I’m On A Tipping Tear, I Think

This is my weekend in tips. Am I tipping too much? Just enough? Not enough? Help.

• Tip: $1.50
$6.50, roti and juice, roti place
(I loved this woman. When she told me to have a blessed day, she meant it, I could tell.)

• Tip: $1
$2, soft serve ice cream cone with sprinkles, ice cream truck
(The lady was nice.)

Tip: $25
$35, pasta, steak, and a Yoo-Hoo at a 24-hour-diner
(Okay, this was overkill. I recognize that. But the waiter was old enough to be my grandfather and was wearing a uniform and was missing two teeth and was working the graveyard shift at the diner and was just the nicest man.)

Tip: $2
$9, two small ice cream cones, organic hipster ice cream place
(The girl was nice.)

• Tip: $1
$2, bag of mango slices, street
(This woman peeled and cut up a mango for me and then put the pieces in a plastic bag. She came into my life at the exact perfect moment. I liked her.)

• Tip: no tip
$1, coffee, bodega
(Should I have tipped?)

• Tip: no tip
$1.25, coffee, bodega
(I was nervous about having not tipped at the last bodega, so I tipped here.)

• Tip: no tip
$9, indian food in styrofoam bowl, indian takeout place
(I’m not sure why I didn’t tip, except that I think I was distracted by carcinogen concerns after the dude microwaved a styrofoam bowl of curry. Also, he hated me.)

• Tip: no tip
$1.50, bodega coffee
(Friend I was with yelled at me when I tried to tip, so I didn’t tip. Should I have tipped?)

Tip: $2
$5, two cappuccinos made by old Italian guy, pizza place down the street
(This man is a cappuccino artist, and I love him. Especially the way he asks: “Cinna-mon?” I want him to love me, too.)

• Tip: $1
$2, coffee and a piece of candy, precious coffee place
(The lady was nice.)

• Tip: no tip
$14, bottle of vodka, liquor store
(I wanted to tip! The lady was really nice! But I recognize that you don’t tip at liquor stores.)

• Tip: no tip
$3, falafel, falafel place
(I eat this $3 falafel … everyday. Sometimes I tip and sometimes I don’t, depending on whether I have dollars in my wallet or only three dollars exactly in my wallet. Is it terrible that sometimes I don’t tip? I think it might be.)

Tip: no tip
$3, bagel and coffee, bodega
(I go to this bodega everyday. I always want to tip! But there is no tip jar and it’s kind of stressful in there and I always feel like I’m in people’s way, so I just pay and take my change and leave.)
(Should I tip?)


Photo Credit: flickr/kl801


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highjump (#39)

You better hope the people from Consumerist don’t find this. As to whether you [Logan] should tip, I think you are an emotional spender and not acting to cooperate with any kind ‘should’/etiquette that actually exists.

@highjump I think you’ve got me pegged.

No tip jar = no tip from me. I tend to be heavy-handed when I tip though, unless the service was just terrible (empty water glasses, wrong order, etc). It also depends on whether I’m being waited on or just picking up food–definitely tip more for service. My parents are 10%-ers, and I get a little ashamed by that sometimes, but they’re from a small town and that’s more acceptable there.

Do people tip at bodegas?

I only tip heavily at bars. All restaurant servers get precisely 20%. Delivery guys get $3 or $4. Deli bagel place gets a dollar whenever I pay in cash. Baristas get my coins if they’re nice. Barber gets too large of a tip because with what I consider to be a reasonable tip it comes out to $18, and I’m not about to ask for two singles back.

Anyway, tipping is a vile, stress-inducing custom. Double the minimum wage and abolish tipping, I say.

sony_b (#225)

Just plain coffee, no tip. Fancy coffee gets the change from rounding up to the nearest dollar, unless it’s less than $.50, then a buck or random extra change. Random counter service places, no tip unless they do something really special. Haircut or other personal care services, $5 or $10 depending. Restaurants 20-25% For excellent service. 15% for perfunctory food acquisition. I have intentionally not tipped at a restaurant once, and have no regrets. All that said, I agree with stuffisthings – tipping is stupid and we should just pay people a fare wage.

beatrixkiddo (#226)

Please do not start tipping bodega workers! Where does it end!? Soon we’ll be tipping at H&M, the guy in the subway booth, supermarket check out workers…

jane lane (#281)

@beatrixkiddo I don’t understand why I’m supposed to tip half the people I’m supposed to tip when no one tips me for my customer service jobs…

cherrispryte (#19)

I think you might be a little heavy handed in your tipping? I tip a minimum of 20% at bars and restaurants (this is what comes from dating a bartender) and about the same at haircuts and my waxing place. Cabbies get about $2, unless something extraordinary happens, and delivery guys get $3 or $4 depending on weather, speed, etc.
…. I’m okay with how much I tip?

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