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What Did You Do for Your Mom on Mother’s Day?

My mother and I have been at odds for a variety of things for much of my life, as you’d expect from a Tiger Mom who expected everything a Tiger Mom would expect from a child. I’ve been working as a writer for nearly a decade, but she’ll still call me up and tell me it’s not too late to go into pharmacology (Tiger Mothers are resilient in that way). Even so, she lives in me, and I in her. I keep her in my heart, and she keeps me in hers. I know this because sometimes she’ll say something like, “So, I guess you turned out okay?” That’s her secret code for: I suppose I love you.

Most Mother’s Days, I’ve sent her a check.

“Don’t you dare send me flowers,” she always warns. “They’re pretty, but they’re a waste of money. They’ll just end up dead in the garbage.”

This year, I called her and told her I’ll be flying home in a few days. I’ll take her out to dinner, and she’ll ask me if having a website means I hang out with Mark Zuckerberg (oh, moms).

“And maybe you’ll buy flowers,” she said on Sunday. “I think I want flowers this year.”

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peacheater (#733)

My mom’s in India so I sent her a card — from Jack Cards — who’ll stamp, address and send it for you for < $5 — which is cheap, considering how disorganized I am. I also found the most beautiful card by my favorite greeting card artist Masha D’yans.

I called my mom as soon as I woke up to thank her for being my mom. She was at brunch with my dad, and said I sounded sweet half asleep (maybe more a testament to the fact that I am usually grumpy when I call her, because, what better time to talk to your mom?)

bookworm (#481)

I sent my mom a nice card & a t-shirt from the clearance rack at Target with Edward from Twilight on it. The t-shirt was kind of a joke, but she really really loved it, to the point I had to tell her that she’s not allowed to wear it out of the house. Moms.

I worked so my parents came to visit me instead. I got my mom a plant and some clearance Choxie and honeysuckle soap. We went to Outback and she and I split a meal and my dad picked up the check. She got really excited that I’m coming home on Friday night and tried to get me to come early enough to attend this cookout they’re hosting, because she’s always trying to set me up with one of the attendees. I try to tell her that we’ve known each other for 15 years and if we haven’t gotten together by now we never will. She’s the best.

elizabeast (#629)

I called my mom to tell her I love her and she told me she was SO SURE I was going to surprise her with a visit. My mom is always SO SURE I’m going to surprise her with a visit for every occasion (birthdays, Tuesdays, whatever), but doesn’t understand that surprising her is impossible because I would have to get her to pick me up from the train?

Whatever, I love my mom. I’m pretty sure she knows that.

dotcommie (#662)

I called my mom, sent her a card, and donated $50 to the Elizabeth Warren campaign in her honor (she loves Elizabeth).

I gave her a tote bag with a map of the city I live in printed on it. And I called her and talked to her for an hour, but I do that every Sunday.

I got my mom tickets to see Elaine Stritch next week at Disney Concert Hall. She’s never been, she loves Elaine Stritch, and she doesn’t often get to do nice things like that, so it was totally worth the overtime I had to work to get them. My teenage sister and I also got her a card that said “Have a classy, sassy, something-fun-in-your-glassy Mother’s Day!” and hung out with her by my pool.

kellyography (#250)

I got a two-dozen-roses-and-vase combo delivered to both my mom and stepmom this year. I was actually on Facetime with my mom when she got hers, and she was SO EXCITED. She then chided me for spending too much money, but the joke’s on her – the place I bought them from had a buy-a-dozen-get-a-dozen package with -$0.01 delivery. Negative one cents for delivery! Amazing!

My boyfriend and I stayed with his mom over the weekend and mowed & weeded her lawn and put up a motion-sensor light over her shed that’s been broken into twice in the past year. Cost us only the bus ride ($44.36/ea for round-trip) and she loved it.

@Deb of last year@twitter I guess you could add on another $49.98 + tax for the motion-sensor light, which I’d bought her last Christmas and still hadn’t put up…!

selenana (#673)

She’s in the USA and I’m in Japan, so I had some flowers sent to her (got an Amazon coupon, but then couldn’t use that AND get miles for it, which was a bummer), and also sent her a package airmail with some flea market finds I picked up here in Tokyo. She got one but not the other in time.

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