts (what? totally practical!) at the Gap
$11 for exercise shorts at Old Navy for my upcoming planned exercising (ha)
$17 for assorted groceries
$40 for gas
=$164. Wayyy too much, but I shouldn’t need to buy clothes or gas for awhile. Ugh.

alpacasloth (#108)

@Heckyes Two shirts AND a bowl for $52? That’s impressive. That store is just a bad place for me. I try to avoid it.

Heckyes (#1,162)

@alpacasloth I know! The shirts were $20 each (on sale from $48 each!). They are having super great sales this week if, you know, you decide not to avoid it.

bookworm (#481)

Let’s see:

$8 for egg sandwiches and a small thing of half & half
$8 for lunch
$8 for Chinese takeout dinner

$19 on 2 heros for dinner
(breakfast & lunch eaten with things already in the house – entertainment was bike riding and playing frisbee)

$43 – Not bad for 2 people.

I volunteered at the library Saturday morning making paper airplanes with kids (which was the best) and spent Saturday helping my husband out at his store. Volunteering/working is the best way not to spend money.

Also, I had to use this weekend to make up for the $80 I paid an exterminator on Thursday to come and smite the ants in my CAR. It was worth every penny.

$5 for bagel/coffee
$60 at two different bars (celebrating a buddy’s job interview with too many shots)
$6.25 for cigarettes (sale!)
$3.56 at Starbucks apparently (I don’t even remember this?)

Saturday: NADA. Watched Netflix, Skyped with my girlfriend, and made some pretty awesome West Indian shrimp and chayotte.

$15 on awesome brunch and $9.50 on bagels/deli meats for the week
$11 at the laundromat (because our washing machine is broken)*
$11 to see Safety Not Guaranteed (which is great)
$26 on beers and Jameson shots at the bar because I was infuriated by metro delays
$14 on a taxi because I missed the last bus home due to aforementioned shots

= $140.81. Wow. And I thought it was a quiet weekend!

* From my change jar, so this doesn’t really count.

maebyfunke (#292)

I’m nervous to do this! I spent so much money on nothing this weekend. Friday: $37 (including tip) for gel manicure, $30ish for a bottle of wine and a bottle of vodka, $23 on take out, $4 on lettuce and tomatoes for a salad for the next day. That right there is $94! Saturday I spent nothing because we went out for my birthday and people bought me drinks all night, thankfully. Sunday I spent the ridiculous amount of $8 and change for a bagel and iced coffee, $2 for a bottle of water, $10 at Duane Reade for lightbulbs and plastic cups. Then $12 at a bar in the evening and $13 for take out afterward. So $139 altogether which I guess wouldn’t be so bad if it included groceries, which it sadly does not.

pearl (#153)

$37 on Jameson?! Was it bigger than the 750mL bottle? I got that for less than $20 in LA.

And I spent way too much this weekend. Don’t wanna talk about it :(

lrodrigue (#1,315)

$1,000,000 on bloody marys

alpacasloth (#108)

$204 at Nordstrom Rack (ouch, I know)
$17.75 on dinner at Jenny Lewis show (a friend bought me a ticket and it was AMAZING — also eating nachos and chicken fingers while watching one of your favorite musical artists = even more amazing!!)

$55.31 on groceries (mostly ingredients for a birthday cake and frosting that I made from scratch plus soda and a big watermelon)

$52.18 at Umami Burger (birthday dinner for boyfriend)
$38 on gas
= $367.24. If I hadn’t gone shopping this wouldn’t have been so bad… I spent $160 on a gold sequined dress for my sister’s bachelorette party. At first I thought, “This is ridiculous.” Now I’ve come to accept it.

lalaland (#437)

Cheap weekend! I am preparing for a move to San Francisco for work so I’ve been trying to save up:

Friday: movie & dinner with bf, but we generally take turns paying and he paid for both
Saturday: $54 at Trader Joe’s for groceries
Sunday: $5 at farmer’s market for onion, carrots and bok choy, $19 at In N Out for bf, a friend’s dog (yes I felt bad feeding him In N Out but friend was okay with it) and I.

= $78 total, which is awesome unless I forgot something like a late night shopping purchase, which also happens.

MuffyStJohn (#280)

$225 on an impulse tattoo (plus $30 tip), $12 on Chinese delivery because my leg was too swollen to stand in my kitchen and cook.

charmcity (#1,091)

Let’s see: Friday: $20 for dinner and a six-pack, Saturday: $50 on for two new dresses and a skirt(free shipping and sale, and they are the first new clothes I’ve purchased in 6 months, but still wahh)and $75ish for groceries, Sunday: $35 for my share of a birthday dinner, including cake and flowers. $180 – considering the clothes shopping and groceries, it could be worse. I wish I’d stayed in and saved that $20 on Friday.

