How to Be a Wall Street Intern (Once You’re Already a Wall Street Intern)

No black clothing: You bought a black Kenneth Cole suit for your high school prom, and wore it to your internship interviews. It’s a really nice suit — I get it. However, wearing it on Wall Street will not end well. You’ll get nicknamed “the funeral director.” People will ask where your partner Tommy Lee Jones is.
“A guy in our class wore a black suit,” a former bank intern told Intel. “We would all ask him, ‘Hey, buddy, can you pull the car around?’”
Don’t be that guy. Black shirts? Also a no-no.

—Daily Intel’s Kevin Roose consulted with some former Wall Street interns for his guide on how to WIN your Wall Street internship (no tips on how to become a Wall Street intern, but I think it starts with prep school). Part one was about where to live (avoid Murray Hill, srsly), and part two is all about what to wear. According to Roose, Wall Street interns can expect to make $15,000 over the summer. Does the class divide start here, with some of us in unpaid internships, and these guys making bank? (No, it started way, way, way earlier than that, duh.)


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I’m just going to leave this here:

Dude advocates a blue suit with black shoes/belt. I can’t condone that shit.

nf (#949)

I don’t know how meritocratic Wall Street hiring is, but…do you even want these people’s jobs? To me working in high finance sounds like hell. Class warfare-wise the point is what they do to the rest of the economy, not how they got hired.

You know, I was just reading something about the Cuban Revolution, and I thought: being sent “to the wall” is a euphemism that really needs to re-enter our vernacular.

“The world you’re about to enter is, by and large, a meritocracy.”

Oh, honey, no. See also, “People on Wall Street are driven by data and rational to a fault.”

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