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Hitched For Less

Most importantly, the things we’d said “no” to didn’t matter. Guests commented on how much they’d enjoyed the wedding, and no one seemed to notice that we didn’t have a DJ (we used an iPod and speaker system), or that a professional hadn’t done my hair, or that my husband wore a navy blue suit he’d owned for years.

Billfold pal Abby Dalton wrote in detail about her totally affordable 100-person wedding for Learnvest. City Hall is probably the most cost-effective way to get married, but you can also have a big party, and not spend a ton of money.


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MuffyStJohn (#280)

Thank you for this. If I had to read one more article about how it’s necessary to spend $27k to get married, I was going to stab a bridesmaid.

bookworm (#481)

My wedding on Long Island costed about $12k for the same amount of people, but we did the whole sit-down bit at a wedding hall because my husband wanted the more traditional wedding (it was my 2nd, I would have been fine at City Hall). It can be done as long as you prioritize what you really want. I wanted a photographer but didn’t care about a videographer and did my own makeup. We got married and had the reception in the same place and drove our car at the end of the night, not a limo. I was fine with the cake and flowers that came with our package and didn’t do any upgrades. A traditional wedding can be done on the cheap without having to resort to a dessert reception.

Derbel McDillet (#1,241)

Mu husband and I got married almost exactly five years ago. We rented a pavilion in a state forest, used an ipod with speaker for music, and had BBQ. It was awesome. Cut to my recent experience as a bridesmaid in a more traditional (spendy) wedding. I actually spent more on all of the prescribed stuff for someone else’s wedding than I did on my entire wedding!

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