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Kicking Back With All That Good Public Radio Money

RAY:  Hey, you guys.  My brother has always said, “Don’t be afraid of work.”

TOM:  Right.  Make work afraid of YOU!

RAY:  And he’s done such a good job at it, that work has avoided him all his life.

TOM:  And with Car Talk celebrating its 25th anniversary on NPR this fall (35th year overall, including our local years at WBUR)…

RAY:  …and my brother turning over the birthday odometer to 75, we’ve decided that it’s time to stop and smell the cappuccino.

TOM:  So as of October, we’re not going to be recording any more new shows.   That’s right, we’re retiring.

RAY:  So, we can finally answer the question, if my brother retired, how would he know?

Click and Clack the Tappet brothers announce their retirement. The two MIT-educated brothers have had long and illustrious careers in radio, coffee-drinking, teaching, car hacking, being generally incredible and awesome. When their voices are coming at you over the airwaves: What A Treat. What A Delight.


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elizabeast (#629)

This is actually the worst news I’ve heard all week. I was really hoping they’d still be on the air by the time I finally gave in and bought a car.

pisze (#6,199)

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