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Joel Stein Made Some Money And Got Some Back

Joel Stein did his taxes four times (whatever, Mike Dang did his three), and shares what he made and what he paid:

$399,101 in income (money earned for doing stuff)
$19,073 in dividends (money paid out to shareholders)
$1,312 in capital gains (money from increase in value of something you own, like stock or property or whatever)
$11,902 in refunds (which must be money from state returns that he wrote off last year? This seems to be some complicated rich person thing)
For a grand total of: $431,388
He paid $127,826 in taxes and got a refund $469. In related news, Joel Stein is a rich person.


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I make 1/10th of what Joel Stein does and I paid 23% of my last paycheck in taxes. He paid 29% on everything. Thanks, progressive income tax system!

bibliostitute (#285)

@stuffisthings I mean, a progressive income tax would have Mr. Stein paying something on the order of 50+% of his income in taxes. It also wouldn’t have loopholes for his capital gains to be taxed at 15%, etc.

Aka, let’s all just follow Matthew Weiner’s lead and traipse merrily back to the 60s, where the great society was still shiny and new and Frank Sinatra paid approx. 91 cents on every dollar to the man (that’s about 27.8M dollars out of his ~31M annual income. (adjusted to 2010 dollars).)!

@fo (#839)

If you read between the lines in that article, Joel “made” a lot more than $400k, but reduced a lot of it through business deductions that wouldn’t be available to an ordinary wage-earner–no 2% miscellaneous deduction threshold, etc, etc.

Wouldn’t be the tiniest bit surprised if his top line gross income exceeded the $555k needed to make that tax bill under 23%.

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