Are You Pro-Brunch?

The weekend is nearly here, and I have received multiple brunch invitations. People have really strong feelings about brunch, and I am one of those people who likes brunch, but because it gives me a chance to catchup with friends—not because I like paying $20 for an egg dish (in NYC anyway). I do love the huevos rancheros dish at Cookshop ($15).

Time Out New York just released its annual brunch guide, and if I do go out for brunch this weekend, I think I’ll try one of those bargain brunch places. Or maybe I’ll just scramble some eggs at home. Some of my favorite brunches are the ones I’ve made on my own.

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Equestrienne (#862)

I like entertaining at my place for brunch. When I know I will have overnight guests, I prepare a frittata the day before and just pop it in the oven the next morning. It’s a great way to use up leftovers/veggies from the week that are about to be discarded. Just add eggs and stale bread! It’s great because my friends think I’m the best hostess ever and I’m essentially using them as human garbage disposals.

@Equestrienne THIS ONE MILLION TIMES. Just make your own brunch – it’s pretty much the easiest meal in the world to cook (if you fuck it up, just slather everything in butter and syrup), and it’s generally made from pretty cheap ingredients and/or ones that are already lying around. There’s a reason every restaurant on the planet does brunch: it’s a cash cow. Plus you can have as many mimosas as you want and not have to worry about getting home.

@Leon Tchotchke Plus if you have any enemies coming over you can make eggie-in-a-basket and cut passive-aggressive shapes into the bread.

@Leon Tchotchke sometimes you try to make a nice brunch for people, you got your pancakes taken care of, you got your bacon and your fruit, and then somebody decides they want more pancakes but oh no, they’ll do

enter 1 tablespoon of salt

THAT is how you fuck brunch up (irreparably even with syrup and butter)

I am anti-brunch. It is expensive everywhere, and crowded. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of Valentine’s Day. It’s turned into this tradition that tries to get people to spend money and feel like unwashed pariahs if they don’t. So, Mike Dang, this is the first time I have to disagree with you. I may eat my reasonably priced cereal later on weekend mornings, but I will still call it breakfast!

@Rachel Hill@facebook Yessssss. I like it in theory, like, hey, Bloody Marys and bacon and friends! But I find in practice it is usually expensive, the wait is long, the tables are always crowded, and you’re not done til like 3 pm, after which you need a nap because of the alcohol + bread, and then it’s 5 or 6 by the time you can even do anything with the day. And when you say you would rather not do brunch, people are aghast!

On the other hand, a summer alfresco brunch with friends at a reasonable hour is indeed lovely! Which is why I always end up going anyway. I clearly have Mixed Feelings About Brunch.

hallelujah (#802)

Whoa. I had no idea people were anti-brunch! It is so perfect! Food + friends + rock solid excuse to start day drinking far too early. Maybe it’s because my compadres and I always do it cheap and grimy (RIP the Lazy Catfish on Lorimer), but I find it absolutely delightful and not at all economically stressing.

charmcity (#1,091)

Let’s make breakfast for dinner a Thing. Cheaper and serves the same purpose on weekends.

Katzen-party (#219)

@charmcity Whenever I eat breakfast for dinner, I feel like I’m getting away with something and I have no idea why, but it’s the BEST feeling (yeah, my life is exciting).

boysplz (#56)

We don’t brunch so much in Austin, instead we’ll go out for breakfast tacos on weekend mornings. I like this a lot better because they’re usually about $4 and you can get drunk on micheladas just as cheaply. I think I might lose it if I were expected to shell out $20 for breakfast.

@boysplz Austin breakfast tacos = the best.

boysplz (#56)

@dj pomegranate I’ve been on a chilaquile kick recently. The order comes with tortillas and I get to make breakfast tacos Filled With More Tortillas. It’s heavenly.

I love brunch. I don’t find it to be too expensive! And I get eggs benny every single time, so even given that!

I could go for brunch RIGHT. NOW.

Brunch is the best! You can go out and see your friends and drink, and it’s wayyyyyy cheaper than going out to dinner. How I miss my favorite brunch spot: Harefield Rd. It was $12 for brunch, including your choice of bloody mary or mimosa AND coffee. What is expensive about that?!? Ooh, or le barricou, or enids, or supercore, which was super weird, and is it even there anymore? I doubt it. I miss Brooklyn brunch.