Crabtree (#774)

$23 dollars for groceries on Friday plus $50 to get the police check I need for all of the jobs I’m applying for, plus $33 for a nice dinner with a good friend. I spent most of the weekend at work though, so I didn’t have a lot of time to spend money. $106 is a lot of money for me but other than the dinner, it was all on essentials.

sony_b (#225)

This was a super cheap weekend for me – we’re prepping to move into our new house so we stayed at home and packed/sorted stuff for Goodwill mostly. The next few weeks are going to be doozies though – appliances, blinds for a 3 bedroom townhouse with no window coverings, 1800 square feet of hardwood floors including 53 stairs. OUCH. Things I learned this week – stairs cost 2-3x as much as the floors do both for supplies and installation.

Friday – had a friend over for dinner, cooked from groceries bought a week ago – pasta with cheese sauce, asparagus, chicken sausage; salad – so maybe $15 out of budget from a week ago?

Saturday –
breakfast out $14
groceries for the week (for two) $140
purchasing the things you purchase in Oaksterdam $60
season pass for an older season of MythBusters on iTunes (we don’t pay for cable TV, just broadband) – $30

Sunday – nothing, never left the house.

@sony_b If there’s a Sears outlet (or similar, I guess) near you, look there for appliances–they’re scratch and dent, so (apparently) cheaper. I ended up going to Lowe’s because they had 10% off appliances above $299, plus I got a 10% off coupon in my change of address packet…then there was a tiny dent in my fridge so I got another 10% off that. (So I’m just trying to say, it might not be as bad as you think).

Window treatments, though–yowza. Who knew?! That has been my unexpected biggest expense in my move.

sony_b (#225)

@backstagebethy Actually, that’s EXACTLY what we’re doing. The new place is an REO and they took the fridge, stove, and microwave. There is a Sears outlet five miles from here that we’ve already scouted out. Since we’re planning to convert this place into a rental in about five years we’re looking for solid but low-end pieces and a couple of dings won’t bother us. The stove and the fridge will be easy, but we’re not sure about the microwave – we need one with the built in exhaust fan to go over the stove, and the outlet didn’t have any that weren’t completely trashed, so we might end up at Lowe’s for that one.

The window treatments are going to hurt – it’s a hill hugging 3.5 story (five levels) splitlevel with western exposure and huge windows (and really nice views of the SF Bay), but we are going to roast in the afternoons if we don’t get something solid up ASAP. Also has to be cat proof.

The floor is the killer though – 21k for bamboo with cork underlay (to keep the noise clause of the HOA rules happy) installed.

I had a friend visiting this weekend which don’t you find gets *so* expensive?! I paid for basically everything since she had to take off 4 days of work for the 2 day visit, but we still tried to keep it cheap. Let’s see:

Friday: Walked up to the Farmer’s Market and enjoyed the summer day (5 km!), bought:
peaches ($4),
1/2 a flat of strawberries ($7),
a pineapple ($3),
rhubarb ($3.50), and
fancy blue cheese ($8).
Took the metro back ($5.50 for two),
relaxed at home and had lunch. Made two strawberry-rhubarb pies.
Took one of the pies to my friend’s birthday party ($5.50 metro), picking up some
beer on the way ($20).
Took the metro back up near my place ($5.50),
went to my local for a beer ($8 after tip). Crashed at home.
Total: $70 — ouch! I thought that was a cheap day!

Saturday: Another big walking day! Walked all around the old part of the city together for most of the morning and till mid-afternoon. We brought snacks (pineapple, peaches from yesterday) so didn’t have any big expenses.
Got toilet paper ($3) and
water ($3) on the way home.
Had lunch together, and mild heat stroke probably, so we stayed in for a long time and watched How to Train Your Dragon. Then we went to the nearby park for people-watching and reading. We walked up to the 24 hour poutine restaurant for:
the best poutine in Montreal ($14 for two – she tipped)
then we walked back home and made another pie, this time with peaches and blueberries and strawberries. Put a movie on and fell asleep.
Total: $20 – phew!

