Ubiquitous Convenience Store Invades NYC

New York City has been able to avoid the infiltration of everyone’s favorite/least-favorite super-mega-massive retail store (FOR NOW, though they’re doing everything they can to get in, as evidenced by this incredible piece of PR, “hiring our heros,” amazing), but while everyone has been huffing and puffing about Walmart potentially ravaging local businesses, 7-11 has totally infiltrated the place and is already doing it! SNEAKY.

The Daily News reports that 7-11 plans to open 114 stores in Manhattan in the next five years. They are going to be EVERYWHERE. It is going to be awesome. Syke, it’ll be terrible because all of the bodegas will close. :(


A half-gallon of milk sold for $3.50 at Café Lafayette. It was priced at just $1.99 at the new 7-Eleven. The cheaper prices come from the chain’s ability to buy in bulk.

That is not an insignificant amount of money! But maybe people will vote with their dollars for small businesses and homemade egg sandos over whatever it is that 7-11 serves?

Omar Irfan, the 46-year-old co-owner of Gramercy Corner at 20th St. and Third Ave. estimates that 7-Eleven took away 25-30% of his business.

HMM. GUESS NOT. But it’s not too late! We can still all go buy $3.50 milk from Omar! And additionally: nothing from 7-11. Cheaper prices are nice, but at what cost? Being exposed to terrible (TERRIBLE) lighting, for one. And for two, having to even look at those sausage roller things while you’re just getting some coffee and a candy bar? No, thanks. New rule: We only go to 7-11 for Slurpees. THAT’S IT.

Can we all pinky swear on that? Great. Thanks.

Photo credit: flickr/manwithface


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probs (#296)

You will never stop me from getting my Go Go Taquitos.

Mike Dang (#2)

@probs What are these taquitos you speak of?

probs (#296)

@Mike Dang Haha. 7-11 does these taquitos that are delicious in that sort of “is this even food give me more chomp chomp” sort of way. They were my superstitious hangover prevention food for a long time. Best consumed while drunk. Like 300 calories each. Just sort of ridiculous.

Ha, that picture is the 7-11 in Foggy Bottom around the corner from my old house! It is actually only open from 7am-11pm.

cherrispryte (#19)

@Vicky Johnson@twitter I was just about to say that! (Not that it’s near your house. I don’t know where you live. But “holy shit, I know that 7-11!”)

@Vicky Johnson@twitter I created an account just to say the same thin, except by your old house I mean my old house too.! (Hi Vicky!)

melis (#42)

That can’t be how you spell it. Right? I thought it was “psych,” as in “psyching you out,” but maybe I am crazy? Once again, trees > forest.

probs (#296)

@melis You’ll see both of those spellings, as well as “sike.” To me “psych” makes the most sense, but whatever floats people’s boats.

NoReally (#45)

You might see both, but that doesn’t make the incorrect one correct.

@melis Definitely “psych”.

Tuna Surprise (#118)

Fountain sodas! I love my bodega but every once in a while a girl needs a Dr. P from the fountain.

I still haven’t been to the 7-11 that opened up here in Greenpoint. It doesn’t make any sense. There are better stocked, friendlier, more accommodating to my drunkness bodegas at every corner. Why would I waste my time going into a sparse, terrifying, stinky 7-11? Eff that ish super hard.

Can 7-11 make you a delicious egg and cheese sandwich every morning, and will the dude behind the grill secretly start making yours as soon as you walk in since there is a big line and he already knows what you will order, and now you don’t have to wait as long?

No. 7-11 will not do that.

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