In Search of the Perfect Popsicle

Logan was housesitting in Beacon, N.Y. last week, and she kept telling me about these amazing $3 gourmet popsicles she and a few other friends had been eating while temperatures soared and we all started turning on our fans. One gourmet popsicle had pineapple, chili pepper, lime, and sea salt.

So, when I took the train to visit her (and climb a mountain), I was looking forward to eating one of these popsicles she had been raving about. To my disappointment, the popsicle shop was mysteriously closed during the three days I was visiting.

When I returned to the city, I searched for a place that sold gourmet popsicles and found one called popbar, which sold $4 gourmet popsicles like coconut gelato dipped in dark chocolate and coconut shavings, and sorbet with blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

Like anything I end up thinking about more than I probably should, I decided that I could probably make my own gourmet popsicles. Have you ever frozen a banana, put it in a bowl, drizzled chocolate syrup on it and topped it with peanuts? It’s just as good as the ones you get at the beach.

Here are a bunch of really great gourmet popsicle recipes from the Food Network blog. I need to get some popsicle molds, and these ones look fine and are $11.

The one with brewed tea with fresh fruit sounds cheap and easy to me, so I’ll probably start with that. If anyone else has a favorite popsicle recipe, let me know. I want it.


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Spinach Party (#253)

aaaagh, I’ve found myself in Beacon practically every week, and we keep talking about going to this Popsicle place, but it never happens :-( Next time……..

But also, yes frozen bananas are the best ice cream!

Jellybish (#560)

I freeze my go-to smoothie recipe (1 cup orange juice, a few scoops of plain yogurt, 1 banana, and a handful of frozen berries) in popsicle molds for my 4-year-old. She loves them.

Don’t those molds have plastic reusable sticks? The whole point of a popsicle is portability–I don’t want to have to put a slimy stick in my bag to wash later. (I’m really sorry, rainforest.)

mishaps (#65)

@wallsdonotfall you can get kinds without reusable sticks. I’ve also seen recipes that call for Dixie cup molds, though I don’t know how that would work.

I bought popsicle molds at the end of last summer and never used them. Time to get cranking!

@mishaps Oh, yeah, but the ones linked in the post are plastic. I was looking at these, but the rig seems way too huge…?

mishaps (#65)

@wallsdonotfall yeah, and it needs props?! (see the customer photos). I bought a set like this one, which, as noted above, I haven’t tried yet. But they were cheap, and I live in hope!

Selene (#1,178)

@mishaps Dixie cup molds are pretty easy–you just have to make sure that your popsicles are totally upright in the freezer, because they will leak all over the place. You fill each Dixie cup about 3/4 with whatever you’re making into a popsicle, then cover the top with tinfoil, poke a little little hole in the foil, and poke a popsicle stick through. Be careful not to tear through the foil, because otherwise the stick freezes in crooked. You can also wait until they’re half-frozen and kind of slushy so the stick has a better chance of standing up, but I would still use the foil I think.

Megano! (#124)

You mean a Bluth Banana?

Dancercise (#94)

10 cents gets you nuts.

@Megano! Minus 10 points to the Billfold commentariat for no one making a “There’s always money in the banana stand” joke.

melis (#42)

@stuffisthings O RLY

mishaps (#65)

Recipes I saved to try last summer, from Mark Bittman. The boozy ones in particular look good.

Meaghano (#529)

@mishaps I made the strawberry and peach ones last summer. They ruled.

@mishaps Both the orange-cream and peanut butter-banana options are also mad tasty.

mishaps (#65)

@Andrea Klassen@twitter @Meaghan O’Connell@facebook thank you both! Now I’m even more psyched.

NoReally (#45)

Every kind of Odwalla juice makes an excellent popsicle.

Shauna@twitter (#1,180)

I read a really useful review on Amazon about using guar gum in your popsicles! I have yet to procure some, but it sounds reasonable. Also, I got a popsicle mold at CostPlus (World Market) for like $4, so there’s that.

If anyone happens to live in Tucson, I saw this guy parked in front of Borderlands Brewery yesterday.


rubiksboob (#1,185)

Meltdown, in New Orleans, makes a pinapple cilanto ice treat thing (I think Popsicle brand got persnickity with them.)
Also, strawberry basil with black pepper, maybe!

km1312 (#213)

This is extremely not gourmet, but you make your own fudgesicles cheaply & easily:

Put about a third of a cup of Nutella in bowl, microwave for about 30 seconds, until almost liquid-y.

Add 1 cup of milk, stir to mix well.

Freeze in molds, or dixie cups, or whatever. YUM.

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