Things Work Out (As They Do)

I divulged yesterday (and everyday of my life) that I’m an idiot with my own money, mostly, a truth manifesting itself this week by my having spent a chunk of my rent money on bodega coffee, ice cream, and tips. Just wanted to update any and all concerned parties that this morning I asked a friend (who I’ve known for … maybe a month?) to lend me $100, so I’m good. I’m gold. (He is also of the school of being dumb with money, but I knew he just got paid. Also, is this how junkies do it?)

He was like, “You’re good for it, right?” (“Right”), then hit the ATM, where he requested a withdrawal of $100 and was given $120. See? Everything works out for everyone, always. Sometimes it pays (your friends) to be irresponsible. And I get to carry on doing what I do without consequences for another day.

PS I am usually the most honest of honests, but I am also 100 percent in favor of it being totally cool for my friend to pocket that twenty. Mike Dang, counterpoint?


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Mike Dang (#2)

Bank error in your favor! That’s what Monopoly taught us right? But, if the bank was open, I would have probably gone in and given them that $20, because I’m me.

I feel like it’s almost certain that he accidentally hit $120, and his attempt to earn bad karma will come back to bite him later this month when he accidentally overdrafts by the $20 he thought was still there.

@stuffisthings (I mean if it really happened I’d take the $20, just sayin)

@stuffisthings Naw dude. I thought that too but I peeped the receipt and that extra twenty was LEGIT(ly an accident)

Megano! (#124)

Pretty sure if you were a junkie, you would have to do sexual favours for that $100 dollars. Like, a lot of them.

SomeGayGuy (#278)

@Megan Patterson@facebook See, the scenario that played in my head is that the borrower-junkie treats the lender-junkie to a big expensive night out or offers to pick up lender-junkie’s tab for a series of $30+ late-night diner excursions (“hey, I owe you money anyway!”) except they’ll both lose track and borrower-junkie will return the $100 to lender-junkie. Bonus if the reason why they went out and spent money was because borrower used the offer of picking up the tab to tempt lender into going out whereas lender was really trying to be good for the rest of the month.

Megano! (#124)

@SomeGayGuy That just sounds like going out with your friends in college to me.

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