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My Last Hundred Bucks: Yoga Class, Mother’s Day Gift, and a Shower Curtain

$100! It is a lot of money, and yet, it is also not a lot of money at all. Where did your last hundred bucks go, Mary Phillips Sandy?

$5: Donation-based yoga class. I experienced a twinge of guilt about giving the minimum donation but the only other bill in my wallet was a $20, and you do not want to be the jerk asking for change at the donation-based yoga class.

$16: Brunch with a friend at Alchemy in Park Slope. Turkey burger, fries, salad, green tea, plus tip.

$21.13: Grocery run for essentials: apples, Greek yogurt, Cafe Bustelo and dry cat food. The Bustelo is cheap ($3.99 for 10 oz., plus the value-add of the bright canister), but it’s not a thrift thing for me, it’s nostalgia. I had a roommate years ago who drank Bustelo and I got used to having it around, and then I got used to the taste. It is obviously not as delicious as the $12/lb. beans but it is what I want in the morning. As for cat food, my cats only eat dry, and a couple years ago a vet told me there was no reason to buy the expensive all-natural kibble with free-range chicken and organic kale or whatever, so now I get Purina and try not to think about the poultry by-product meal. I mean, they also eat dust and plastic bags. 

$25.75: A $25 donation to the Pine Tree Legal Fund, plus 3% to Network for Good so the entire donation goes to charity, in my mom’s name as a Mother’s Day gift. Pine Tree Legal helps low-income Mainers get free legal aid, which is something that matters a lot to my mom (I am from central Maine). I thought about getting her a book, but she’s devoted to her e-reader these days, and florally speaking I can never outdo my father, who always splurges on flowers for her. I like the charity-gift-as-gift approach, both as a giver and as a recipient, because it’s meaningful and you don’t have to make room for it on a shelf.

$7.61: Essie nail polish in Sure Shot from the drugstore near my office. I am going through a stressful breakup/move (as opposed to all those fun, relaxing breakups/moves!), and it is easier to deal with such things if your nails look nice.

$7.48: A salmon-avocado roll and a ginger ale from the gourmet deli near my soon-to-be-former apartment. I had been listening to “Tunnel of Love” on the subway, so by the time I got home I wanted something comforting and slightly indulgent, and that overrode the part of my brain that knew there was leftover lentil soup waiting for me two blocks away. This was $7.48 in sales that never would have been realized had I not been listening to “Tunnel of Love” on the subway.

$43.54: A shower curtain for my new apartment. I ordered it online, late at night, after drinking the ginger ale with some Maker’s. Is $43.54 a crazy amount to spend on a shower curtain? Should I have put that money toward something more significant, like a couch or non-Ikea kitchen chairs? I don’t know. My new apartment has a bathtub. I figure I will take a long, hot bath and paint my nails and everything will be fine, eventually.


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Mary Phillips-Sandy is the editorial producer of Comedy Central’s Indecision. Photo: Flickr/Taylor Dahlin


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I just bought that shower curtain! I didn’t see the cute little rings anywhere though.

cbrownson (#23)

@backstagebethy I logged in to say the same thing!

cbrownson (#23)

@cbrownson Also full disclosure that it’s from the kid’s bath dept at Target. I may have also bought the matching wastebasket and mat.

@cbrownson I was just excited to buy bright orange and turquoise towels (basically excited to buy towels in general, as I can’t remember the last time I bought new ones). I didn’t see any matching accessories at all, actually, because it was on the clearance end cap. Might have to visit some other stores to track down a set.

acid burn (#113)

@all WHAT!!! I ALSO just bought that same shower curtain and was sad that there were no matching accessories because I really need a new bath mat. We’re in some kind of cross-country Target-sale-items-bathroom club together, y’all! I feel really close to the internet right now.

kellyography (#250)

@cbrownson The kid’s bath department at Target is totally amazing. My friend bought that exact shower curtain a year or so ago, and it looks like it came from a Dutch boutique or something. I bought my polka-dotted shower curtain there, too. @phlox is right though – they’re all weirdly expensive, but I’ve had mine for years so I feel like it’s worth the investment.

sox (#246)

@backstagebethy I feel like buying new towels is something so rarely in our lives because they wear out so slowly. I asked for new ones for Christmas last year and my mom got me these ultra thick, crazy fluffy ones from overstock and OH MY GOD. Dreamy.

phlox (#204)

Shower curtains are weirdly expensive! I had to get a new one last weekend and even at Zellers they are ~$20.

MuffyStJohn (#280)

@phlox This is why I don’t own one. I love me some pretty fabrics but $40 for a bedsheet with some rivets? Are these people insane? I just let the cats watch me shower through the clear plastic liner.

Megano! (#124)

@phlox I knoooooow! $40 is way too much to spend on one! Let’s just say I am so cheap I hauled mine from Ottawa-Toronto. I would not have one, but without one there is a huge watery mess. It’s probably a conspiracy of some sort.

In case anyone is interested, here is the shower curtain I bought: http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?SKU=16208922

@Mary Phillips-Sandy@facebook ooh I like the sheer panel.

See, it’s a shower curtain AND a liner – totally justified. Also, I love Bustelo.

Charlsie (#442)

Keeping my nails painted in a color that is currently making me happy can make all the difference in the world to my mood. Especially when the rest of life feels unsteady. It makes me feel finished, even if I haven’t brushed my hair that day.

Shower curtains are an investment. I bought an insanely expensive one in college, at Anthropologie, because it wasn’t my money, and I felt guilty about it for a long time. That was in 2002, and I’m still using the same shower curtain, and I still love it. I have no need for another one. It looks a lot like this one – http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/home-bath/983340.jsp – but my ruffles go straight across and I recall it being $70 ten years ago. It also has a tendency to finish any bathroom, even if the tiles are stained.

Bustelo! I drink it because it’s what my dad always made – either that or El Pico, which has vanished from the shelves.

realtalk (#282)

oh gurl I ask for change at donation-based yoga all the time. no shame!

@realtalk Oh realllly? This is good to know! It’s not out of the realm of possibility that I was being unnecessarily uptight.

moreteawesley (#545)

I have that shower curtain! I got it at Target last year. Love it.

Way to go on the $16 brunch! I’ve been declining brunches because I know I”ll drop $50 on booze.

chic noir (#713)

I brought a shabby chic shower curtain from Target for 8 bucks a few weeks ago. Cest est tres chic!

candybeans (#68)

between the salmon rolls, the nailpolish, and the soothing baths, you’ll be all fixed up in no time. Promise.

Maven (#402)

In my recent breakup/move I bought the $10 IKEA shower curtain and it looks awesome while I’m taking hourlong baths with a beer and watching Gossip Girl on my computer (which is across the room, far from the water). I paint my nails after I get out. Everything is looking up.

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