@Jake Reinhardt Supercore, still there, still inconsistent, according to yelp

Killerpants (#972)

$20 egg dish? Despite it’s numerous charms, NYC has a way of besmirching even the best things via $$$ (yes, I’m sure it’s more than possible to find lots of cheap brunches there as well). I’ll take my small city on the ocean that is chock full of fantastic food. Brunch is the best thing ever, whether it’s cheap diner or fancy brunch.

@ihatesomuch (#177)

Brunch in DC is amazing. Last week I found a place with $18 bottomless brunch — one entree and bottomless champagne, mimosas, bloody marys and beer. No time limit. I just always assume that anyone who hates brunch (and lives here) is doing it wrong.

CRINDY (#1,122)

@@ihatesomuch OOOH please share the name of this magical place!

@ihatesomuch (#177)

@CRINDY Local 16! You have to like them on facebook to get the deal (lame), but our server was amazing. He just kept bringing bottles of champagne to the table. We made a reservation, but we definitely didn’t need to — there were plenty of tables still open at 12.

DickensianCat (#971)

Brunch in Brooklyn is The Tits, but my group of friends and I definitely have a few ground rules: no going past 12:30, because as a commenter mentioned above, going later and getting day blitzed sort of dominates the rest of the day and turns you into a sleepy, unproductive mess, and the restaurants also get more crowded; nothing too expensive with too limited a menu (Allergies! Vegetarians!), and if you say you’re coming but then flake on showing up too many times, you’re kicked off the email list. My friend who spearheads all this runs a tight ship, but his tactics have so far worked out marvelously.

MuffyStJohn (#280)

I don’t even drink and I still love brunch. Except for me I guess it’s just savory breakfast, but whatever. As long as there’s a poached egg involved I’m happy.

Megano! (#124)

I can make really good pancakes and french toast at home, so I largely try not to eat brunch or breakfast out. Even when I go on vacation I try to just get something I can eat in the room. So much cheaper!

Marissa (#467)

There’s a brunch place in San Francisco called Lime. I should find it completely obnoxious but I have such completely irrational love for it. $8 bottomless mimomas (which, seriously, you take a sip and they refill you immediately). You have about eight menu options which are all around $12. The best part is though it looks like a club because it is one at night. They have a DJ blast dance music and the servers always dress in a theme (hipster athlete-hipster cowboy-you get the picture).
I call it The Breakfast Club. It’s a fun once a year get drunk at 10am sort of place. And I couldn’t recreate it at home.

pretzels! (#853)

I tried to get breakfast last Sunday at 9AM and COULD NOT because every menu was a brunch menu and I just wanted a breakfast and I wasn’t there to get drunk and I was STARVING and I had a mini breakdown because I just wanted breakfast and not to spend $20 on brunch. Then and there I decided I hate brunch.

I’m really not understanding the people who are like “I don’t like it because you sit there eating until 3 with your friends and then you’re drunk and you don’t do anything.” Who are you??? You have just DONE something, which is enjoy yourself, which is productive. It’s the weekend! Chillax.

Katzen-party (#219)

@Jake Reinhardt Applause for your COOL ATTITUDE!

quatsch (#582)

Brunch is #1! I normally make it at home, but it’s also my favorite meal to go out for. My particular blend of food allergies and lifestyle choices make most out-dining experiences kind of rough, but I can pretty much always guarantee that I’ll be able to find something to eat brunch-style.

Katzen-party (#219)

“The weekend is nearly here, and I have received multiple brunch invitations.” Quit bragging, Mike! I’m sitting here with nary a brunch invite, feeling like a LOSER.

Brunch is great and would be perfect if it wasn’t often way too crowded. I like to go early, but then you get into the whole question of, “Is it brunch or just breakfast?” Though I guess if the place I’m going to calls it brunch and not breakfast, it’s brunch even if they start serving at 8 or 9 am, and I’ll probably be sipping on a Bloody Mary/Caesar, a greyhound or a mimosa either way. But $20 for JUST YOUR FOOD is completely un-sane–I guess I might be looking askance at my oh-so-MANY brunch invitations if I had to pay that much (living in an unhip west coast non-NY loser city has its perks, among them reasonable brunch prices!)…

Just think of it this way: if you pay $20 for brunch but then you are full until dinner you have saved yourself the price of lunch! Still though, that $20 better include drinks or it is a rip off. Also post brunch drunk shopping is a danger.

SO pro brunch! It’s pricey so we don’t do it often, but at a good place, brunch’ll fill you up till the middle of the afternoon, which is a value win in my books.

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