My Last Hundred Bucks: Chorizo, Beer, and Books

$100! It is a lot of money, and yet, it is also not a lot of money at all. In this series,  we will explore the journey of our last hundred bucks. Take it away, Nozlee.

at happy hour at Beco in Williamsburg with my former coworker: a Bloody Maria, a beer, and a chorizo sandwich

$28.07 at Foodtown for supplies for a big Iranian-themed Sunday brunch the next day

$10.23 at the Sunac by my apartment for the stuff I forgot at Foodtown

$7 on a split taxi ride home with my boyfriend (I had this idea that we’d work stupidly late hours from his job’s office in Soho instead of trying to work at home and falling asleep)

$14 on two beers at Puffy’s in Tribeca with the staff of The Morning News

$11.99 on Lightning Rods from Emily Books (read it on my phone last week — it was meh!)

$16.33 on House of Holes from McNally Jackson with my book club (read it in a day after finishing Lightning Rods — so great!)


Nozlee Samadzadeh works at Food52 and The Morning News. She lives and cooks in Brooklyn. Photo Credit: Flickr/ifindkarma


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I spent $40 on two barre classes so that I can have the body of Gwyneth Paltrow and $60 on a chevron tote from etsy that will make my life AMAZING, presumably.

@allison cintins chevron tote?! oooh that sounds like it will make your life amazing!

@Meghan Galewski@facebook It will probably solve every problem I’ve EVER had.

@allison cintins $40 on TWO barre classes? Where are you? They’re like $35 a pop where I am. Very jealous. What can I say, I’m shallow and I love what those classes are doing to my ass.

cliuless (#36)

my last $100: i have no idea! it must have flown out of my wallet/my checking account has been hacked! i have nothing to show for it.

l4ur3lz (#83)

Veterinary billz :(

LydiaBennett (#121)

House of Holes was so good/bad that I actually downloaded Kindle for PC on my work computer and finished it here, in a day. Oops. Also, Mike Dang, not really the venue for this but, if I have a question about moving across the country and deciding whether it makes more sense to buy or to rent, as a semi-poor 24 year old who wants other people’s advice and validation where should I send that potential question? It seems like you guys invented the Billfold right when I had to make a major financial decision! Thanks!

Megano! (#124)

Oh man! It’s the beginning of the month so I don’t remember last month! I am boring though, I’m pretty sure it’s always cereal.

beer and food, always beer and food.

sventurata (#27)

Groceries, groceries, electric bill, a lightweight “easy traveler” travel mug ($2!) coffee, take-out, eyebrow wax strips ($4 but a ripoff), Dr. Scholl’s insoles (feet still hurt).

fannyekdahl (#183)

A few botched attempts at finding the perfect shade of coral nail polish, a tub of fake sour cream from WF, a tank of 4-fucking-dollar-a-gallon gas, the first pair of jeans I’ve owned in a few years, and tomato plants. I’m most excited about the tomato plants.

tickets to a rugby game, mobile phone top-up, prescription, gym membership

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