Buy New Food, But Keep the Old (Syke, Don’t)

Marketplace has a handy guide to how long you can and should hang on to food after you buy it, but the gist of it is this: “Just buy less and there’ll be less to spoil.” I’m a food safety genius (I don’t buy ANY groceries).

In related news, I did buy a fruitcup (it’s a cup, with fruit in it) four nights ago (I was intoxicated). I then walked home and immediately fell asleep with the fruitcup still in my purse. In the morning, I woke up and wondered: Is a fruit cup that’s been in one’s purse all night edible? I didn’t have an answer, so I put the fruitcup in the refrigerator and went and bought other things to eat (coffee, baked goods). Days later, I’m still debating the answer to this question, while my fruitcup waits, alone. (On one hand, what could possibly be wrong with it? On the other hand, what a dumb thing to die by, death by fruitcup). The fruitcup was $5, which is currently about 50% of my net worth, if that changes anything at all.

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lobsterhug (#43) is another good site and actually breaks it down by type of food and how it’s stored (fridge vs freezer). 3-5 days seems to be the limit for most perishables, so that fruit cup probably won’t kill you yet. Though you might get sick.

mouthalmighty (#165)

@lobsterhug: I have been looking for something like that site for a while now, so THANKS!

Fruitcup is no good: you have about four hours on cooked food or sliced fruit. After that, it’s a bacteria free for all if you’re out of the ‘food safety zone’ which is basically between your refrigerator and cooking temperature. I mean, it won’t kill you, unless you’re in some sort of immune distress, but it can make you pretty sick.
I’m serve-safe certified (the food industry standard which licenses you go basically boss around kitchens about food safety), which is a thing you do when you don’t know what you want to do.

sally (#917)

That word is spelled psych.

I will never agree with that statement.

peacheater (#733)

I’m not sure if I’d eat it now (those fruit cups get kinda nasty after a few days) but it was probably fine after a night in your purse. Worst case you’ll get a stomach upset, won’t kill you.

darklingplain (#938)

Was it one of those fruitcups where the fruit is suspended in syrup and the top is sealed? Because those things would basically survive the nuclear apocalypse. Even if it was just raw fruit in a cup, fruit is pretty obvious when it goes bad. It either gets moldy or starts to taste fermented. I think you would be fine to eat it.

Logan, I love you. The random edibles I buy, when drunk, that I find days later in my bag. A few days ago I found a brownie! A brownie! Why did I not eat the brownie, then and there? It was a brownie! And probably a not-cheap brownie (hazily recollections suggest it was purchased in the West Village, so yeah, probably expensive). Sigh.

Jobeans (#227)

yeesh… IMO fruit cups are only good for about 15 minutes after they are prepared, after that point, the varying fruits seem to absorb each others flavors (and also release more juices) and it’s just gross.

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