‘Final Notice Enclosed’ Sounds Scary

I just checked the mail and got this very scary notice! Have I failed to pay a bill several times and then also failed to notice the other notices?? Also that WARNING mentions fines and prisons and … AM I IN MAJOR TROUBLE?

Ha, no. Obviously. Take a breath. It’s just a scammy marketing ploy from a debt consolidation company! Before I signed up for the opt-out list, they must have pulled my name in one of their roundups of people with a lot of credit card debt so they can swing it so I won’t owe the credit cards any money and owe them money instead. Nope!

And the warning on the front? Title 18 U.S. code Sec. 1702 says it’s illegal to tamper with all mail. Well played, debt consolidation company. Very well played.


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Dancercise (#94)

That right there is some scarily smart marketing.

ThatJenn (#916)

I used to get those when my balance was high. It’s really mean. One of my (and probably your?) saving graces when my balances were high was that I never made a late payment and ended up in a seriously bad place, so a notice like that made my heart jump nearly out of my chest as I wondered if I’d screwed up somehow and now my carefully arranged finances to pay off my debt would suddenly come crumbling down and ruin me.

charmcity (#1,091)

This is some bullshit. I’m glad you’re sophisticated enough to realize it’s a scam, but this is up there with debt collectors harrassing my clients at 6am and threatening to get them arrested over a civil debt. Infuriating.

ennaenirehtac (#199)

Ugh, that pisses me off so much. Predators.

Sounds like its for debtor’s prison. The bailiffs, with their round-top black hats, are on their way to stake out your apartment.

All is discovered! Fly!

This is why high schools should teach basic, real world, economic skills.

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