My Last Hundred Bucks: Coffee, Chicken, and Oyster Sauce

$100! It is a lot of money, and yet, it is also not a lot of money at all. Where did your last hundred bucks go, Doree Shafrir?

$27: Ticket to John Wesley Harding’s Cabinet of Wonders. I saw him tweet about it and bought tickets for my friend and me. I think it will be weird and awesome.

$13: Manicure ($10 + $3 tip) at the nail salon in my neighborhood. They’re cheap, fast AND good, which is something that is supposedly impossible.

$7.99: Hulu Plus subscription. I have it pretty much so I can watch the third season of Parenthood, because it’s hard to go on without any Jason Katims in my life. (Clear eyes, etc.)

$10.07: Large coffee and an egg, tomato and avocado sandwich from Dean & Deluca. I usually eat breakfast at home, but I went to yoga in the morning and didn’t have time, and I was starving afterwards. The sandwich was pretty good, but felt like something I totally could’ve made at home. (Also, I would’ve toasted the bread more.) Oh well.

$4.25: Latte @ Cafe Grumpy on 20th St., a few blocks from my office. I get a latte there every day, almost always between 3 and 3:30. It’s kind of an indulgence, especially since we have free Stumptown coffee at BuzzFeed, but it’s nice to get out for a bit when I feel myself starting to droop in the mid-afternoon. I usually listen to music on my way there and back and just zone out for a few minutes. .

$9.43: A pound or so of chicken breasts from Provisions, the fancy food store in my neighborhood. I was going to get the rest of my groceries there but their (overpriced) produce looked really sad, so I went down the block and spent…

$21.51 at Fresh Garden, the sliiiightly less fancy deli-market that I always forget actually has much better produce (maybe it’s the name?). I got broccoli, skim milk, a bunch of bananas, and a few sauces: sriracha, fish sauce and oyster sauce. I love oyster sauce.

$12.99: Wild, the new memoir by the Rumpus advice columnist Cheryl Strayed. It made Dwight Garner cry! In a coffeeshop!


Doree Shafrir edits things for Buzzfeed. Picture Credit: flickr/kennymatic


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Oyster sauce in bottles? I thought everyone bought it in big cans by the case!


@Doree Shafrir@facebook Six large cans to the case at better Chinese warehouses everywhere.

sventurata (#27)

Wild looks amazing! Ebook is $16 here (seriously, no fair, the CDN dollar’s at par with the greenback) but I will probably cave and buy it too.

Megano! (#124)

@sventurata OK, there is literally no reason why an ebook should cost more here (most of the higher cost is because of shipping costs, because we have a smaller population, and some weird government thing where imports have to be so much more for some reason I can’t remember but is probably stupid)

I just wanted to say, I really like this feature! Also, Doree, you have convinced me to get HuluPlus – I was just pondering it for the very same reason.

I fully support the Sandwich from Dean & DeLuca. I’ve wandered in there after yoga and spent $8 on a marzipan bar. Crazy endorphins.

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