Sunday: My friend left at 5am, I walked her to the bus station. Came home and fell asleep for ages. Felt bad about spending so much money so I stayed in and watched two movies on iTunes ($8). Should I just really get Netflix?… but I hear the Canadian one is awful! Something to think about.
Total: $8

Weekend total: $98 which is awesome for a friend visit, especially where I paid for everything on Friday. But today is also technically the weekend because it’s a QC holiday… still, trying not to spend anything.

What made me most annoyed was actually the metro tickets. They really add up!

In the next 3 weekends I will be 1) moving and 2) having two more friend visits so the next month is going to be a pricey one!

acid burn (#113)

$21 on a fancy dog toy for my aunt’s new dog that she is very happy about. It was more than I thought when I got to the register but I’d already offered to buy it as a dogwarming present, and also it was a gift so whatever.
$25 on textbook rental

$10 for tamales + extra hot sauce. Ten dollars is insane for two tamales but I was starving and it was at a farmer’s market so what are you going to do.
$10 for tote bag from said farmer’s market. My only purchased souvenir from a visit to my hometown.
$2.40 on bus/train home from airport

$13 at Whole Foods on soup, bread, and a giant salad bar salad that I figured would last me two lunches but instead I ate the whole thing (saved the soup) and then my stomach hurt.
$29 on groceries that will probably last most of the week. We didn’t need too many things and I think we now have everything for this week’s planned dinners.

Total: $110 which seems like too much for just a weekend but not TOO crazy considering I was on vacation for half of it.

mishaps (#65)

Friday: $3 for after-work iced tea with friend, $30 at Duane Reade for umbrella & other necessities
Saturday: $20 for my share of brunch, another $20 for a car service to Greenpoint when I was running late, $15 on drinks at party
Sunday: $30 transit to a memorial service – got a ride back for free, so I have a NJ transit ticket to use or share or try to return. $18 for post-memorial-service takeout dinner.
Total: $136

I am getting to the point where I really need to go grocery shopping, which will be a big item, but I may wait to figure out if I’m traveling next week before I do so.

Visited Ann Arbor this weekend.
Friday: $28 for a tote bag made out of recycled 49th Parallel coffee bags (SO COOL), $12 for a mojito and tempeh burger (love college town prices), $44 at Urban Outfitters for emergency new shoes (the old pair I was wearing had broken) and a $9.99 on-sale top
Saturday: $0
Sunday: $3 for hot chocolate at the airport
TOTAL: $40.00 cash, $47 debit
So proud for not spending anything getting to/from the airport and amazed by the $0 Saturday.

craygirl (#63)

Friday: $36
$26 at the liquor store and…
$10 at the grocery store to make sangria.

Saturday: $108
$57 on gas to get home
$10 for concert tickets
$10 for food out
$20 for drinks for bf & me at the concert
$3 ATM fees
$8 for champagne

Sunday: $16
$16 for a 12-pack of beer and a bunch of candy…

TOTAL: $160. Wouldn’t usually have the $60 worth of travelling expenses, but $100 is still a lot – and more than half of it was on alcohol? Yikesss… that’s probably an expense to cut down on in the future.

wallrock (#1,003)

I had a wedding this weekend and usually this would involve spending a ton of cash I managed to escape relatively unharmed. I did spend $65 on the gift (soft-side cooler from the registry filled with cans of tasty WI beers) and I gassed up my car for the week Friday afternoon ($37.80). But I skipped the hotel in Illinois by staying with my grandparents and driving with my parents. The wedding was dry (WTF?) but as the reception was at a golf course we did sneak out to the clubhouse bar for a few drinks. I ended up buying one round for my cousins and me ($20) and another beer for my aunt ($3) but otherwise I was the beneficiary of free drinks. As an added bonus I didn’t spill anything on my suit jacket so drycleaning can wait until after the next wedding two weeks from now.

lemons! (#384)

I bought a bridal shower gift on Friday ~ $50
I wanted to get some food after shopping after work, but I managed to just ride my bike home.
Saturday I spent $40 on dinner at Bachelorette. $11 on a Chimay at the Kareoke place. $15 on a cab home. It would have been more because it was waaaay across town, but I split it with another person.
Sunday $43 at the farmers market. $25 was on honey because my BF is making mead. It’s only one large canning jar of honey! I will say I wanted to buy an iced mocha, but then I just made myself a coffee/chocolate concoction at home and it was a-ok.
Total $148 which is not bad considering shower/bachelorette combo.

kellyography (#250)

My city had a craft fair this weekend and it was ALL I COULD DO not to buy a ton of really expensive jewelry and get henna tattooed. I did, however, buy a $4 pad of super cute Bubbledog stationery (which will last me forever), and spent $3 for a cookie dough truffle and bottle of water while walking around.

