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Poem Inspirational in Number of Situations

We squander health in search of wealth.
We scheme and toil and save,
then squander wealth in search of health
and all we get is a grave.
We live and boast of what we own,
We die and only get a stone (Unknown)

Places where people have been inspired by this poem enough to make note of it on the Internet and also perhaps change their lives and behaviors:

1. Loprinzi’s Gym, Portland, Ore.

2. Tombstone inscription, unidentified WVa. cemetery

3. A.R. Leak Funeral Home, Chicago, Ill.

4. Bacolod Sanitarium and Hospital, Bacolod City, Philippines

5. On a plaque above the mirror in a pub, in an unidentified town in Malaysia, presumably Kuala Lumpur

6. Page 218, From John O’Groats to Land’s End by Robert Naylor and John Naylor

7. In the comments of “Get rich AND die trying: Ambitious people earn more money – but they die younger and are no happier, says study,” in the Daily Mail

8. This post??????????


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