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How the Sausage Gets Made

In the past a casting like Deen’s was worth serious money for a star. Doc Johnson molds few male performers, but when the actor Jeff Stryker was casted 20 years ago, his contract guaranteed a fee of $200,000 up front plus royalties. These days that figure is closer to $20,000—the market is saturated with performers—though there are ways to bump a fee.

“Let me ask you a legitimate question,” Chad said, balancing a pen between his fingers. “Would…you…be interested in molding your ass today?”

Deen blanked.

“And I ask this for two reasons,” Chad skipped on without missing a beat. “One, it opens up a larger product line. We could do, say, an ass and cock combo.” Chad smiled encouragingly. “Two, we open up a second market—the fetish for gay men of having a straight man in bed. Would you object to that?”

A bystander in Chad’s office could think of a hundred objections off the top of his head. “I can’t think of a reason why not,” said Deen, grinning and reaching for Chad’s pen. A contract was signed and, a half hour later, a penis cast.

Dave Gardetta’s profile of father and son sex-toy moguls Chad and Ron Braverman is incredible. Would you make a cast of your genitalia for $20,000? (This is a no-brainer, people.)


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yes, yes, a million times, yes.

shannowhamo (#845)

@myrna.minkoff James Deen has been my (unbeknownst to him) boyfriend for a long time and I love that he’s like “sure, mold my butt!” I love him to death (and will buy his dildo!)

jacqueline (#653)

“… said Deen, grinning and reaching for Chad’s pen”

Whoa, “pen” is NOT what my brain read the first time around.

The Bravermans you don’t see on Parenthood.

shannowhamo (#845)

@Sean Dailey@twitter Hah that was my first thought, too!

I’m hoping the alt text is a reference to either Spaced or John Updike.

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