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Lindsay Lohan’s Confrontation with Class

Lindsay Lohan was at the White House Correspondents Dinner (of course she was, why wouldn’t she be), and Cindy Adams had this to report:

Lindsay disappeared a few times into the john. For a cigarette. Said she doesn’t usually smoke but is boning up on it to prep for her Elizabeth Taylor role. In the ladies room an elderly Hispanic named Bianca was cleaning the stalls. Tearing up, the front-paged blond actress felon said: “You’re too old to be doing this.”

She reached into her purse, crumpled a $100 bill in her hand and gave it to the attendant, who, backing away, said, “No, no, no.” Lindsay Lohan pushed the money at her with: “You’re too old to be doing this kind of work.” Bianca finally took it.

Okay, first: “An elderly Hispanic?” Jesus Christ, Cindy Adams (“an elderly white named Cindy Adams”). And Lohan: You don’t know a thing about Bianca or her circumstances, and to assume you do and that she’s to be pitied is gross. Don’t project your shit on other people, and don’t weep at someone because they have a job. Pity isn’t a good look on anyone. The tip was fine. The hysterics, not.


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Lindsay AND Cindy: SHUT IT DOWN. You are both the worst.

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Agreed. This is outrageous. Shoving a $100 bill to someone who was clearly uncomfortable with the situation does not fix the underlying structural problems in the U.S. that put the attendant in that situation. If someone did that to me, I would feel even more humiliated.

nonvolleyball (#305)

@Nina B.@twitter as someone who’s worked service (although not custodial) jobs before, I think I’d’ve been okay with someone smiling, thanking me for my hard work, & giving me a generous tip–especially if it was clearly a Famous Person with Money to Burn. but “you’re too old to be doing this” & the tears are totally inappropriate. as is “Hispanic” as a noun (& even as an adjective, depending on who you ask).

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