Here’s What Happened This Week

• Ester Bloom and Adam Freelander paid some money to see Moonrise Kingdom.

• Blair Thornburgh said to buy your graduate some pants.

• Jeff Winkler played with his money.

• Chris Cohen flipped a car, but not in the violent way.

• Aurora Almendral got some tests in the Philippines .

• Katie People’s learned to budget in Ukraine.

• Annie Nilsson quit the hard stuff.

• Matt Powers defended the honor of his second-rate cellular device.

• Lucy Halcomb lived in some places.

• James Griffiths interned in England.

• Lindsay Katai went to Vegas.


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Can we do like a weekly posting of our finances? Would anyone else be into that? Like a list of our debts & income or something? I feel like even if I just did a Mint screenshot every week, I’d be accountable to the community instead of just myself.

i’ll show you mine if you show me yours (i think this is a good idea)

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