Sunday I was supposed to go to the beach, but plans fell through so I ended up spending:
$21 at Duane Reade for sunscreen and snacks (the sunscreen was like $14 alone! NUTS.)
$10 or so on subway rides from JC to Brooklyn and back (my monthly card was out and I didn’t have my transitcheck thing yet)
$4 for Torico cookies and cream ice cream as a not-going-to-the-beach consolation

Is it possible that that I spent $42 on not really doing anything this weekend? Gross.

$18.50 on pizza for some friends (Friday night), but one of said friends left 5/6 of a 6-pack at my house and another of said friends brought over rum and made drinks for me all night, so I feel like I came out on top of this one.

Friday night, went grocery shopping for the week plus got a bottle of wine to go with dinner, about £27.

This weekend was the first weekend of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, which is awesome, but I bought all my tickets at the end of last month, so I spent a lot or a little depending how you look at it. Tickets were £9 per film, but you got 10% off if you bought 8 or more, so I bought 8 tickets (not all for me) and spent a total of £64.80 on that. I saw 3 movies on Saturday and one on Sunday, and still another to go on Thursday. A friend saw 3 of the 4 movies with me this weekend, so instead of having him pay me back, he just paid me in food and drinks. So on Saturday I got lunch at Nando’s and a cheese and meat platter with a glass of wine at a pub at night, and Sunday I got an awesome lunch at a cafe and a beer later on. It all evened out for the cost of the tickets.

I also spent £4.90 on buses, about £3 for a coffee and a biscotti at starbucks, £3.60 for a pint in the filmhouse bar, £3.50 at a new frozen yoghurt place (tasty, but kind of overpriced), and £34 on a birthday present to send my sister.

So if you count all the movies, about £140. That’s a hugely expensive weekend for me, but the film festival is only once a year! And all the movies I saw were pretty good, so it was worth it.

I only spent a little over twenty bucks and even had a three-day weekend! Being completely and utterly sick of people I didn’t go out at all except for three 7-11 runs… I gardened and read and watched borrowed movies, all of which was free… and I even made money!

+$20 – sold my 2 year old sofa slipcover on Craigslist
-$26.55 – various 7-11 runs (snacks plus coffee, milk, etc. that would have been cheaper to get at the grocery store, but the 7-11 is closer and open later)
-$15 – 2 large pizzas split with my boyfriend (he walked down to pick them up, so I paid $15 to his $10)

LizF (#1,399)

I feel like I spent a million dollars this weekend!

$14- Very large bottle of Pinot Grigio to bring to a cookout at a friend’s house.
$0!- On booze at the bar I was dancing at later because I had drank most of the very large bottle of wine above.
$15- Cab ride home from the bar because I stayed after the T had closed.
$15- Dinner for my boyfriend who had to work until late and drunk shawarma that ended up being breakfast for me. (I did not actually consciously pay for this food because I fell asleep but apparently told my boyfriend I had cash in my purse)


$55- Work clothes from Loft (skirt that was more than 50% off and an on-sale, super-soft sweater)
$20- Ballet flats from Payless because this was the unlucky week the bottom peeled off my old pair.
$10- Mall food court dinner because I was getting cranky after shopping all afternoon while hungover.
$0! on 2.5 beers, a slice of pizza and a ticket for a midnight showing of Serenity because I got treated.

$9- Lazy Sunday hanging out with my roommate’s dog and doing laundry and just paid my share of the electric bill.

$130ish which isnt terrible but certainly could have been better had I not splurged on work clothes.

$5.54 at a coffee place (chocolate croissant and a small iced coffee, plus tip)
$45.54 at Target (dish soap, shampoo, gummy multivitamins (the only way I can successfully remember to take multivitamins), bag of chips, jar of salsa, bottle of Malibu, box of popsicles, candy to take to the movies on Saturday so I wouldn’t buy overpriced concessions)

$5.00 movie ticket (yay, cheaper tickets for before-noon showings!)
$8.00 for a small popcorn and small drink, yes, somewhat defeating the purpose of buying candy at Target on Friday

$2.80 at Walgreens (soda and a bag of chips)
something in the neighborhood of $3.50, not sure because I paid cash and didn’t keep a receipt, at a donut shop (two donuts, asmall iced coffee, tip)

Total: $70.38, not bad except now I don’t have much left for this week and don’t get paid until Friday, so possibly I should have gotten snacks OR booze at Target but not both.

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