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What Your Friends on Facebook Think of Your Clothes

Did you ever have the sort of friend who would drag you to go shopping with him or her so that you could approve his or her outfit choices? When I lived in California, I had a certain friend who was this way, and I spent a seemingly endless amount of time in dressing rooms giving her thumbs up and downs signs.

A clothing store in Brazil has decided to put photos of their apparel on Facebook, and any time a Facebook user “likes” a certain photo, the number of likes is tallied up on hangers in the store in real time. Technology, the future, etc.!

A few things: It’s really cool that you can see what the masses think is fashionable, but I have not been swayed to buy something because the masses have liked it (see: music “likes” on iTunes). Also, there have been plenty of occasions where something looked good in a photo online, but didn’t turn out to be what you expected when seen in real life. Finally, Facebook really is taking over the world, isn’t it? [via]


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wearitcounts (#772)

and the opposite is true–things that look terrible online/on the hanger can actually look fantastic on the right body. moral of the story? try on ALL OF THE THINGS.

MuffyStJohn (#280)

@wearitcounts This is so true and one of the reasons I wish stores actually stocked their “special sizes” IN THE STORE instead of making them online exclusives. This practice is especially annoying when paired with a return policy that costs the buyer money. I’m looking at you and your petites section, Old Navy.

wearitcounts (#772)


ThatWench (#269)

@wearitcounts What about a store with the following sales model: they carry just one of the various clothes in the “special sizes”, so you could try them on, but then once you decide to buy, they’d ship said size to you? I feel like that might get some brand loyalty going for me (if they had my size), but I don’t know if other people would be sketched out by the idea of trying on something that dozens of other people might have tried on before you.

TARDIStime (#1,633)

@ThatWench Except that when you try something on in the shop, this is the case anyway – lots of others may have tried on that garment before you.

@ThatWench I would love that. Short sizes are often still too long for me, so I’d be so happy to just try on the pants. (American Eagle, interestingly, is pretty good about stocking at least a few shorts and longs, and I’ve found them at Gap and Banana Republic.)

And have you ever tried on the “sample” bras at Victoria’s Secret that they keep in the fitting room? I never really cared, but how many boobs have been in THOSE?

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